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Love her or hate her, one thing is a fact… Kim Kardashian is a business powerhouse.  According to, her 2016 earnings are at US $51 million. 

Many people I know absolutely HATE her, I can see why people would find her annoying, but I am strangely infatuated with her and the rest of the Kardashian clan.

WHY??? Why would I suggest that smart, professional, entrepreneurial women should take a few business lessons out of her book?  Here are the reasons:


  • She ignores the critics and keeps the focus on her fans. She is rubbished continually in the press and on social media, and she does not give two shits about what anyone says. In fact, often she will pick up one of the negative articles, re-post on her own social media and pick up a positive from their story!
  • She is the queen of branding. Kim Kardashian is one of the best known names on the planet. How does she do it?  She is genuinely herself, and she knows her story and is not afraid to tell it. 
    She can be self-centered and narcissistic but instead of shying away from it, she owns it! She is who she is, and people will either love her or hate her. 
  • She is consistent. She is the ultimate queen of social media and is consistently providing fresh content on all platforms. There are always new seasons of the TV reality show coming out, new apps and products being launched, and her name rarely drops out of social pages
  • She capitalises on opportunities. Watch an episode of the show and you’ll notice some shameless product placement. “Oh hi mum, check out my new Fendi handbag!”  Hey, there is a reason she is worth so much money!  She has apps, emoji’s, TV shows, perfume, books, clothing… she is not afraid to try different things, but she always makes sure it is on brand.
  • Family comes first. No matter what is going on, she has been known to drop everything to go and support a family member. She loves her family and extended family and will publicly stick up for them and be by their side when need be, even if at the expense of the business.


Like her or not, the woman is a branding genius and as business owners, we can all learn from her!  Hmmm, now let’s go take some selfies and work towards that $51 million target for next year 😉



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