How to break up with a client…

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Why would you not want to work with someone was going to pay you?!  There are plenty of reasons!  Some people are just hard work, maybe they never pay their invoices on time and perhaps someone is not aligned to the direction of your business.  They might consume a...

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Keeping up with the Korporations

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Love her or hate her, one thing is a fact… Kim Kardashian is a business powerhouse.  According to, her 2016 earnings are at US $51 million.  Many people I know absolutely HATE her, I can see why people would find her annoying, but I am strangely infatuated with...

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It’s ok to be afraid!

Running a business is one of the scariest things you will ever do.   Why? If you are anything like me, you have always known you were not cut out for the corporate world. And now, you have finally taken that leap! Yay, sunshine and lollipops!!! Not quite.  ...

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