Does money make you happy?

It’s the age old question… Does money make you happy?

Although money itself doesn’t make you happy, in today’s episode, I will explore why and how having money can increase your personal satisfaction and happiness and why a healthy money mindset is key to success.

In this Episode:
01.30: What money CAN’T buy you
02.31: What money CAN buy you
06.01: The interesting thing that happens when you reach your money goal
07.20: How to be happier
09.34: Exploring the relationship between money and happiness




Today on the podcast we are going to be tackling an age old question… does money make you happy? You’ll know if you have listened to the podcast before I love money, money is totally my jam. I love making money, I love teaching others to make money and I love enjoying my money. One of the common objections I hear when I talk about money, is I hear that it doesn’t make you happy. This is very true, money in itself doesn’t make you happy, but I want to explore this topic more, and the reasons why and how, I believe, having money can increase your personal satisfaction and happiness.


You’re listening to the Clare Wood podcast, where we talk all things business, finance, marketing, and mindset for entrepreneurs, sharing practical tips, and actionable advice to help you take your business to the next level. Introducing your host: me! I’m Clare Wood, I’m a numbers geek, a travel lover, and a reality tv addict, and I’m here to empower you to create an extraordinary business and an amazing life, because I believe you don’t have to choose between the two. Now let’s dive right in to today’s episode.


What money CAN’T buy you


Does money make you happy? Well, there are just some things that money can’t buy. The first thing of course is love, and love is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. Money can’t buy you love, a soulmate, connection and ultimately, this is one of our biggest desires and creates happiness in our life. Money definitely can’t buy you those things. What else can’t money buy you? Money can’t buy you friendship, it can’t buy you people who genuinely care for you, and you have an amazing time with. Money can’t buy you self-worth. It can’t buy you emotional things that you might be chasing.


What money CAN buy you


Let’s talk about some things money can buy you.


Money can buy you support. Support to navigate through emotional things you might need to address. It can buy you time with a Psychologist, Therapist and/or a Coach, whatever that might look like for you. Money can buy the support you need to help create happiness to work through some challenges that you may have had in your life.


Money can also buy you more time. I know straight away what you are thinking, everyone has the same amount of time. But what money can buy you is more support. It can buy you a cleaner, a nanny, the opportunity to get things delivered so you don’t have to go to the shops yourself. It can buy you all kinds of levels of support hat give you back more time to do the things you love. In your business, look at what this gives you. Anyone who has ever hired a VA or Virtual Assistant will know how invaluable bringing someone into your team can be, in terms of giving you back more time. Money gives you the capacity to hire a team, whether it’s in your personal life or business, to give you more time and freedom to do the things you love.


The next thing that money can buy you is holidays. I don’t know about you guys, but travel is one of the greatest joys in my love. I love getting to travel to different countries around the world and experience different cultures, and eat foods in different countries, to have cocktails and watch the sun go down in another part of the world, or even in your own backyard. Money provides you the opportunity to go and do these things, create these experiences, pay for things.


The next thing the money gives you is to buy you things that you want. If you really lust after a gorgeous new car. Money can buy that for you. If you love fashion, handbags, shoes. Money can buy you those things. Maybe you want to live in a big house or a small sophisticated apartment. Whatever excites you, in terms of material and physical positions, money can buy those things as well.


The last thing money can buy you, is to be able to generously give and make a different to others, to donate to causes you care about, or even help or treat your family and friends. Giving is such an incredible feeling, and money gives you the ability to give more.


The interesting thing that happens when you reach your money goal


Next, I want to talk about some money truths. People always think when they reach a certain level of income or money, they will be happy. But the truth is, no matter how much money you have, you’ll probably always want more. When you finally get that thing that desire for so long, not long after you get there, you’ll be wanting the next big thing, or next experience. This is human nature. When we get to a certain level of success. We want more.


On the other hand, Financial anxiety sucks. So yes, people might say money doesn’t buy you happiness, but I know firsthand, that no money doesn’t make you happy either. If you are stressed financially you will know how crippling that feeling is, not being able to afford rent or food. It can really affect and impact your health and wellbeing. So, having no money, certainly doesn’t make you happy either.


How to be happier


Let’s talk about happiness. What is happiness? We often think, when I get to “this level” I’ll be happy. Perhaps you are thinking, when I find my dream partner I’ll be happy, when I have a baby I’ll be happy, but happiness isn’t a destination. Happiness is an emotion and if we are looking for money or a partner, or a dream job to create that happiness, it’s not surprising that we are struggling to find that happiness in the place we are in right now.


How can you be happier?


Work out what makes you happy, this is something great to spend time journaling on. Explore all those things that light you up on a soul level. Going through this process, you might realise you have a lot of the things that make you happy. Rather than seeking to make more money, be grateful for what you do have. Be incredible grateful for things that bring you joy, whether they are material possessions, experiences or gifts unrelated to money. You are already rich. You are blessed beyond what so many people dream of. Treasure each little possession, experience and moment, right now.


Gratitude is the key to happiness.


In saying that, I love the expression “Content where I am and eager for more.” You can be happy now, and still want for more. One of the most powerful manifestation tools is gratitude. The more you are grateful for what you do have, the more you will attract more.


Exploring the relationship between money and happiness


As we’ve spoken about today, money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy freedom, choices and options. If when you first heard the topic of this podcast and contemplated the relationship between money and happiness, a few different thoughts might have come up for you. I’d love for you to spend some time thinking about these questions or journaling them and exploring the relationship between money and happiness.


What is the story you are telling yourself about money?


What are you making money mean to you?


Why do you want more money?


After spending some time exploring these questions, you might have some real ah-ha moments. You get to create your own beliefs around money. You get to create your own happiness. If you are chasing money for happiness, chances are you won’t find it, you need find happiness first. And then the money is the icing on the cake.


You guys know I love to talk about money and the patterns and habits of successful people. I’m building something behind-the-scenes which is all around how you can build a million dollar money mindset, no matter where you are at financially now. I’ll be sharing more on the upcoming podcast episodes, so keep your ears peeled.


To sum up today, money can’t buy some things, but it can buy pretty cool things, Money won’t buy you happiness, you need to find that within. I hope you enjoy journaling further on this topic and spending some time sitting with your thoughts around it. I’ve love for you to share some of those ah-ha moments with me, and you can do that by sending me a DM on Instagram at @clare_wood_coach. I’d love to hear from you and if you have any takeaways from any of my podcast episodes.


I hope you have a happy and abundant week.


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