Clare Wood: Speaker

Inspiring. Funny. Down-to-earth.

Clare Wood: Speaker

Inspiring. Funny. Down-to-earth.

Profit in your pocket!

And your audience’s.

I’m your mindful money expert who loves talking about how you can get more of it!

Book me for your next event and I’ll bring all my financial goods to the table.

I’ll chat all about cultivating an abundant money mindset and share practical tools so you can actually make it happen.

Your audience will realise just how powerful they are when it comes to making that money.

You might have heard me around

"She adds so much value and has a beautiful, fun energy that really engages the audience"

"Clare Wood is an absolute legend when it comes to all things money! She spoke at my [Pop your Business] conference last year and was a crowd favourite. We received amazing feedback about her!"

Bec McFarland
OWNER - Pop your Career

You can build a million

dollar business.

During my session, I’ll teach you how to work on your business, so that you can grow into the badass you’re meant to be. Sprinkle in a few beautiful moments from my life, including the all too relatable blooper reel, and you have yourself a lovely evening (or day).

Me + your event
= winning combo

You invite me to speak, I’ll invite your guests on a money transformation journey. Because it’s 100% possible to intentionally create the incredible business life that you desire.

Here’s to massive financial success for everyone!

*pops the champagne*

"So many light bulb moments were going off when we met with Clare. It was a first-class experience with so many take-aways."

"The group of designers inside The Design Society really found it useful and also commented on the clear and thoughtful way that Clare presented. Thank you Clare for sharing so generously.”

Lauren Li
CEO - Interiors Insider

My favourite topics include:

Turn managing your business finances into an easy-breezy profit party!

Learn how your beliefs around money and success shape the zeros at the end of your bank balance.

Keynote talk topics:

I’ll talk about how to make managing your finances fun, with a cheeky comparison to the dating world (yes, really!). You can start building a better relationship with money in your business - it’s practically marriage material.

A million dollars of sales in one year?! As a money mentor, I know this kind of success is possible I’ll share a clever roadmap that guides business owners towards growing a 7 figure business.

"The great feedback I had about you was overwhelming and I know you inspired many.”

Zero looks real good at the end of things.

It’s about profit over sales. Working smarter, not harder.

I‘ll share doable steps to reach your highest earning potential. Because a leap in earnings doesn’t have to mean a whole bunch of extra work (ain’t nobody got time for that).

“Clare Wood was a valuable and inspiring contribution to The Belle Evolution’s August 2020 event.”

"Her willingness to share her story with authenticity and humble honesty made her an outstanding speaker on the night. However, it was her effort in providing real and specific tools that provided outstanding value and the amount of time she took to connect with so many women in business that resonated with her message, that made her a true highlight of the evening.”

Jessica Ndenda
Founding Director - The Belle Evolution

Book Clare

for your

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Gather a group of soul led, next level entrepreneurs and I’ll help them reach the highest money potential.