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CASE STUDY: My client came to me as they felt a little out of control with the business and had massive dreams for growth - they wanted to scale to the 7 figure mark. In today’s episode, I’ll be breaking down their impressive profit increase, and importantly, how it came about so you can learn to do the same for your business.

As soon as I utter the words finance, profit or budget, I can see many business owners shudder. In today's episode I make it really simple and breakdown how to get started if you want to improve your relationship with money in your business.

Something I hear again and again from clients, is that at every new stage in their business, they still don't feel like they are flush with cash. I've said it once and I'll say it again, sales don't always equal profit, and profit doesn't always equal positive cashflow. In today's episode, I'll dive into a few reasons why when your business is growing and you are getting new clients, yet you still feel broke.

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