Keeping the crazy under control this holiday season!

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It’s only the first week of Christmas and the silly season is fully underway!!!  Christmas time, especially when you run your own business, is particularly busy.  
From planning presents, parties and food, to promotions, normal day-to-day business and preparation for the year ahead – this time of year can be overwhelming to say the least.


With all this craziness, it’s important to take a step back and make sure your business is under control, so you can have the most relaxing break possible and enjoy every minute of your time with family and friends (and every bite of that delicious Christmas feast, without regret!)


So here are some tips to make sure you get a chance to take a proper break:


 1. Do your planning for the New Year in advance.

Waiting until the New Year to start your planning means you’re already behind the 8 ball.  Take some time to review and reflect on your year.  How have you grown, and what have you learnt that you can take into your planning for 2017?  Set your goals and steps to achieve them.  It will mean a whole lot less stress when you go back to work at the start of January.


 2. Let your customers know when you’re out of the office.

Be proactive, and let them know a few weeks in advance via a post on your Facebook page, updating the auto respond function on your email, and send your clients a polite email to let them know when you’ll be unavailable. You’ll save yourself the stress of having to respond if someone wants a reply to a ‘quick question’ on Christmas Eve!


 3. Schedule your social media posts in advance.

Just because you’re out of the office, doesn’t mean your customers aren’t looking at your social channels. At this time of year especially, they may be searching for gifts or thinking about their goals for the New Year – so it’s still important to stay front of mind.  
Make sure that you schedule a few posts (less than normal is fine), to wish your prospects and customers a happy holiday season!


 4. Tune out of technology.

At this time of year, you have a really good excuse to completely tune out. Not only is it a wonderful time of year where there is often more family and friends around to spend time with, a lot of your customers will also be switched off and demanding less of your time.
So, if possible for your business, take this chance and properly switch off, turn your email notifications off or even delete the Facebook app just for a week.  If you’re really daring, turn your phone off temporarily!


 5. Relax.

Take the chance to take it one step further, with extra relatives around (read: babysitters!) book yourself in for a massage, or a mani/pedi – whatever will make you feel most relaxed.  Take some time to connect with nature – get to the beach, go camping – anything that will help clear your head and make you feel 100% ready for the year ahead.


Strap yourself in for the next few weeks, but get excited about the special time of year that is Christmas and the opportunities that lie ahead for the new year!


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