10 strategies to skyrocket your sales

Whether your business is struggling at the moment and you are really desperate to get some sales through the door or even if your business is thriving, I bet you’d still love to learn how to make more sales in your business.

In today’s episode, I share 10 amazing ways you can skyrocket your sales.

In this Episode:

01.04: Competition Winner
02.55: Creating a marketing strategy
05.13: Making clear offers to your audience
07.07: Tightening your sales process
09.19: Hiring a team member to help you make more money
10.50: Magnetise your dream clients
14.06: Building your circle of people
16.23: Leaning into spiritual and energetic practices
18.10: Looking at how you treat money
19.28: How your worthiness attracts your wealth
20.57: Focusing on gratitude



Whether your business is struggling at the moment and you are really desperate to get some sales through the door, or even if your business is thriving, I bet you would still love to learn how to make more sales in your business. In today’s episode, I’m going to share with you nine amazing ways to skyrocket your sales.


Hello, and welcome to The Clare Wood Podcast, where myself and incredible guests share about money mindset, financial successes, and how to manage your money in a fun and practical way to create wealth and abundance in both your business and your life. I’m your host, Clare Wood. I’m a business coach and a money mentor. I strongly believe that money has the power to positively change the world. I can’t wait to help you transform your mindset around money, create a love of numbers, and build the business of your dreams so you can live a life of financial freedom, giving, and global impact.


Competition Winner


Before I get started on today’s episode, I would like to announce the winner from my special 100 podcast episode, in which I announced I’d be giving away an entire year inside my membership, the Makers Membership. So the winner is… Drum roll, please. Casey from Grand Cru Digital. Massive congratulations to Casey. And something that I do want to share with you guys just as an FYI. There actually weren’t that many people that entered the competition correctly. So here’s a little handy tip if you are wanting to enter competitions in the future. Make sure you listen really closely or read the terms closely and follow the exact conditions for entry because quite a few people didn’t follow them to the T. And so, unfortunately weren’t actual valid entries, but a big congratulations to Grand Cru Digital, and I’m so excited to be welcoming you inside my membership.


Back to how to skyrocket your sales. I took a lot inside my mastermind and with my private coaching clients, about ways to elevate the results in your business and how they can have big leaps or shifts in their result. Today I’m going to be sharing some of those strategies with you. So make sure you are listening closely. These will be a combination of both practical strategies and tools that you can implement, and also the energetic and mindset tools that I believe make all the difference. We’re going to start off with some practical ones and then move into more of the energetic and spiritual ones towards the end.


Creating a marketing strategy


Let’s kick off with what I believe is one of the best ways to get more sales. Look at your marketing strategy. One of the bonus trainings that I share inside my high-ticket mastermind, the Mind to Money Mastermind, is teaching people how to create an end-to-end marketing strategy. The way I see a lot of people’s marketing fall over is that they don’t really have a clear plan about how they are going to find and attract those dream clients, build, know, like and trust, and then convert those clients. So inside this training, what I do is teach people how to actually find those dream clients through a multitude of ways, because having one platform or way to find new clients is probably not going to be enough. So it’s being very careful and considered about having a number of different ways that you find people who don’t know about your business.


The next stage of a marketing funnel is really developing that know, like, and trust with those people that do know your business or your brand. How are you letting them get to know your business, your service offering, how you can serve them, and most importantly, how you can deliver a transformation or a result for them? And then the bottom of the funnel is the actual sales process. I’m going to talk about that a little bit later on.


When you are looking at your marketing strategy, it’s really important that you don’t focus on you, but you focus on your clients. How are you adding value to them? I think sometimes it’s so easy to get so fixated on the sales, on selling the thing that you’ve got, and you forget that your clients might not actually know much about your product or service. So it’s really important that you think about adding value to your clients and think about the way that you can provide content to them that is going to excite them, get them motivated, and really start to have an impact before you start to sell to them.


Making clear offers to your audience


This leads me to the second strategy I want to talk to you about today. Are you making offers? A lot of times, business owners think they are selling things in their business. They might do a little social media post saying, “If you want help, let me know.” And make a really vague offer. It’s super important that you let your clients know exactly how they can work with you and specifically the transformation that they could achieve by investing to work with you. Be super, super clear about exactly what it is that you are selling and make sure that you’re communicating it to your audience. Have you actually done a series of social media posts specifically about your offer? Have you emailed your list? What other ways have you communicated how you can serve your audience?


In this space, I really want you to think about what the incentive is for them to invest to work with you now? What is the urgency? Are your prices going up soon? Are you closing out an offer? Or what’s the risk if they don’t invest to work with you now? How much longer are they leaving themselves exposed by not investing in the solution that you offer that could potentially save them a lot of money or stress down the track. There are so many different things that business owners can invest their money into. So show your audience why it’s important to invest with you and why it’s important to invest now.


Tightening your sales process


The third way that you can skyrocket your sales is to tighten up your sales process. Now, this is relevant, whether you are selling one-on-one or in group offerings, like a course. There might be a glitch in your sales process. If you aren’t sure what part of your sales funnel is falling over, it’s a really great opportunity to dive into the numbers. What is your audience size? How many people are reaching out to you? How many of them are converting? And that’s how you can identify at what part in your marketing or sales process, you are actually losing potential clients. And if you identify that it’s actually in the sales process or at the bottom of your sales funnel, it’s really important to do some work around fixing any glitches in the sales process. So the language you use when selling and the processes that you use, make all the difference to whether someone chooses to buy from you or not.


I am actually running a training inside my mastermind next week, about the specific questions to ask when you were selling a high-ticket or medium-ticket offering. So really getting clear about refining how to actually sell in a non-sleazy way. So, maybe this is something that you need to work on, how you are selling.


Alternatively, if you sell lower-cost offerings, like group programs, or if you sell your services on scale, really look at the language that you’re using inside your paid ads on your website, in your social media content, in your email sequences. The words you use can make all the difference whether someone chooses to invest with you or not. So really think about tightening up the sales process if that’s appropriate for you.


Hiring a team member to help you make more money


The next step, hire a team member. I know right away, this is going to be triggering for a lot of you. And you might think how the hell does hiring someone make you more money? Well, you either hire someone else that does what you do, and then you sell out their services and make a margin on it. Or alternatively, you bring someone into your team to free up your capacity, to market your business more, to serve and to scale. Picking the right time to hire a team member is obviously really important. You don’t want to be investing if you can’t afford it. But a lot of times I find people are really ready to level up and fill out their team, but they let fear step in the way of hiring a team member when they know that bringing another person into the team would be an amazing way for them to uplevel their sales results in a very short period of time.


We’ve spoken about a number of practical ways that you can get more sales in your service-based business, but if you’ve been following for a while, you will know that I’m a big believer that the energetic or the mindset work is just as important if not more important than the practical ways to make more sales. So we’re going to dive into a few of those next.


Magnetise your dream clients


If you’re wanting to make more sales, I would really check in on your energy. Last week, one of my private coaching clients was really down and out. She said, “No one is buying from me at the moment. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m doing all the things.” And I said straight away, “Whoa, there is such a scent of desperation around you at the moment.” That phrase actually came from a friend of mine. I’d been dating for a long time and I really just wanted a boyfriend. And I said that to my friend. I said, “Why can’t I meet anyone?” And she said, “Because of that.” And I’m like, “What?” She said, “You have the scent of desperation.” I think this is really relevant to business as well. There is something sort of magnetic about a business or service provider that isn’t marketing or hoping that anyone will buy from them. And I know this can be a little bit frustrating because especially if business is going a little bit slow, you might think, “Well, how can I not show up from that space? I do need the money. You don’t understand Clare.”


But this is the thing. Your energy is not connected to your sales. We might think that it is, but actually your energy is everything about what you believe about yourself and how you hold yourself. And that is what is magnetic.


Coming back to that analogy about being desperate in the dating world. I definitely reached a point in my “dating career”, where I was genuinely happy on my own. I still wanted to meet someone of course, but it also reached a point where I was just truly like starting to love my life and be okay with it the way that it was. And when you can create an energy in your business where regardless of whether the sales come in or not, you can confidently show up without needing the sales, the sales will start to flow. So this private client of mine who was stressed about money, stressed that the sales weren’t coming in, I said to her, “This week, I don’t want you selling anything,” which might sound really counterintuitive when all you want is sales. But I said to her, “I really just want you to work on your energy this week. I want you to do the mindset work, to get to a space where you can show up in your business confidently, regardless of what is happening on the sales front.”


I truly believe there is something so magnetic about a business owner who doesn’t need sales. So when you can learn to flip your thinking, regardless of what is going on around you, it’s a really fantastic way to start to attract more sales in your business.


Building your circle of people


The next way to get a major uplevel in your results is to look at who is in your circle. Uplevel the people you surround yourself with. You might think, “How the hell does this make me more sales?” Well, to my point about energy, it has everything to do with your sales. You become who you surround yourself with. If you earn way more than everyone that you hang out with, chances are you won’t be driven to uplevel yourself and scale. If you’re surrounded by people who are negative and not encouraging you and inspiring you, chances are your circle is going to be keeping you small. So, how do you change a circle?


Well, you can hang out in different groups. You can surround yourself with entrepreneurs or people doing really cool next-level things. Another great way is to invest in a new circle, hire a coach, join a really cool mastermind. You want to be in the energy of people doing amazing things. If you want to make more sales, get around people that are making more sales than you. It will start to challenge your thinking and it will start to challenge the way that you do things in your business.


I’d love to share a little story at this point in time actually. When I talk to my business friends and I might be in a little bit of a funk, they immediately call me on it and challenge my thinking straight away as does my coach. And that’s the difference between people who are growing and people who are stagnant. Is that when you’re surrounded by people who are constantly challenging you to uplevel your thinking, and to step out of your victim stories around why you aren’t achieving what it is that you desire, that is when you really start to uplevel. So look at your circle, who is in it, and do you need to bring some new next-level people into your circle?


Leaning into spiritual and energetic practices


Sales strategy number seven, lean into your spiritual and energetic practices. If you want more money, check in your money mindset. The biggest thing that holds you back from the money that you desire is your belief that it is possible. If you haven’t given yourself permission to grow, and you’re not in energetic alignment with it, chances are you are living in a lack mindset. And when you’re always fearful that there are not more sales coming, guess what? You attract what you focus on.


So when you are living in lack, you attract lack. When you are living in abundance, you attract a never ending flow of money. Look at the practices that you are undertaking or perhaps not undertaking. Everyone has different ways that they like to uplevel their mindset and that they like to attract new and more money. Maybe you don’t have any. And that could be a great starting point. I’ve shared many times on the podcast, what some of mine are, but learning about these practices is a really amazing way to start to make more sales. These are all things that I love to teach inside my programs and particularly inside my mastermind program. Is the spiritual and energetic tools around upleveling your money mindset, because I believe this is such a powerful way to make more money.


Looking at how you treat money


Way number eight to make more money, look at how you are treating money. I did a whole podcast episode about your relationship with money and I’ll pop the link for in the show notes for today’s episode, but really consider how you are trading money. Think about it like you’re in a relationship with money. When money comes in, do you treasure it, do you speak positively about it, or are you saying nasty things about it like, “Yeah, sure, I made some money, but it’s all going on taxes anyway.” Or are you stuck in comparison-itis? “Yeah, this is good, but it’s not as much as that person’s making.” Really dive into how you were treating your money, both on an energetic level, like how you’re speaking about money, but also on a practical level. Are you closely tracking your sales as they come in? Are you keeping a close eye on your profit and loss statements? Are you checking your bank accounts regularly? I really believe that how you treat money is how money will treat you. So dive into the way that you are treating money.


How your worthiness attracts your wealth


Strategy number nine, following on from how do you treat money? How are you treating yourself? I know this stuff can be a bit woo-woo, but I want you to trust me on this, guys. This is what I do every day, is support people to scale their businesses. I really believe that the stuff is so powerful in getting big shifts in your results. How you treat yourself says a lot about what you are attracting to yourself. If you never spend money on yourself, if you are overtired, if you’re exhausted, if you aren’t investing any space to focus on your own personal growth and self care, you might be sending a message to the universe that you aren’t worthy of more money.


I truly believe that the way that you look after yourself is a really strong indicator to the universe about how worthy and deserving you are of money. When you truly love yourself and believe that you are absolutely worthy of taking care of yourself, you’re sending the universal message that you’re worthy of wealth. Check in on your self-care practices, because how you’re treating yourself has a big impact on how many sales you can make in your business.


Focusing on gratitude


The 10th and final strategy today to skyrocket your sales is gratitude. What you focus on grows. If you are so focused on how you don’t have the sales that you want or desire in your business, what are you creating? I truly believe that what you think about is what you attract. And when you’re focusing on what you don’t have, or the sales that you want rather than the sales that you do have, you are of course, in a space of lack as compared to being in a space of abundance. Truly, truly be so, so grateful for every single sale that you have achieved in your business.


I have this beautiful practice that I’ve shared on my Instagram Stories a few times where when I am tracking sales, as they come into my business, I write at each person’s name that has invested with me. And I say, “Thank you so much, Lisa, I am so grateful for your investment and I hope you have a massive transformation from the work that we do together, or a similar type blessing.” It’s a really beautiful way to focus on what you do have and the sales that you are achieving compared to the ones that you aren’t achieving. I truly believe that gratitude is the secret to joy in your life. And it’s also, as an added bonus, a great way to make more money.


If you have loved this podcast episode, I would really like to invite you to an amazing masterclass that I am running, which is called More Money, Less Work. This isn’t just a surface-level webinar, but this is a transformative, interactive experience where you can chat to me and ask me plenty of questions about money. In this training, you will uncover your beliefs around money that are limiting your growth, you will debunk the myths around building a million-dollar business, you will get clarity around what success looks like for you, and you will understand why you have not been able to reduce your work hours and how you can rewrite that story. This is an exclusive training that is only available for six-figure plus service-based business owners. And this isn’t in an elitist way. It’s just because I know from my experience that the challenges that six-figure and multi-six figure business owners face is really different to business owners in the earliest stages of business.


So this training is really focused on that audience and really talking about how you can scout with the seven-figure mark without working longer hours. In fact, working less, because this is something that I am an expert in, and I can’t wait to share all of these secrets with you inside this training. If you would lurk in and you meet the criteria to come along, you can apply for the training via the link in the show notes for today’s episode.


To sum up today, if you’re ready to skyrocket your sales in your business..


  1. Look at your marketing strategy, get really clear about how you are going to find clients and get them to know, like and trust you.
  2. Check in, are you making clear offers to your audience?
  3. Tighten up your sales process. This is a great way to make more sales.
  4. Hire a team member to help you make more money.
  5. Check in your energy levels. This is a really powerful way to become more magnetic to those dream clients of yours.
  6. Look at your circle. You become who you surround yourself with. So see whether you need to tweak who it is that you’re spending your time with.
  7. Lean in to the spiritual and energetic practices that will help money be magnetized to you.
  8. Look at how you are treating money. If you want money to show up for you, you need to show up for money.
  9. Look at how you are treating yourself. Your worthiness attracts your wealth.
  10. Focus in on gratitude. Be grateful for what you do have and you will attract more.


I am so grateful for you tuning in today. If you loved this episode and think your audience will benefit from it too, make sure you share it on your social media stories and be sure to tag me so I can re-share it as well. Thank you so much for tuning in and make sure you check out my masterclass More Money, Less Work, if you’d like me to help you make more money with less work. Have a fabulous week, and I’ll chat to you again soon.


Thanks so much for listening. If you love this episode, please share it with your audience and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @clare_wood_coach. And also make sure you hit subscribe so you never miss an episode. Have an abundant week, and I look forward to talking to you again next week.


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