Building an inclusive business with Louise O’Reilly

If you are wanting to build a more inclusive business, but you have no idea where to get started, then this episode is for you.

In today’s episode I chat with Louise O’Reilly, an inclusion and diversity coach, about how to get started in building a more diverse business and how having more inclusion in business, is actually really good for business.

In this Episode:

02.35: Acknowledgement of Country
04.03: What does building an inclusive business mean
10.43: The benefits of building an inclusive business
18.23: How to make your business more inclusive
24.59: About tokenism and how to not fall into its trap in business
34.40: How to work with Louise to increase diversity in business


Louise’s Bio

With her unique self-expression, heart-centered rebelliousness, and clarity of her thought-provoking vision of what the world could be enjoying, it’s no wonder Louise is a coach, consultant, blogger, speaker, and online course creator.

Louise is a Warrwa-Noongar woman who focuses on cultural inclusion & diversity and anti-racism work for entrepreneurs who support equality of Aboriginal and marginalised people, who want to learn and take action on their business but aren’t unsure what to do to be an active ally. Offering online courses, live trainings, coaching, consultancy, and speaking services in this field. Her dream is to stimulate co-creation of a more inclusive world. Where everyone feels free to be their authentic self while knowing they are valued and belong.

Her drive is her two children. Her cheer-squad is her husband and her inspiration is the calling from deep within her soul. Louise’s teaching and coaching style is inclusive, compassionate, and supportive. is, where she blogs about inclusion & diversity creation for businesses, her culture, and life from the perspective of a fair-skinned Aboriginal woman.

Outside of business Louise was freelance writing for Amnesty International, a Miss NAIDOC Perth finalist, a radio host, and is part of an Australian first, Aboriginal-led visionary 10-year project designed to create social change and reconciliation in Boorloo (Perth).


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