How to get a good night’s sleep

Being the Boss Lady has a whole lot of awesome benefits. I mean, there’s a reason why we got into this gig, right?! Like, you are the literal boss, no one tells you what to do, you can stay on top of the washing when you’re home during the day, video meetings = comfy pants and ugg boots paired with your slick business shirt…I could go on and on. 


The downside to all of this is that the buck stops with you. You are responsible for EVERYTHING.


And when you’re lumped with all the responsibility, odds are that you might end up with a busy brain that is working overtime, all the time.  And a busy brain tends to really step it up at night when you finally get the chance to lie still for a minute and close those eyes.


To try to calm your ticking mind and get a decent night’s sleep, I’ve got a few suggestions for you.

1.Device-free bedroom – we’re all pretty aware by now that it’s a good idea not to look at a screen for at least half an hour before you sleep but it’s also really great not to have the temptation there overnight. In the past I’ve been guilty of checking the time when I wake up only to see my group chat has been going off and getting sucked into a 2am catch-up. This is not good! Our new rule in our house is to keep our phones downstairs overnight so there is absolutely no chance for sneaky phone checking (and re-stimulating the mind!) during the night. 

2.Exercise every day – there’s not a whole lot better than that feeling of lying down in bed and feeling properly tired. Not just brain-drained but physically ready to drift off to sleep. I know everyone has their different schedules and you can only squeeze exercise in where it suits you. However, I highly recommend doing a morning session, if possible. From my own experience, the body and brain buzzing with adrenaline after night-time exercise really hinders my ability to properly unwind.

3.Avoid caffeine & alcohol – I know we can all be a little partial to the cheeky wind-down wine at the end of a big day but unfortunately, it can have the complete opposite effect. Wine-ing down can actually lead to a really unsettled sleep (and in turn, a rough day ahead). And that goes double for coffee! If you really must have a night-time toddy, try something decaffeinated and more conducive to shut-eye like a camomile tea or a warm milo.

4.Tech-free bedtime routine – look, I of all people know that it’s really tough to skip your guilty pleasures ALL the time (wasn’t MAFS a cracking season?!?!). So I’m not saying you should skip your shows altogether but do try to allow time for a proper technology-free wind down in your bedroom. Allow time for a couple of pages of a book, or even just check-in with your partner with a cuddle and a chat before sleep. Not only will you get a better night sleep, your relationship will benefit too.


If you’re like me and prone to a busy mind (and wakeful nights!) you might like to try:

  • Keeping a notepad next to your bed. When you just can’t get that thought out of your head, jot it down, let it go and ease yourself back to sleep.
  • Meditating. Rather than reaching for your phone or catching up on another episode, force yourself to stay in bed and mentally wind back down until you’re able to relax again.
  • Keeping it dark. If your bladder is restless too, try to keep lights to a minimum when you get up. Lighting up the house will tell your body it’s time to wake up and that’s the last thing you need.


These new night-time routines may feel a little foreign at first, but with time, you’ll find they easily become your new normal and drifting off to sleep is as relaxing as it’s meant to be. 

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