Getting more done in your work day

You’ve made your extra strong coffee, the kids are at school / daycare / somewhere you don’t have to worry about them and your dog is dozing quietly in the corner. You sit down at your desk, raise your fingers to the keyboard and…nothing. Staring at your screen and mentally running through your list of things you simply must get done, all you feel is frazzled.

If this particular scenario is triggering all kinds of things for you, stay with me, I may just have a few tips which can help.

1. Think about 3 big strategic things you want to achieve in your business this week.  This does not include replying to emails or the little day-to-day actions of running your business. I’m talking BIG. And STRATEGIC. Think more along the lines of optimising your website or setting up your FB ads campaign.  Write down those 3 strategic actions and what steps you’ll need to take to achieve them. Let’s face it, if you only get through this list, you’ll have had a pretty incredible week!

2. Meditate. There are so very many benefits to meditation including improved cognition and reduced stress and anxiety. In short, it will help you clear your head and think more calmly and clearly. Once you’ve helped get all that extra noise out of that head of yours, you’ll be able to focus on all the possibilities for your business. There is an amazing guided manifestation meditation which I do almost daily which I highly recommend, give it a go HERE.

3. Remove distractions.

I know this whole scenario was set up with kids, dog and all the things nicely tucked away so you could focus on your work. However, it’s super important that is always the case. No matter how much you tell yourself you won’t check your phone when it’s sitting right next to you, I know you can’t help sliding your eyes over there every few minutes, just in case. Try putting your phone in another room to remove all temptations.

4. Have some accountability

Whether it’s a business buddy or your partner or a business coach, it’s great to have someone helping to keep you on track. We all know how lenient we can be on ourselves and how easy it can be to leave something until tomorrow. However, with someone like a business coach on your case, you’ll have someone to really answer to. Speaking for myself, I certainly aim to inspire you, fire you up and keep you focused on those goals!

5. Get help!

This is a really big one for me. As women, we tend to just put our head down and keep ploughing through without stopping to acknowledge how we’re really feeling. Taking stock of where you’re at and what things would be better completed by someone else is a game-changer. It could be that you realise your partner is in a better position to pick up the kids and make dinner some days. Or, maybe it’s time to get that social media help you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever it is, focus on where your time is best spent and don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Now you should be good to go. The coffee has kicked in and you’ve managed to drown out the extra noise distracting you from all you can achieve today. By taking the time to go through each of these items at various points you can focus on the activities which will really move your business forward.

If you’d like some help with creating some amazing goals for your business AND staying on track towards them, find out how I can help, HERE.


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