Work at home jobs for mums!


Remember those days…. We were high-flying career girls who were never going to change? Pop out that baby, then straight back into the corporate battle ground?
Some amazing women do just that, but not this little bunny. I had my baby… “my precious” <spoken in a Gollum-like voice> and I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, despite having assured my boss I’d be returning to work full time after 6 months!
I have spoken to many other mums who similarly to me, loved working, loved challenging themselves and continually learning (oh, and I suppose the money doesn’t go astray :-)) but didn’t want to go back to a “full time office job”. Sure there were pro’s- Friday drinks, the vending machine, the guaranteed pay cheque, the cute guy in IT… but the con’s! The long hours and being away from my baby so long, the corporate bullshit and politics, and the lack of control over my working hours did not seem like a worthy trade-off for me!
Lots of mums love the fantasy of running their own business, but what many prospective small business owners want to understand, is “what business should I start?”, well, “what do you think you should do?”. Many people will actually have something on the tip of their tongue, “I’ve always wanted to be a ____” and this is usually followed with “but I can’t because ____”.
If you fall into this category, you probably know what business you want to start, but just need to work through your own personal mind blocks. It doesn’t matter what your business is, there will be people out there who will pay you for it! Or if nothing springs to mind, I suggest you do a bit of a brain dump, write down things you love doing and things you are good at… if you are struggling, ask family and friends what they think your strengths or special skills are… choose wisely which friends you ask, or you might end up with “pub crawls”, “shopping”, “dating advice” (not that this happened to me *cough*), although funnily enough, there are people who get paid for all of those exact things!
Once you have identified what your business will be, the next step is putting an action plan into place to get the wheels in motion to start moving towards your dream job!

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