Good news is for sharing, don’t you think?

When I find something that works, I think it’s best to spread the word - so that’s what I do. Here’s where you’ll find courses and tools that I recommend, as well as a few freebies I’ve made for you.

You’re welcome!

My fave! Business and Digital Tools

Business tools that I use, that work for me, and are so damn good they’re definitely worth sharing with you. If you purchase through clicking these links, I earn a small commission.


This is my Go-To product for creating anything visual across Instagram or in my courses.

It’s super easy to use and you can create incredible designs yourself.


There’s a reason that Kajabi is the leading course platform in the world. Kajabi makes the tech stuff simple so that you can focus on what you do best.

I am a passionate Kajabi fan and highly recommend it for anyone creating and selling digital products or services.


Save hours daily by automating your email marketing and spend more time on your business.

I use ActiveCampain with ease for all my email marketing, newsletters, course automation and contact list management.

I love freebies, so I made some for you!

Packed with practical info that’s highly actionable, these free downloadables are designed to kick you into the right money-gear. Looking for meaningful change? You’ve scrolled to the right spot!

Money Makeover Masterclass

This 15 minute training is a money makeover to take your money mindset from blurgh to confidently dolled-up.

Make more profit without growing your email list

9 straight-forward money strategies that will help get you the financial results you deserve without investing in Facebook ads or building a huge email list.

Grow That Bottom Line!

7 ways to help grow your profit while working less sounds good right?! This guide will help you grow your business while keeping the profits in your back pocket.

Money Mindset Affirmations

These money mindset affirmations (including a BONUS audio recording!) will help you intentionally create an unshakeable abundant mindset.