How to create the perfect home office space



As someone who spent the first weeks of running my business perched on the end of our kitchen table, I can tell you first hand that all small business owners need their own space!

Maybe you can’t have your own office, but find a space that is yours, just yours, to dream and create. Here’s my tips for making it happen:

Find a space. If you need space, you might clear some floor in the garage, or a desk in the corner of your bedroom or lounge room. Wherever it is, make sure it is just for you and your business! Get yourself a desk (I bought mine second hand on Gumtree) and set up some privacy, even some screens just so people know when you are working, you are not to be distracted.
Ergonomics. Make sure you have a great chair with good back support and good lighting. Your screen should be at your eye height and you should be able to touch your screen with your fingertips.
Storage. Make sure you have a jar to store your pens, and in trays. If you are in the product market, make sure you have plenty of space to store your products. Invest in some storage boxes (Kmart or Big W have some great storage!) and label them so you know where everything is. A stack of nice matching boxes looks much tidier than things thrown in a pile.
Personalise. Make your space feel special! Put up motivational quotes, plants, photos, make it somewhere you WANT to be, not somewhere you SHOULD be.

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