Positive Thinking for Financial Abundance in your Business

When you’re a business owner, particularly a small business owner, you are probably on an absolute rollercoaster of emotions- “Yes, I’m amazing!  Business is going great and I’m going to be super successful” to “This is all a total disaster, I’m never going to make any money.  I should quit my business”.  That imposter syndrome creeps in and suddenly confident little you is second guessing your ability and paralysed by fear. Trust me, I am guilty of this rollercoaster of emotions at times too!  However, today I want to talk to you about shaking all of that off and using positive-thinking to achieve amazing things in your business.


So, what are some ways that we can create positive thoughts, when everything in our head is telling us “it’s all doomed!”?

  • Gratitude is the attitude –spend time every day doing some journalling of 3 of the incredible things that you have in your life. And allow yourself time to rediscover the joy in what you do in your business.  Sometimes it easy to forget why you got started in the first place, and when you re-connect with that, you’ll be re-inspired.
  • Break the cycle- When you feel yourself going down that rabbit warren of self doubt, make a big physical action to stop the thought process. You could do some meditation, or get up from your desk, head outside and put your feet on the ground, or a little bit of sunshine on your skin!  Something to distract your brain from dwelling on that negative thought.
  • Goal setting –Write your goals down every day, like an affirmation, as a reminder of what you’re working towards. This subconsciously starts to convince the brain that it is already true! As you start believing it, you start creating it
  • Surround yourself with success– this one is a game changer! When you are surrounded by other people who ARE achieving what you are chasing, you really do believe that it IS indeed possible.  The more that you see that success IS possible, the more you will catch yourself in moments of self doubt
  • Positive reinforcement –I love this one! I set myself little targets, and when I hit them, I allow myself a little treat!  It could be as simple as allowing yourself a 10 minute coffee break for landing that client, or as decadent as booking that well-deserved massage for making it through a really tough week. Either way, it’s important to tell yourself you’re doing a good job rather than waiting around for someone else to.


As you start to make these subtle changes to your thinking, you’ll begin to feel the shift in your business. Now that you’ve got your #1 supporter (yourself!) firmly in your corner, there’ll be no limit to what you can achieve!


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