Create your marketing growth plan

Starting out as a new business owner it’s hard not to get excited about promoting your venture. You’ve likely found yourself visually planning the colours, the overall image, a killer catchphrase (or two) and the platform for this promotion. The only problem with this: I’m absolutely certain this beautiful image you’ve created is based on what you know and what appeals to YOU.


As a business coach something I often notice is business owners using 1 or 2 methods to market their business. They choose a marketing tool they feel comfortable with them and stick to it!  The problem with this is that in the business world, things change.  Constantly.  Instagram does an update to their algorithm or for some reason your email list engagement drops off and suddenly, you’re up that creek searching for your paddle!


With this in mind, I advise my coaching clients to spread those marketing wings and have clear plan for business growth which includes 5 different ways to reach new clients.


Some tips for creating your marketing plan include:

  1. Put yourself in their shoes – consider your ideal client (because you know them really well now, after reading my previous blog). Where are they hanging out? Just because you love Facebook and know how it works doesn’t mean that’s where your clients are. To make your marketing as effective as possible, you have to display it where your customers will see it and at a time they’re ready to interact with it.
  2. Make it easy for them to connect – now that they’ve found you (or really, you’ve strategically positioned yourself in front of them!), how can they engage with you? If you want them on your email list, ensure it’s a simple process for them join, you could even offer them a little something for doing so. Likewise, if you’re looking for an Insta follow, tell them and make it easy to do.
  3. Woo them – before you’d even consider marrying someone, there needs to be a bit of romance, right? This is the same thing! And I’m not talking about going 50/50 on a $10 steak deal. I’m talking flowers, chocolates, love letters, the whole shebang. But let me translate that over to business speak for you: shower them with content, giveaways, discounts. Basically, all the value.
  4. Proposition them – I’ve followed some people for months, even years and I still haven’t quite figured out what they do. I mean, I love them and I want to work with them but I have no idea what they’re selling or how I can buy it. Make your message very clear and keep it super simple for them to buy.
  5. Stay connected – just because they’ve made a purchase doesn’t mean you should forget about this wonderful person. Did you know that a previous client is 80% more likely to purchase from you again?! You’ve done the hard work getting in front of them, having them connect and then purchase, hold onto them and capitalise on that awesome statistic!

I see you there. You’re nodding your head agreeing that a marketing growth plan would be a pretty great idea. I can also tell you’re not sure exactly sure how it can work for you. That’s ok! Check out my Business Basics module where we walk through this process together.


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