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One thing in life is certain, and that is, that nothing is certain. In today’s episode I chat with Jazze Jervis about how to create a future-proof business, so that your business can thrive through even the most challenging times.

In what areas of your life are you settling for great? I’m not talking about settling for bad, or settling for good, I’m talking about things in your life that are really great but not mind-blowingly extraordinary. In today’s episode, I share why you shouldn’t settle for great in any area of your life.

Something I hear business owners say again and again is how exhausted they feel. In today’s episode, I share share my top five practical tips for creating more energy in your life.

In our first meeting 5 years ago, a client of mine told me that she wanted to earn $50k per year. I recently received a message from her saying she made $500k in revenue in 2021. In today’s episode, I’ll share exactly how she has been able to grow her business so quickly and the skills you can apply to your business to achieve incredible growth in a short period of time.

I am a big advocate for investing in your business, however, there are some times in your business journey when I do not think it is a good idea or a good reason to invest in your business. In today’s episode, I share 4 reasons why shouldn’t invest in your business.

So many of your beliefs around money come from your childhood. As parents we have a big responsibility in the way we talk about money to our children. In today’s episode, I share why it is important to be mindful when talking to your kids about money and tips on how you can help your kids have a positive relationship with money.

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