Overcoming Fear

As a business coach, one of the biggest obstacles I see in terms of creating abundance and success in business is fear.


Some examples of how fear can show up in business:

  • I can’t do a video, what if I make a fool of myself?
  • I can’t increase my prices, what if all my clients leave?
  • I can’t hire a staff member, what if it doesn’t work out?

The funny thing about fear is that EVERYONE has it.  To people on the outside it can seem like it’s not that big of a deal.  When I’m  coaching others, from the outside, I can say “Of course you can do it!  Go for it!”.  But the funny thing is that I too am constantly battling with my mindset around fear, and need to be conscious to challenge myself to push through it. 


An example was that recently I was interviewed on the  Mums with Hustle podcast. Many people who know me are surprised I’d be nervous about appearing on a podcast.  I am quite outgoing, I love networking and I love people, but there’s something about speaking to a big audience I find so scary.  To the extent that we started recording the podcast, my hands were physically shaking and I had to ask to take a break to compose myself. As a business coach, who regularly helps and coaches women through confronting their fears, to find myself in this situation (on another coach’s podcast!) was pretty embarrassing.  But after a break, some deep breathing and meditation, we got back on track and I think we have a pretty decent podcast with some great content to share with her audience!  I can’t tell you the feeling afterwards, it was a massive high. I am really proud of myself for finishing it, and am hoping that the advice I shared will serve her community and help other mums in business.  Now that I’ve had a bit of time to reflect back on my reaction, I have put together a guide for overcoming your own fears:

1) Understand it– fear is a normal, natural phenomenon. It is grounded from the fight or flight reflex.  Your brain is simply trying to protect you when you feel fearful.  So, all of those thoughts that come up when you face a new challenge in business (“what if I invest all this money and it fails?”  “What if no one likes what I am doing on social media?”  “What if no one likes me??”) are normal.   Just acknowledging that you are feeling scared is a great first step!


2) Find some tools to calm your nerves – To be in an ‘abundant state’ your brain must be in a relaxed state. So, look to move out of the state of fear into a state of calm. A few great techniques for this are exercise, talking to others about your challenges, meditation and plenty of sleep. These simple strategies can help transition you out of (the wildly unnecessary) flight mode.  Practice taking time for yourself, to invest in your mindset and allow yourself space to address your phobias


3) Go for it! – Believe in yourself and visualise the situation going absolutely perfectly. Focus on everything that can go right, and not wrong!  Then get out there an give it a shot.  Remember, practice makes perfect, so even if the first time it doesn’t all go 100%, just go back to step 1 and start again!


In business (and in life!) there are a lot of things that can be terrifying.   It could be that first video, that first FB live, sharing your story with the world, posting on social media (knowing that you might get trolled in the process)… I can’t promise you won’t feel scared in the process. I can’t promise you won’t fall on your face (like I did!).  I can’t even promise that your risk will pay off.


However, what I will guarantee is if you don’t put yourself out there and take these chances, you’ll continue to get what you always have. To achieve something different, you need to do something different.  The more you face your fears and push through them, the easier it becomes.


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