Juggling kids and a business

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I’ve been reflecting on life as a mum to two young kids, and to say life is hectic is an understatement.  It was crazy before, and well, now it’s next level.  I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers, but here’s some tips I’ve learned so far to make the whole juggling act a lot easier.


You have to look after yourself before you can give to anyone else

I can be a bit of a martyr at times-  Nope, I don’t need any help.  I am woman- hear me roar!  But something I’ve learned as a business coach is that everyone who takes on too much will eventually come crashing down.  As a mum and a business owner, you need to give yourself a break.  And the more time that you dedicate to YOU, the more energy you’ll have for your partner, children and business.

So what does looking after yourself look like?  Here’s some examples of how I’ve been looking after me:

  • Taking naps if I feel exhausted
  • When people offer to help, I say ‘yes please’
  • I ask hubby take on his fair share
  • I booked time out for pedicures and massages
  • I get to the gym or yoga

Your self care preferences might vary, so jot down 5 ways that you can look after yourself and schedule them in (without feeling an ounce of guilt).


Treasure the little moments

Whether you choose to work straight after your child is born, or months or years later, make sure you take the time to enjoy your children…   Dedicate quality time to be truly present with your kids- put away your phone, sit on the couch, and enjoy the cuddles- after all, they are only young once!


You are stronger than you think you are- hang in there!

Being a mum is unrelenting.  There are illnesses, health issues, sleepless nights, teething, mouths that continually need to be fed, a never ending pile of washing…. But the crazy thing I keep discovering, is when I think I have nothing more in the tank- that I can’t possibly do another wake up in the middle of the night, I seem to find this inner strength that I didn’t know existed. 

When you look back on your life, I’ll bet there is an example of a period of time that ‘in writing’ you wouldn’t have believed that you could get through, but somehow on the other side, you can look back and think “wow, I did that”.  When things feel too much, take a deep breath, seek some support, but know you will make it through!


Hire some help

In some cultures, after the birth of a child, the mother’s (or sometimes father’s) relatives come and stay with the family for several months and help out with the housework, the baby and supporting the mother any way they can.  Not so much in modern Australia.  Not to blame anyone of course- my parents are both still working and it’s just not really a done thing here.  Hubby and I decided to hire someone to help out around the house.  We have a cleaner two comes twice a week and helps with cleaning, washing and other household chores.  It certainly is a luxury item, but we have decided in the big scheme of life, keeping my sanity and the peace in the house (while running two businesses!) is well worth the investment. 

This same logic applies to help inside your business.  Plenty of business women I know try and do it all on their own… but there IS support out there.  Whether you outsource your bookeeping, some admin tasks or major functions in your business, the more that you allow yourself to focus on your zone of genius, the more likely you are to achieve success.


So, to all you business women out there- with children or otherwise, you are amazing, you are strong.  But you don’t have to do it alone.  Look after yourself and get the support you need to make your business amazing.  Dream it, wish it, build it.


If you need some help creating a customised plan for juggling motherhood and business, reach out here.


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