Why Instagram can’t be your only marketing tactic (and what other marketing strategies you CAN use)

Instagram is awesome, right? Who doesn’t love seeing perfectly curated images and amusing little videos at the touch of a button? And, for your business it’s great! You can link people straight to your website through a story, you can tastefully display your products and services and it is a brilliant way to grow your following (that you will eventually convert to paying customers!).   Oh and as a marketing tool, Instagram in itself doesn’t cost anything!  However, like with absolutely everything in life, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


If your business is one of those Insta originals that were there at the beginning, back when Instagram was a little more untouched, you’ve probably noticed some serious differences in your posting stats.  And you’re not alone! I’ve had many clients commenting that their reach and engagement is just not what it used to be. But, why is that?

  1. The ALGORITHM – more or less a fancy way of saying, Instagram tweak what you and your customers see. There are a few components involved but the main focus seems to be interaction. What this translates to is lots of people struggling to be seen as Instagram determines what is the most relevant content for viewers (based on their own guidelines).
  2. Change in consumer behaviour – there’s just so much to see and do on Instagram these days! Many people don’t have time for much more that rapid scrolling, leaving significantly less liking and engaging. This throws a serious spanner in the works for us small businesses when you consider how highly Instagram now values customer interaction.
  3. Saturation – now that the secret is out and everyone has realised how fun Instagram can be, it’s pretty crowded in there. With so many businesses now on Insta, it can be tough to get your posts seen.

Of course there are some hacks for improving your Instagram engagement (keep an eye out for my post on this!) but the real message I’m trying to get across is, a good marketing strategy needs to involve much more than interacting on only one platform.


So, what other options are there? When you sign up to do a strategy session with me, one of the important areas we cover is preparing a marketing strategy for your business. This will involve 5 strategies for getting your business found, which could include:

  • SEO & SEM – for customers to find you, it’s pretty important to be up there on the Search Engines. One or both of these methods could be perfect for your business.
  • Paid advertising – whether it’s on Facebook or Google, there are ways to target who sees your ads and when.
  • Content – it’s all about content! Together we can plan out topics that are suited to your business and your customers. From there, it’s all about whether to write it or record it.
  • Networking – while this may be one of those anxiety-inducing words for some of you, it’s an awesome way to promote your business or simply connect with like-minded people.
  • Collaborations – there are plenty of ways to work with other businesses in a way which is mutually beneficial – not just sharing each other’s images on Insta!
  • PR – for some businesses, a great way to build awareness is through a well-constructed communication plan.


In working with someone (me!) who can subjectively assess your business and market, your strategy will be one which complements both. By strategically planning, your marketing will be clearly defined and we’ll ensure all your eggs aren’t in any particular basket. Because, while we all love a pretty picture and witty hashtag, it’s important to know there’s a big wide world of marketing opportunities out there, and the success of your business depends on how well you have created your marketing plan, and then implemented it!


P.S. if Instagram is still your jam you want to get some tips about how to grow your instagram following, check out my free download!



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