How to regain control if you are a busy & stressed business owner!

Many new business owners think, “Fantastic, now I can work whatever hours I want!”
While this is true, there is also SO much that needs to be done every week, both in your business and your “life”! Here are my top tips for managing those stress levels:
  • Plan Plan Plan! Put together a spreadsheet and map out a plan for every activity you have to do this week into half hour blocks. Include things like meals, housework, and be specific about each piece of work for the business you have to complete for the week i.e. update website
  • Ask for help. You are not superman/ superwoman! After you have put together your plan for the week, look at each activity and see what you can streamline or outsource. Do you go to the grocery store 4 times a week? Can you hire a cleaner? Can your mum look after the kids one afternoon? Can you hire a virtual assistant to manage your inbox? Look after you!
  • As a small business owner, you have to work out what you do to “de-stress” and schedule this into your weekly planner as an essential activity. I personally find that exercise and meditation work for me so I ensure they are in my plan as a priority every week
  • Breathe! Sometimes you need to walk outside into the sunshine and take a few deep breaths… it’s incredible how much 5 minutes away from your computer and phone can put things back in perspective

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