Achieving your goals- The Happiness Myth

Have you ever had great, big sexy goal, or even a smaller goal that you were so fired up about?  And then you finally got there and while it felt good, it didn’t taste quite as sweet.  In fact, you got there and while you were sorta happy you were already dreaming about the next thing (as an example, we had LONGED after a new couch for years of squishing into my 2.5 seater couch.  We finally bought a 5 seater Super Amart couch with electric recliners.  It was fantastic, but literally the week after we got it, we started fantasising about upgrading to a King Furniture couch!)


See, no matter whether your goals are losing weight, hitting a certain income goal, or as shallow as a new coach, amongst all the motivational talk and encouragement to aim higher, be better it’s easy to start to think that once we achieve that goal, everything will suddenly change and all our problems will be solved. 


There seems to be somewhat of a perception that with the 6 figure business everything becomes ok. However, what really happens is the demands increase accordingly and you’re faced with new challenges like needing to take on extra staff and of course, your business expenses go up too.  Now in order to “keep up”, you need to start chasing down that 7 figure target. As the Notorious B.I.G, back in the late 90’s, so eloquently put it “…mo’ money = mo’ problems.”


The thing is, no matter who you are, how much you weigh, who you are sleeping next to at night and how much money you have, you will still have issues to deal with.  So how can you make own happiness all the time, as opposed to waiting for someone or something “make it all better” for you.

  • Enjoy where you are now – yes, sure you get fired up thinking about when your business is at the next level. But do you know what?  You are actually SO blessed to be doing what you do already!  Wishing that you were a bit thinner? I bet there are people that would LOVE to look like you already do.  Spend a little time thinking about how awesome life (or parts of  your life) already are 
  • Fix your key drivers – this one takes a little self-awareness and honest introspection. Think about what really makes you happy. Like, reeeally makes you happy. Obviously a long boozy lunch with your girlfriends is a wonderful way to spend a weekend afternoon but, how about the next day? It might be time to consider having a few less glasses of wine so that your whole weekend is a happy one. Same goes for missing out on sleep, eating crappy food and spending too much time on social media. Forgo the instant gratification for the long term happiness. I know, trust me, it’s tough for me too but I know when I make smarter choices, I always feel better in the long run.
  • Break the negativity loop – we all know the saying “Misery loves company.” and there’s a reason why we know it so well, it’s true! Obviously we all have our down moments and there’s nothing wrong with that but, when you’re surrounded by optimistic people, you begin to think that way yourself. Given the choice, opt to spend your time with the Tiggers rather than the Eeyores, particularly if you’re not feeling so great yourself.  And when you catch that nasty little internal voice picking out all the negative stuff, visualise yourself squashing it like an annoying little mosquito!  Replace your internal language with something super optimistic!  
  • Write a list – yeh I know, I always manage to sneak a little list writing in. Let’s face it, I love a list! Take stock of what makes you happy and aim to do more of it! It could be that you like to travel but money is prohibitive right now. That’s ok, be a tourist in your own city or head off on a brief and inexpensive camping trip. If spending time with friends is what fills your cup, book it in! Be present in your life, put down your device and make time for happiness.


I’m all for setting goals and chasing them down but it’s important to remember that achieving them isn’t what defines our happiness. The fact is, I know you, and I know you’re a high achiever so once you get to that goal, you’ll be chasing down the next one! While you keep working at your goals, ensure you’re working on your happiness too. That way, you’re feeling fulfilled whether your business is just starting out, you’ve made it to 6 figures or even 7.


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