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The power of mastering your business financials with Lori Moore

The ultimate goal of running a business is to make a profit, otherwise it’s just a hobby. However in my experience, most business owners aren’t across their business financials. In today’s episode I chat with my guest, Lori Moore, about how empowered she now feels now that she has taken the step to truly understand her business financials including profitability and cashflow.

Before you do your new year goal setting… do this!

With the new year looming, you might be tempted to charge full steam ahead with your goal setting for next year. But before you do, make sure you take some time to reflect on the year that was. In today’s episode, I share my end-of-year review process that you can use to set yourself up for a more impactful goal adn planning session.

Your life. With more money.

Today’s episode is a fun one! It’s about playing around with the idea of more money and what more money could do for your life. Join me as we get expansive and excited about what is possible for you.

Why you are craving successful business friends

As your business is growing you may find yourself craving being in the energy of successful business owners. And you might be wondering, why is that? And how do I find new business friends? In today’s episode of the podcast I explore why you crave the energy of people doing amazing things and how to find the right circle to be mixing with.

How to stop procrastinating and take action

You may have experienced the dreaded ‘P’ word… procrastination. It can strike all of us as business owners. In today’s episode, I share my top tips for moving through procrastination and how to stop our sub-conscious mind from sabotaging us from taking action.