3 game-changing actions to take NOW to change your life in 2023

2023 could be a game-changer for you! In today’s episode, I share 3 simple things you can do now that will have huge, positive affects on your business and life this year. These strategies have the potential to be transformative.

In this Episode:

01.08: Why mapping out your holidays now will save your sanity (and your bank account!)

09.16: Coaching and courses for 2023 – Which ones will you be investing in this year? 

13.09: Work out the support you need in your business and your life



In today’s episode of the podcast, I’ll be sharing with you 3 simple things you can do now that will have HUGE positive effects on your business and your life on your year.  These strategies have the potential to be transformative so make sure you stick around AND implement them so you can reap the benefits



Why mapping out your holidays now will save your sanity (and your bank account!)


Why is this important? Because it is easy to fall into trap of not taking actual time off.  Last year, I didn’t do this, and yes, I had plenty of beautiful mini getaways, but it’s very different.


So, how do you do it?


  • First of all, if you are a parent of school kids, map out the school holidays. Even if you aren’t I think it’s’ worth putting them down because trust me flight and accommodation is always inflated during school holidays, so it might be worth working around them.
  • Black out the calendar, if you have team, let them know
  • This is also a great way to save money – pre-book your holidays!
  • Take it as REAL downtime. By the time you’ll have listened to this, I’ll be back from my trip, but I -pre-planned by content, which includes this podcast, newsletters and social media posts.  I love creating content, so I’m sure I’ll still keep posting to my stories and the occasional post, but it means that if I don’t want to post for the whole 3 weeks I’m away, I don’t have to!  Everything will tick away without me.



Coaching and courses for 2023 – Which ones will you be investing in this year? 


I am obviously a huge fan of coaching.  But not just because I’m a coach myself, but because of the impact it has had on my own business over the years, on me as a person.


People often hire a coach to make more money, but clients of mine have shared that the benefits extend beyond making more money. A coach can help you with strategy, positioning, branding. As well as give you fresh eyes on your marketing. It’s also about self-development. About stepping into your next level. Identifying your beliefs and money stories.


I am very rarely without a coach or in a coaching container because I believe so strongly in the power of it.


I love having someone that I can reach out to and say HELP! Or say “Guess what I just achieved…”


So now, at the start of the year, have a think about who you want to be mentored by this year.


A couple of tips I have on this front:


  • Emotional – Do you like a mentor’s vibe? Does it ‘feel good’ the thought of working with them?
  • Logical – Then also think about the logical side of why you’d work with this mentor. Don’t just jump on the vibe because everyone is working with this person.


What is the skill set of theirs that you are wanting to leverage? An example, a lot of clients come to work with me as they struggle with managing their money and really want to get a lot more familiar/ intimate with it.  This is a strength of mine as a mentor. 


So yes, think if you like someone’s vibe, but also check in on the logical side, what is the help you need in your business right now?


It’s also worth doing a little skills audit and working out where you want to get training this year.  


If you are wanting to launch a course, do you need to learn this skill set? 


If you want to master Facebook ads?


If you know that money is a weak point for you… ppsssttt not subtle plug – if this is you, make sure you check out my course The Profit Academy: Foundations!


Too many business owners aren’t intentional with their personal development.  They see something pop up and think “oooohhh I want that” and aren’t actually stepping back and analysing if it’s what they actually need.  And also, they are missing areas that they need help in to be a well-rounded entrepreneur.


If you have big goals, the best way to get there is with expert help.


Work out the support you need in your business and your life



Virtual Assistant?

Maybe you need to hire some extra people in your team?


I did a whole episode about the help I currently have in my business and life which I’ll link to give you some ideas and inspiration, I’ll link to the episode in the shownotes.


Here’s a fun activity to do.


I want you to imagine that money was absolutely no object. Who would you hire in every area of business and life? Play around with it.  Get excited.  Get inspired!  Allow yourself to go wild.


A client of mine did this activity and she HATES cooking and said she would love to have a chef that prepares dinner every night


This is just playing around.  Don’t limit yourself.


But I like to think this is actually writing your wishlist to the universe J


Big things being created start with crazy dreams!


Some people get really triggered and/ or deflated by this.  They then think “it’s all well and good, but it feels so far away’.


But it starts with allowing yourself to believe it COULD be a possibility!


If you had told me a few years ago that I would have the help I do now, I would have thought you were crazy!  But here I am.


It starts with intention. It starts with a plan. And then I say baby steps. 


Maybe you can’t hire a full-time assistant yet! But could you hire someone two hours a week?


Maybe you can’t have a nanny yet, but could you do a childcare swap with a friend one afternoon a week?


And don’t forget, once you have decided on these things, to update your budgets!  Add the courses or the coach and or new team members to your budget.


Add the holidays and help in your personal life into your personal budget.


So, there we have it – 3 things that could DRAMATICALLY change your 2023 if you take action now.


  • Map out holidays
  • Work out the mentor/s you will work with and the courses you’ll invest in
  • Identify the help you desire and how you can start to slowly step towards it


Thank you for tuning in.  Drop me a DM on insta and let me know how you get on with these actions.


Look forward to landing in your ears again next week!


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