The Secret to Selling without Being Pushy

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Every business owner knows that sales are one of the most crucial aspects of their business, but many find it overwhelming!  If you want your sales process to be smooth and stress free for both parties, you should check out the secrets I share with my business coaching clients below:


  • Have a positive mindset

Many business owners are terrified of selling.  But when you re-frame sales in your mind, the process becomes a whole lot less scary!  When you have a confident mindset about sales, you have already overcome the hardest part of the battle.  Sales is simply about helping someone find something they want and/ or need.  So, I like to think about SELLING as HELPING!  If someone has a problem, and you have a solution, then you are simply helping them.  This is why when you clearly define your ideal customer and target them, selling is simple.  Which brings me to my next point…


  • Know thine customer

An activity I love to do with new business coaching clients is defining their avatar, or their ideal client.  When you have a clear idea of the person who has the problem that your product or service solves, it is much easier to find them (to then sell to them).  Particularly in the B2B space, when you are approaching potential customers, research them.   You want to understand their business well, and their motivations, before you attempt to sell to them!


  • Seek to help

What’s the best way to find out what their challenges are? (and whether your product or service can solve this problem)?  Ask lots of questions!   Seek to understand what their challenges are as a business or individuals through lots of open ended questions. Coming from a place of wanting to help means that selling as an opportunity to HELP people who need your product or service. 


  • Offer a solution

If people DO need your services or products, and they are the right fit, they want to learn about it! In fact, you’d be doing them a disservice not to tell them about it.  But keep the focus on the customer and solving their problem, not on your product or service.


  • Take your time.

Not everyone will say yes straight away, and that is perfectly fine!  It can take weeks, months or even years for your customers to know, like and trust your brand before they finally purchase!  People buy from people they like and trust.  So, how do you get people to like and trust you? You can allow people to get to know you, your products and service through your social media, blogging, networking etc and allow people the opportunity to connect with the real you.  So, if you initially get a ‘no’, say “No problems, can I add you to my mailing list/ FB etc?”.  Then keep adding value to your potential customers… if you impress them before they are working with you, they will want to work with you. 


When you think about SELLING as HELPING and have a clear sales process in place as above, selling can be a breeze.


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