It’s ok to be afraid!

Running a business is one of the scariest things you will ever do.
Why? If you are anything like me, you have always known you were not cut out for the corporate world. And now, you have finally taken that leap! Yay, sunshine and lollipops!!! Not quite.
People tell you “Running a business is hard”, just like they tell you “Having a baby is hard”.
Hard does not describe it, it doesn’t capture those moments when you literally do not know if you can meet your mortgage repayments for yet another month. It doesn’t capture the nights when you lay awake feeling sick to your stomach about how much work you have to do. It doesn’t capture the enormous weight that suddenly belongs to you, no-one else, just you. Your clients depend on you to deliver, your family depends on you to deliver. You are suddenly the CEO, the admin assistant, the receptionist, the operations manager, the social media manager, the brand manager, the bookkeeper, the accountant, the web developer… it goes on.
But do you know what? It’s ok to be scared, everything worthwhile in life is scary. Entering a new relationship is scary, buying a house is scary, moving to a new country is scary.  But all of the big risks in life, come with a potential amazing reward on the other side.
So, when you feel the fear:

Acknowledge and accept it- “oh, this is what people meant when they said it would be hard” Leap anyway, channel the fear into success! If you wake at 5am with that funny feeling in your tummy, get up and punch out some work!

If you are feeling afraid, you are not alone… But you’ve got this!

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