Money isn’t enough, know your WHY!

What’s your reason for being in business? What gets you up and out of bed every day? What keeps you going when it all feels too hard?
One of the first questions I always ask my clients is “What’s your WHY?”.
There are lots of reasons why people start their own business, but ultimately it has to be more than money or freedom. If you just wanted to get paid good money, it is probably an easier and safer path to get a job! As a business owner, you have to truly love what you are doing, or it is unlikely you’ll be able to achieve long term success.
To identify your ‘WHY’, have a think about your talents, your passion, and translate it into an easy catch phrase (for example, mine is “Empowering women& mums to achieve their business goals”). I suggest when you identify your ‘WHY’, write it on a piece of paper and put it in a prominent place (i.e. above your desk, or scan it to your screensaver) to continue to remind you why you get out of bed each day!
Knowing your ‘WHY’ will help you build a rich brand story to attract clients that believe the same thing. Your clients can tell when love what you do… the difference between having “customers” and “raving fans” is that when you are really passionate about your path, and are living your life’s purpose, it will shine through in your work.
So, not only does defining your ‘WHY’ help keep you motivated and passionate about your business each day, it will also help you grow your business!

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