Let me guess. Right now your business looks a little something like this:

  • You feel like you’re stuck in an endless cycle of working, working, working. Changing your name and running away to the Maldives sounds awfully tempting right now. But your clients would probably still track you down there anyway, so might as well stay hunched over this laptop, typing away.
  • The feast and famine of business ownership has got you living like a queen one month, and a pauper the next. Where’s the consistency? Where’s the cashflow you can count on? Where’s the flux of high-paying clients that’ll save you from working around the clock to cover your ass(ets)?
  • Money goes missing, and you can’t figure out if it’s your fault or if someone sold your credit card deets on the Russian Black Market. Oh wait, nope, you spent it. Oops.
  • You’re watching Sally and Jane brag about the big bucks they’re making on social media, and it’s got you a wee bit jealous. Sure, you’re doing fine financially. You think. Actually, when is the last time you really ran the numbers or checked your profitability? Was it spring of 95??
  • Your marketing is messier than a dog’s breakfast. You haven’t really needed to think through it strategically, because the clients always come. Except when they don’t. And you panic. And you wish you had gone live on Facebook every day for the last 30 days like you meant to.

It’s not that you’re bad at business, it’s just that you haven’t figured out how to make your money and your marketing work for you… yet.

Why are your money and your marketing a match made in heaven?

It’s simple. When you make your marketing work for you, you can bring in client after client — and payment after payment. You understand what to do in your business when you need a quick cash infusion, and you continue to nurture the relationships with the clients you already have…so they don’t just buy from you for now. They buy from you for life.

And when you make your money work for you, you actually get to KEEP those payments you bring in. No longer will you wonder, “Where is all my money going?” You’re tracking it. You have systems for it. And your wealth continues to grow.

Together, your money and your marketing create an ever-increasing level of freedom — uniting like a seamless, profit-making machine, scaling your business while scaling your ability to serve.

What would it mean to you if…

You had an endless stream of clients wanting to work with you and pay you in full, right away?

Your marketing was performing 24/7 to bring you sales, so you no longer have to?

Maybe you think you don’t have time for planning, but you also know that you just can’t keep going the way you are!

Week after week, month after month, your bank account balance rises like the tide (without the “watching it go back down” part)?

Your money and your marketing were fully integrated and fully operational systems, boosting your profit so you’re free to focus on other things? (Hello, playtime with the kiddos!)

You could stop wishing, praying, and manifesting you’ll make more money and instead confidently earn — and keep — it?


Introducing Money & Marketing Makers: The Membership


Your complete, step-by-step plan for increasing your income while decreasing your workload.

Money and Marketing Makers is a fully supported online community designed to get you earning more and marketing better — FAST.

This is for smart and sophisticated business owners in service-based businesses like you who are very good at what they do, have big goals and need a plan to get there.

By becoming a Makers member, you’ll:

Have the time and space to promote your business while promoting your sanity. Yes, afternoon gym sessions. Yes, morning walks. Yes, laptop-free vacations. Yes, nights and weekends open. Aaaaaand breathe.

Put up your prices without putting anyone off. Raising your rates doesn’t feel so impossible anymore! Especially not once you’re crystal clear on where to find the premium clients who’ll pay ‘em.

Think like a CEO. Where do you want to take the business? What’s left on your vision board? Finally, you can stop putting out fires and start planning your future strategically.

Sell more while working less.Frantically opening your laptop at 6 am to begin working…and not shutting it until long after the sun goes to sleep? That’s in your past. You’ll be able to scale your visibility, scale your profit, and scale your systems with ease.

The Money and Marketing Makers Framework is an easy-to-follow process for revving up your revenue and maximizing your marketing.


And to make sure this isn’t another membership you’ll join and then forget about, inside Money & Marketing Makers, you’ll receive:


No matter where you are in your business journey, these lessons will take you to the next level. Each month, you’ll receive practical, actionable, step-by-step instruction you can use to earn more per month while scaling back your workload.


Because I want you to have all the on-the-spot support you need to spring into action, you’ll receive a live group coaching call for an hour each fortnight. We’ll dive deeper into the lessons, and you’ll have every chance you need to ask me your questions and get real-time answers. You bring the “Huh?” and I’ll bring the “How.” Getting unstuck has never been this easy!


If you love connecting, collaborating, and cashing in with other service providers, then this is your new favorite place online. It’s exclusively for members of the Money and Marketing Makers community.


Want to take the sweat out of it all? With these free money and marketing templates, you won’t have to create anything from scratch. Bonus: These are the exact same frameworks I use with premium coaching clients who pay me over $20,000 to access them. They’re yours for free.




  • Pay-in-Full Bonus: 3 Months Free ($291 Value)



OF $99 USD

  • Enjoy the convenience of monthly payments (over 12 months)


“I raised my fees by 20 percent. And yes, I’m still winning plenty of work. I’m just getting paid a lot more for it.”

“Joining Money & Marketing Makers has been one of the best and most rewarding things I’ve done as a business. When I came into the Makers I knew that I was tired of working harder, not smarter. I realised that as a relatively new business, I still had an employee mentality-working in the business, not on it. I needed a change. And I’m so pleased to say that over Clare’s coaching sessions, I gained clarity x one billion, enabling me to confidently change to many elements of my biz.

The Makers has helped me to develop a clear vision, an effective marketing strategy, realistic goals and a whole new perspective on my numbers (yes, they actually excite me now).

Better still, I’ve got a really good grasp on the actions I need to take to achieve my goals and keep on loving my biz. But wait, there’s more. The jewel in this program’s crown… was definitely gaining the confidence to raise my fees by 20 per cent. And yes, I’m still winning plenty of work, I’m just getting paid a lot more for it. Yes!!

Clare Wood, I adore you and all the coaching goodness you give to your clients and community! Thank you for being a wonderful, super-supportive, keeping-it-real coach and sharing all your expertise and knowledge. You’re definitely one of the best.”

– Amy Fennell, MOMO Copywriting

“Over the years I have spent a lot of money on workshops, online courses, and coaches. None have given the clear, practical steps I need to take my business from where it is now to where I need to go like Money and Marketing Makers.”

“The Money and Marketing Makers has given me a very clear process of all the gaps I need to fill with my marketing. Rather than try a few different things here and there because that’s what everyone else is doing, I now have a plan in place to achieve my goals.

Focusing on the financial side of business has been a huge revelation. I now have a much clearer picture of how my business is doing financially and where I need to be focusing to make my business profitable. 

Clare’s knowledge around finances played a crucial part to this. Being able to ask Clare questions, as well as having questions asked by other students, during the live calls, was another highly beneficial part to this program. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to take their business to the next level, and needs some guidance around being clear with marketing and finances.”

– Milina Opsenica, June and June Photography

Here’s what Money and Marketing Makers is NOT:

A “bury your head in the sand” like an ostrich approach to your financials. You better believe we’re gonna explore your cashflow — and then we’ll put the systems and strategies in place to explode it

A Band-aid fix for all your business problems. In this house, if we want to see the results, we have to do the work first. (Don’t worry, I’ll show you how)

Another bland online marketing membership that’s gonna parrot back what you already know. Look, you’re already earning an income with your business, but we both know you’re not giving it all you’ve got with your marketing strategy…yet. You will be soon though!

A membership that’s gonna steal a bunch of hours away from you. You’re already busy with your client workload, so adding another thing to your plate might feel tough right now. That’s why you NEED to be inside this program. This is the shortcut for raising your rates, increasing your income, and working less than ever before. (It isn’t rocket science BTW. It’s strategy.)

You belong inside this membership if:

You’re an established service provider who’s ready to uplevel. For you, it isn’t about getting MORE clients. It’s about getting the right, premium clients who are a dream to work with — and pay you the dollars you deserve

You want to leave the hamster wheel to the hamsters. You’re done hustling way too hard, running from client project to client project without so much a second to scratch yourself. It’s time for a brand new way of doing business — one that lets you breathe.

You’re already really solid on marketing, but you’re doing it for your clients so often, you’ve forgotten to do it for your own business. Funnels? Livestreaming? Who has the time?!

You love the clients you have, but you want fewer clients to love. You know that comes with raising your rates and charging your worth, but you haven’t been able to figure out how to do that on your own. You’d love a clear framework to follow — and someone to show you how to implement it.

Hold up, this membership isn’t for everybody though! Money and Marketing Makers isn’t a fit for you if:

You need your hand held around the clock. That’s what one-on-one coaching is for. I’ll give 110% on our calls, but there is no support available in between our sessions.

You’re thinking about starting a business, but you haven’t yet. This is for entrepreneurs who are up and running and already have some sales under their belt.

You’re a product-based business owner. While I did receive some great feedback from product-based companies who have gone through the membership, this content is definitely directed towards service-based businesses.




  • Pay-in-Full Bonus: 3 Months Free ($291 Value)



OF $99 USD

  • Enjoy the convenience of monthly payments (over 12 months)



“My profit has grown every single month. I’m set to make $12K in February.”

“Since starting the Makers, my profit has grown every single month. My projected revenue for February is at $12K right now. I have hired 2 extra staff members, which has been amazing. We’re now at 4 people. So good!

Clare has also helped a lot in freeing up more time for myself as the head of the business to work on business development strategies. I launched my first online course. I signed on 6-8 new weekly clients. I launched 3 new shows. I increased my Instagram posting frequency and started to explore the different ways to add lots of value to my audience. And my Instagram account has doubled in a matter of weeks.”

– Brianna Ansaldo, Bamby Media

To recap, here’s what you get when you join:

The complete Money and Marketing Makers framework, designed to help you earn more per month while scaling back your workload

Monthly money and marketing lessons that are practical, actionable, and step-by-strategic-step

Live coaching every fortnight to get on-the-spot support with me directly

The Private Facebook Group to connect and collaborate with other women in the program

BONUS: Free financial and marketing templates These are the same tools my private clients pay $20k + per annum to receive




  • Pay-in-Full Bonus: 3 Months Free ($291 Value)



OF $99 USD

  • Enjoy the convenience of monthly payments (over 12 months)



“I’m no longer fumbling around in the dark with my finances! I increased my profit a whopping 75% in just a few months, and now I know where my business is going.”

“After looking at my numbers — something I now feel confident doing! — I increased my net profit a whopping 75% in just a few months. Amazing! Clare has really helped give me clarity around how to understand my numbers and then follow up by putting into action the things that I need to improve to see a change.

Her marketing advice gave me actionable steps to start making a change in the way I handle my marketing and start seeing changes in my numbers. The workbooks we received each week broke down each task into bite sized pieces, which made it much more manageable to do the tasks I have been putting off for so long.

I left the Makers feeling positive about where my business is going. It has given me the power back to run the business my way, rather than letting my business run me! The clarity around my finances has been my biggest game changer. I’m no longer fumbling around in the dark. Clare, thank you for switching on the light in my business!”

– Lauren Rogers, Lauren Rogers Design


Clare, you’re Australian. Why are you pricing in USD?

Proud Aussie here! But while many of my fantastic clients are in Australia, my business has become an international one. That means several of my clients and most of my contractors use US Dollars. I needed a financial standard that would work for everyone, no matter what country they are living in. I did make sure to price this membership at a screaming deal rate though — and include an easy payment plan to boot.

I already make money, and I’m pretty good at marketing too. How can this membership help me?

Let’s do a quick assessment: Are you earning as much as you’d like to be, or is there room for growth? Do your prices delight you, or do you wish you could raise them? Do you have extra money in savings, retirement and investments, or are you constantly chasing down the next client to make sure you don’t crash and burn? If you don’t love your answers, then you should hit “join” right away.

When is this kicking off?

The first workbook will be sent out 27th April 2020, with the first call on Thursday 30th April 2020.

When will the calls be?

The calls will be held every second Thursday morning at 9:30am AEST.  Depending on numbers, there might be a second call offered at 6:30am AEST to suit the UK and US timezones (due to time zone differences, this will be on a Wednesday and Wednesday evening in the US and UK).  Please check the time conversion to your time zone.  For ease, call reminders will be released in your own timezones once exact location of program attendees is known.

What if I can’t make the live calls?

The people who get the most out of Makers are the people who are most committed. After all — you’re paying for the results these calls can get you. Wouldn’t you want to attend them? Still, I know schedules can be unforgiving, so if you aren’t able to attend the calls, you’re covered in two ways:

First, you’ll have the opportunity to send through your questions before the call each week, so even if you can’t attend live you won’t miss out on getting the support that could make all the difference.

Second, all the video calls are recorded and available for you to listen to anytime, anywhere during the duration of the program (and even for a short while after we wrap). That gives you the flexibility you need and the accountability you deserve.

I don’t like risk, Clare. Can you make me feel more comfortable about this investment?

  • When you join Money and Marketing Makers Membership on a monthly plan, you can leave at any time (at the end of each month).  But I KNOW once you join and start seeing the results, you won’t want to go anywhere.
  • When you invest in the annual plan, I offer a 7-day “test it out” guarantee. You have the opportunity to sample it, risk-free. Try it. Test it. See if it’s everything you hoped. If you attend the first call and complete the workbook, and you still don’t think this program can help you earn more moolah while working less than ever, then I’ll happily return your investment. Yes, you do need to attend the call. And yes, you do need to do the work. But I’m so confident in this program, I’m willing to put it all on the line and prove to you that it works if you work it.

There’s big results waiting for you on the other side. Give yourself a chance to achieve them.

Got a question you don’t see answered here?

send an email to admin(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)clarewood.com and I will get back to you straight away!



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