What’s wrong with traditional goal setting- and a whole new approach

I was watching a goal setting video with Danielle La Porte and had one of those lightbulb moments.  She spoke about how focussed we are on setting our goals (and trying to achieve them) that we forget to focus on why we set ourselves goals- which is ultimately how we want to FEEL.  When you set yourself a goal, you will either achieve it (and feel good, but wonder if you should have pushed yourself further) or not achieve it (and feel like a failure).  We are so focussed on the destination, that we forget to experience the feeling we were chasing.


So with that in mind, I decided to flip my usual goal setting process on the head for 2018.  Instead of writing a list of actions to tick off in SMART fashion (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely), I would focus on firstly how I wanted to feel.  And then work backwards from there to work out what I needed to do, in order to feel that a certain way.  I developed a process to achieve this, and am happy to share with you below:


1) Set your intention

When you think about the big picture of how you want to feel for 2018, what comes to mind?  What word/ words represent how you want to feel in the year to come?


2) Dream big!

The next step is to brain dump everything onto a piece of paper that you need to achieve that feeling- if you could be anywhere, doing anything, with anyone in 12 months time, what does that look like?  The sky is the limit!

Write and write until there is nothing more, and look at these areas of your life for inspiration:

  • Family
  • Health
  • Money
  • Love
  • Business
  • Spiritual
  • Personal Development
  • Giving
  • Fun
  • Travel
  • Social


3) Group it together

Once you can’t think of any more, look for some common areas (you can use the categories above as a guide) and create some top level groups.  For example, I grouped together Health and Spiritual (and called it Health), Love and Family (and just called it Family).  But it will be different for everyone depending on your objectives and priorities.  About 5 categories is a good amount to keep it simple.


4) Break it down

This is where it goes from being a feeling to being an action.  Writing it up onto a big sheet of cardboard is a great idea so you can put it up and see the visual plan all year.  Two actions under each category is heaps as you don’t want the list to be too overwhelming (see example below)

5) Create a vision board

There’s a reason why vision boards are so popular- it’s because they work!  Take these “actions” back to an emotive place- so you can feel excited and inspired when you look at images and words.  Get a big sheet of cardboard, a bunch of magazines and some bluetack or double sided tape and cut out any images that resonate with your plan.  I actually grouped everything together on my board in the categories above.


So there you have it- a totally different way of going about your planning for the year.  A way where you can enjoy the journey and focus on the small steps you need to undertake what you need to feel a certain way.



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