Why I went shopping for a $5m house

Not too long ago, my hubby and I were blessed with a rare, kid-free night away together.  When we get time alone, we love open our minds up and think of all the things we could do with our lives- where we could go, what we could do…  As we were dreaming, we found ourselves driving around admiring houses in a beautiful (and very expensive) neighbourhood on the waterfront. An open house caught our eye, so we headed in for a nosy around.

Wandering through this gorgeous home, we appreciated the view and the architecture but also couldn’t help discussing where we could make it a little more us.  We picked out the room that would be our office, we joked that we’d need a baby gate at the top of the exquisite stairs!  We enquired with the agent about the price guide. Obviously we weren’t given a firm figure but we were told that a nearby home recently sold for $5.5m. And, you know what? I didn’t blink an eye.

Is that because we’re in a financial position to be buying $5+m properties at the moment? HELL NO! So, what right did we have to be meandering around, looking for improvements in this beautiful home? Because, I know that one day we will be in the financial position to buy a home just like it.


See, both my hubby and I are firm believers in visualising and creating. This is what gives me the confidence to say, I KNOW we will live in a $5m house one day. We are believing it, and creating it.


Now, I’m fully aware that living in an expensive home is not everyone’s idea of the dream. To which I say, that’s the great thing about manifesting, you decide what you want to work towards.  There’s no rules around what you can create, there’s no limit to what you can create, you simply have to be open to the opportunity for it to exist.


So, how can you get there? Well, there are lots of different ways, but a few strategies that I have used to manifest many other things in my life already!:

  • Work on your mindset – everyone has blocks which stop us from achieving our full potential across all areas of life. It may be just one small thought which triggers a flood of doubt. From my own experience, my husband and I often get caught in a feast or famine mentality. Running a recruitment business together (yes, aside from being a business coach, I am a director of another business too!) means we have fantastic months of high cashflow and then months where the cash isn’t flowing so easily, and the doubt creeps in. For us, it’s about maintaining a steady, positive mindset no matter which kind of month we’re experiencing.
  • Create your dream – To make it as real and visual as possible, I’d highly recommend a vision board. This is something I have done for several years now and nearly everything I’ve put on my board, I have created. By having that visual reminder, you are clarifying your goal, bringing it into physical form and setting your intentions.
  • Do the work – as much as we’d all love to sit back and wait for the universe to deliver us our dreams, this ain’t UberEats! Now that you’ve given your dream a physical form and you’re able to visualise it, it’s time to get out there, and create it. Sometimes this means working away at something, or sometimes it just means doing the mindset work to allow the universe to deliver it for you.

If you are keen to learn more about manifesting the life of your dreams, I give away heaps of great daily inspo on my Instagram account.  Come give me a follow here.  Remember, you are worthy of amazing things and there is no limit to what you can create!


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