Is “sales” a dirty word?


The first time someone told me I’d have to do “sales” in my business, I shook in my boots. Me?! Sales? I couldn’t sell ice to eskimos! Hmmm, maybe I could hire a salesperson? Or, I know, I could get my husband to do it for me, he is a sales gun!
The turning point for me in relation to sales was hiring a sales coach, she taught me that I needed to re-frame my attitude towards sales. See, when I used to think about sales, I would think about a sleazy car salesman, smelling like tobacco and pushing a beat-up used car on me that I didn’t want or need. But when I thought about what sales meant to me in my everyday life, it made me realise that I had it all wrong!
If I am out clothes shopping and the sales assistant is helping me with colours and sizes, and telling me about the benefits of the clothes I am picking and the price, I don’t feel like she is a “pushy saleswoman”. She is just helping me do what I want to do- buy some good quality clothes! When I started thinking about sales in that light it made me realise, sales is not about pushing something on to someone, it’s about helping them find something they want and need.
Your product or service isn’t right for everyone, and trying to sell it to the wrong customers isn’t the best thing for your business! However, if people DO need your services or products, and they are the right fit, they want to learn about it! In fact, you’d be doing them a disservice not to sell to them!
Of course you need a strategy when it comes to sales, which I’ll discuss in another article, however most of the journey is in the psychology, and having the confidence to be able to “sell”. After all, sales leads to profit and the objective of your business is to make a profit.
So, re-think that sleazy car salesman mentality, and have that belief in yourself and your product!

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