Don’t give up on Facebook! (here’s how you can increase engagement on your posts)

I’m not saying anything revolutionary when I declare, Facebook has CHANGED! It’s just not what it used to be. People aren’t sharing as much as they used to and with the addition of more than just the thumbs up icon, they’re not commenting as much as they used to either. I mean, why express your hilarity in words at an excellent post when there’s a laughing emoji that can do it for you? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Now, just because FB isn’t what it used to be, doesn’t mean it’s time for you to pack up and shuffle off to Instagram. Didn’t you read my Insta post? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Here’s how you can stay on FB and get some good engagement while you’re at it.


  1. Be meaningful & consistent – this is it. If there’s only one point you take home from this whole article, I want it to be this one. Everything that comes after this point should have a reminder that they’re to be implemented meaningfully and consistently. Don’t do ANYTHING on Facebook if it’s not relevant to your business and don’t post once a month believing you’ll generate followers or engagement
  2. Vary your content – a lot of people may tell you that videos are the only way to go now. I would agree that it’s great advice to start creating some video content but don’t make it your only focus. Make sure your content caters to your whole target audience and ensure you’re providing something for everyone. Mix it up!
  3. Join or create a group – Facebook is aaaaalll about meaningful interactions these days. To them it is paramount. Meaningful interaction = a couple of sentences written in your comments. And, at this stage I’ll remind you of the emoji point I raised earlier. Another way to get around this is to get involved in some Facebook Groups. Not only are these EXCELLENT communities where you can learn a lot and meet some really fab people. They are also full of interaction and community spirit which FB is now prioritising.
  4. Have a crack at a Live – here’s the thing about Facebook. If they create something fun for us to play with, they really like it if we play with it. It may seem a little daunting at first but if you are well prepared and remember to keep it short and sharp; you might just have a little fun.
  5. Consider your timing – I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before about other sites so, please forgive my repetition but this is worth repeating. Take a look at your Facebook analytics and see when you’re audience is online and, more importantly, when they’re interacting. Once you know when your best chance of engagement is, let that guide your posting schedule.
  6. Give them something – no, I’m not asking you to throw free product around. What I am saying is that you provide value to your audience. You could entertain them with a funny anecdote or image. Or, even better, share some knowledge. Generally speaking if people have received something, they’re going to thank you so there’s a good chance you’ll get some of that much sought-after meaningful interaction.


Given the way life moves and changes so quickly, it stands to reason that our online platforms will too. Rather than sitting in a rocking chair on your porch lamenting the good ol’ days you’ve got to move with them! Facebook may be different to how it used to be but there’s some serious value to be gained by being a part of the online community it provides. 


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