Having one of those weeks?

It happens to the best of us, it happens to ALL of us!
A few of the women in my “tribe” this week received big knocks, including myself. When running your own business, the highs are HIGH and the lows are LOW.
Here’s how to get through the rough times:
Acknowledge it. Call it. This is a tough week, this is bad news. This is downright terrible. Feeling crap about a loss is a good thing, because it means you care!
Air it. Have a bitch. Complain to your husband, your tribe, your dog and anyone who will listen! For some reason, sharing with others eases the load on your shoulders.
Learn from it. The only people who don’t fail are people who don’t try! Think through what happened, and realise there was a powerful lesson in it.
Get back up, dust yourself off and get straight back on the horse! The difference between people who make it, and people who don’t, is that some people just keep on going, often against all odds. Think of business as a boxing match! You will keep getting punched. Fact. You need to learn how to be a better boxer, so you can beat your opponents! And keep getting up every time you get knocked down.
And lastly, remember the reason you got started in the first place… make it your fuel to keep you going!

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