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A practical podcast to help entrepreneurs transform their mindset around money, create a love of numbers and build the business of their dreams so they can live a life of financial freedom, giving and global impact.

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Episode 126 – Scaling to your first $100k month (using strategies that work!)

When I talk about a $100k worth of sales in a month, what comes up for you? Are you super excited to dive into this episode and find out how it can be possible for you, or are you triggered and thinking only certain people and industries can make that type of money? In today’s episode, I explore how it can be possible for you and the strategies you can use to get there.

Episode 125 – Why you aren’t stuck (even if you feel stuck)

Are you feeling, or have you ever felt stuck? If so, I have recorded this episode just for you. In today’s episode, I openly share how I moved through a period of feeling stuck and how growth works in mysterious ways.

Episode 124 – Choosing the right business mentor

How do you find the mentor that is the right fit for you? In today’s episode, I share a few tips on how you can make sure that the mentor or coach you choose, is the right fit for you and for the stage of business you are in.

Episode 123 – Allowing yourself to want big and sexy things

What is it that you really want? It sounds like such a simple question but from my experience as a money mentor, most people don’t know what it is they truly desire in business and life. In today’s episode, I encourage you to explore what your desires are when you remove all judgement and allow yourself to go there.

Episode 122 – Making bold business decisions for faster growth

One of the biggest things that can hold you back in business, is fear. Fear of change, fear of doing things differently and fear of the unknown. In today’s episode, I explore how you can make bold decisions in your business to get the results you want, faster.

Episode 121 – How they manifested their dream house, successful business and a jetski!

I love sharing inspiring stories of people who have created a business of their dreams. In today’s episode, I chat with Roger and Michelle from Gordon Flooring about how they scaled their business through money mindset and what manifestation processes they used to create cool things in their biz and life.

Episode 120 – How your physical environment affects your vibration with Donna Guyler

Your physical environment can have an impact on you feel and how you show up in your business. In today’s episode, I chat with Interior Designer, Donna Guyler, about how design affects your emotions and how you can create a beautiful home with any budget.

Episode 119 – Even money experts can use help with Lisa Turner

The work on your money never ends. In today’s episode I chat with Lisa from Accounted For You. We dive into the value of learning more about money, even if you already know a lot about money. We talk about the power of money management and mindset to create big changes in your business.

Episode 118 – Replacing a 6 figure salary working 20 hour weeks with Jodi Facy

We all have stories when it comes to money. In today’s episode, I chat with Jodi Facy from Facy & Co about how she broke through the mindset that you have to work more to earn more, and how she replaced her six-figure corporate salary by working 20 hours a week in her own business.

Episode 117 – 5 surprising ways money problems are showing up in your life

Often when I talk to small business owners about the biggest challenges that they are facing, they will list a whole bunch of surface-level challenges, and straight away I can identify that there are money beliefs that are sitting below those surface-level problems. In today’s episode, I want to share with you 5 surprising ways that money problems are showing up in your business.

Episode 116 – Why launching a course probably won’t make you rich

Launching a course seems so simple right?! You might think it means scaling your business with no extra work, but the reality is for most people, creating a course won’t be the secret to the life you desire. In today’s episode I explain how you can increase your chances of financial success, in a way that works for you.

Episode 115 – Creating an amazing relationship with money

How is your relationship with money? Do you have a really beautiful, confident unwavering trust in money? Or do you have a bit of an on and off kind of connection? In today’s episode, I’m going to dive into how you can create an amazing relationship with money.

Episode 114 – Lessons from my US$100k launch: The good, the bad and the ugly

The most recent launch of my Mind to Money Mastermind did not go to plan. But it did generate over USD$100k into my business. In today’s episode, I share what did work, what didn’t work and the lessons I’ve learned from this launch to help you scale to your next level.

Episode 113 – How they made $250k teaching Instagram Reels with Alisha & Monique

Instagram reels are the new big deal in social media marketing. In today’s episode, I chat with Reels Queens, Mon & Alisha about the power of Instagram reels in growing your business and how they have made an impressive $250k themselves from teaching others how to use reels to grow their businesses.

Episode 112 – 5 money making secrets from my private coaching calls

Who doesn’t want to make more money? In today’s episode, I’m taking you behind the scenes of my private coaching calls and sharing some of my secret money making strategies so you can turn your business into a money making machine.

Episode 111 – Making $15k a month doing work she loves with Hayley Osborne

Hayley Osborne is a marketing expert and private coaching client of mine. In today’s episode, we chat about how she culled her service offering, makes more money than ever, and did all this with a brand new baby. This episode is perfect for those nervous about reducing their service offering for fear of sales decreasing.

Episode 110 – Creating recurring revenue streams

One of the biggest challenges that business owners face is cashflow. In today’s episode, I chat about what recurring revenue streams are, what you should want to create them in your business, and how you can create recurring revenue streams in your business.

Episode 109 – How to increase your prices to existing clients without guilt

I recently increased prices on my private coaching services to my existing clients, and thankfully, they all chose to stay. But the process of increasing prices, especially to current clients is really challenging and it brings up all kinds of emotions. In today’s episode, I chat about why you would increase your prices, when is the right time to do it and the process of raising your prices for existing clients. 

Episode 108 – 3 lies you tell yourself that hold you back

Why would anyone want to hold themselves back from the things they truly desire? In today’s episode, I chat about why we self-sabotage, the stories we tell ourselves and how to reframe those negatives thoughts.

Episode 107 – Creating impact through your business

You may have heard the phrase “creating an impact in your business.” And maybe you are wondering what does that exactly mean? In today’s episode, I share tips on uncovering what your business purpose is and how you can identify and create global impact with your own business.

Episode 106 – From foster care and food stamps to 7 figures with Erika Cramer

I love sharing money transformation stories. In today’s episode, I chat with the amazing Erika Cramer, the Queen of Confidence about her beginnings in life and how she has built a thriving business. This is an episode you don’t want to miss, you will laugh, you will cry and you will be inspired.

Episode 105 – The benefits of a group coaching program with Amy Sanders-Robbins

What are the advantages of joining a group coaching program? In today’s episode, I chat with one of my Masterminders, Amy from Bespoke Family Lawyers, about why she decided to invest in a mastermind and the advantages of a group coaching program and the impact it has had on her business.

Episode 104 – How to get the most out of an investment in a coaching program

It can be really scary to invest in your business, whether it’s a coaching program, working with a coach or doing a course. In today’s episode, I share some of my biggest hacks for getting the most out of an investment in a coaching program.

Episode 103 – Goal setting vs manifestation

You may have heard me talk about two seemingly different concepts; Goal setting such as setting financial targets, objectives and KPI’s for business, and on the flip side, manifestation. In today’s episode, I share how these two concepts marry together perfectly. 

Episode 102 – 10 strategies to skyrocket your sales

Whether your business is struggling at the moment and you are really desperate to get some sales through the door or even if your business is thriving, I bet you’d still love to learn how to make more sales in your business. In today’s episode, I share 10 amazing ways you can skyrocket your sales.

Episode 101 – Overworked and underpaid

Are you overworked and underpaid? These are two very common issues in small business. In today’s episode, I chat about how to move to a place where you are paid well for doing less work that you love.

Episode 100 – SPECIAL EPISODE: Behind my business with my husband Shannon Wood

This is a special100th episode of the podcast, and I bought along my husband Shannon Wood to ask me some questions about my business journey to date. Amongst other things, we chat about: my best and worst investments in business, the highs and lows of my business journey to date, how we balance parenthood and business ownership life and How I keep my energy and my self-care practices.

Episode 99 – Strategies to scale that feel in alignment

Does scaling mean you have to create online courses? Not necessarily. In today’s episode, I share how you can scale your business in a way that feels in alignment for you, because I don’t believe in growing for the sake of growing, it needs to be done in a way that makes you feel happy along the way.

Episode 98 – My 7 x big business game changers

A client recently asked me what have been my biggest business game changers. In today’s episode I share my answers, so if you are wanting to achieve big growth in your business, you can implement some of these changes into your very own business too.

Episode 97 – Building an inclusive business with Louise O’Reilly

If you are wanting to build a more inclusive business, but you have no idea where to get started, then this episode is for you. In today’s episode I chat with Louise O’Reilly, an inclusion and diversity coach, about how to get started in building a more diverse business and how having more inclusion in business, is actually really good for business.

Episode 96 – Sharing your authentic awkward self online with Megan Yelaney

One of the most challenging aspects of marketing your service-based business is showing your face on camera. In today’s episode, I chat with Megan Yelaney about how you can confidently show up on camera, and be your authentic, awkward self in a way that is going to magnetise your dream clients.

Episode 95 – Behind my latest launch – how success isn’t just about the dollars

I love to take you behind the scenes in my business, not from a place of showing off, but to show you what is possible and what doesn’t quite go to plan so you know you are not alone in business. In today’s episode I take you behind the scenes in my latest launch for my course Million Dollar Money Management. I share my lessons and learnings from this course so you can take them into your business or launches moving forward. 

Episode 94 – Managing mindset through a launch

I was recently asked to speak as a guest on the Learn to Launch Podcast with Nicola Dixon and it was such a fun episode that I asked if I could share it. In today’s episode, we will be replaying that episode and talking all things money mindset and how it applies during the launch of an online program, course or product. 

Episode 93 – How I manifested my dream home

What is it that you desire? In today’s episode, I share how I manifested my dream house and the strategies I used, so that you too can manifest the things that you desire in your life.

Episode 92 – Rewriting your victim stories around money with Jessamyn McLachlan

Our money stories or our beliefs about money, play out into our money reality. But the good news is we can re-write these victim stories that we around money and write new ones. In today’s episode, I chat with Jessamyn McLachlan about how to get rid of those old money stories and re-write new ones.

Episode 91 – Increasing your money confidence with Debi Brett

Talking about money and telling someone your prices can be challenging. In today’s episode, I chat with Debi Brett about how to increase confidence when it comes to talking about money.

Episode 90 – Transforming money beliefs with Nicole Kepic

What is money mindset? In today’s episode I chat to copywriter, Nicole Kepic who has been through my course Million Dollar Money Management, about the power of shifting your beliefs around money, taking aligned action and getting the results you desire.

Episode 89 – 7 mindset hacks for building a million dollar business

Are you dreaming of building a wildly successful business? In today’s episode, I share all of my favourite mindset hacks to help you build your very own million dollar business

Episode 88 – Navigating through a cashflow crisis

A cashflow crisis can happen to a business owner in any stage of business, even if you are running a successful business. In today’s episode, I share about my recent experience with a cashflow crisis and how I navigated through it so you can do the same if finances are ever tight in your business.


Episode 87 – The relationship between self-worth and wealth with Ellie Swift

One of the big blocks that might be stopping you creating wealth and money in your business, is a lack of self-worth. In today’s episode, I chat to Ellie Swift about how to create an unshakable sense of self-worth so you can magnetise the wealth you desire.


Episode 86 – Selling high ticket offers: behind my US$75k launch

How do you sell high ticket services? In today’s episode, I take you behind the scenes of my recent and most successful launch, so that you leverage these learnings for a launch yourself or to simply sell more at a higher price point.


Episode 85 – Talking to your partner about investing in your business

When making significant investments in your business, you may have a conversation with your partner to get their buy in.  In this episode, I share some strategies around how to get your partner on-board with your investment decisions.


Ep 84 – Creating time for working on the business

So many business owners are looking for a big shift in their results, however they aren’t willing to do the work in order to make that shift happen. In today’s episode, I chat about the importance of carving out time to work ON your business and how to actually do it.


Ep 83 – Building a million dollar business by working less with Maddy Avery

One of the biggest misconceptions around building a million dollar business is that it is going to mean working a lot more hours. In today’s episode, Maddy Avery from Birdcage Marketing shares how earning more, actually can mean working less. 


Ep 82 – How to improve your relationship with money

Are you wanting to create more success in your business and wealth in your life? Your financial position is a direct reflection of your relationship with money. In this episode I share how to improve your relationship with money.


Ep 81 – 5 questions to ask yourself when planning epic growth in the new year

Now is the time to be doing your planning for the new year! And in this episode, I dive into the questions you should be asking yourself when planning epic growth in your business in 2021.


Ep 80 – The secrets behind how I doubled my sales in 2020

2020 has been a huge year. I am so grateful that my business has thrived this year. In today’s episode, I can’t wait to share with you all the juicy details about exactly how my sales have doubled since the start of this year, so that you can do the same in your business.


Ep 79 – Thriving and tripling sales through lockdown with Jenna Salvaterra

Imagine tripling your sales in an industry that was completely shut down through a Coronavirus lockdown. In today’s episode, I chat to the inspiring, Jenna Salvaterra, about how she did just that.


Ep 78 – Is investing in mindset a waste of money?

I’ve noticed that small business owners will happily invest the time and dollars into the how to, but when it comes to working on the business to create the big picture strategy and do the work on mindset, they might be a little less willing to take the time and money to do so.  In today’s episode, I will dive into the strange topic of mindset and explore whether this is something you need to grow your business to the next level. 


Ep 77 – Where energy goes, energy flows (how to create the results you want)

If you want to attract a certain result, in your business or personal life, but things aren’t coming together, chances are it’s related to energy. In today’s episode, we dive into what energy is, how it impacts the results you are achieving and how you can call in the results you want


Episode 76 – 5 mistakes to avoid with your pricing

So many of my clients struggle with setting their prices. In today’s episode I share how to find the right price for your services and the 5 pricing mistakes to avoid.


Episode 75 – Making massive leaps in your income with Suzy Ashworth

Do you have the belief that growth in business has to be linear? That your business should grow at a sensible growth rate? In today’s episode, I chat with Suzy Ashworth, who will blow these beliefs out of the water by sharing the concept, quantum leaping. We dive into how she achieved rapid growth in a short period of time and how you can do the same.


Episode 74 – Rewriting your money stories

What stories do you tell yourself about money? Maybe you aren’t even aware of the subconscious beliefs you have around money. In today’s episode we explore those underlying stories and how to re-program them in a way that will serve the next level you.

Episode 73 – Protecting your business through trademarking with Riz McDonald

Is your intellectual property protected? In today’s episode, Riz McDonald shares the differences between trademarking, copyrighting and registering a trademark and how to keep your IP safe.

Episode 72 – She works less and doubled her sales with Bec Miller

Imagine doing less work, but getting paid twice the amount of money. In this episode I chat with Bec Miller, who shares practical hacks and how she has grown her business in a way that has her doing less work for double the sales.

Episode 71 – Money Management Transformations with Karina Follet, Rachel Rennie and Glenn Stevens

There is so much growth that can happen as a result of managing your money. In today’s BONUS episode I chat to 3 of my incredible clients, about the transformation that happened inside THEIR businesses as a result of more closely managing their money.

Episode 70 – 5 ways to invest in your business for growth

We all know we need to invest in our business to get a return, but how do you know what to invest in? In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing 5 great ways to invest in your business, especially if you are looking for growth towards the 7 figure mark.

Episode 69 – Why shifting feels shitty

Growth is often glorified. We usually see the amazing results, but we don’t see the pain that came before the change. In this episode, I explore why shifting feels shitty and how you can move through it!

Episode 68 – 4 things holding you back from a 7 figure business

Do you dream of a 7 figure business, but can’t work out why it isn’t happening for you? In this episode, I explore the reasons holding you back from being a million dollar business owner. And more importantly, how you can break past them!

Episode 67 – Selling with integrity with Tarzon Kay

Tarzan Kay first grabbed by attention when I heard her on Amy Porterfield’s podcast. In this episode, we chat about selling with integrity.  We also chat about hallucinogens and Jesus, but you’ll have to listen to find out all the details.

Episode 66 – Marketing your service-based business through YouTube with Erin May Henry

YouTube is a platform with endless possibilities for service-based business. In this episode, I chat with YouTube star Erin May Henry about getting started on YouTube and building a personal brand to create a meaningful business online.

Episode 65 – How to convert Instagram followers into high-value paying clients

To this date, Instagram is where I find most of my high-value coaching clients. In this episode, I share the secrets of how I create content that connects and turns engaged followers into paying clients.

Episode 64 – Using ceremony and shadow work to manifest what you want with Katie J

Manifestation is a powerful tool to help you create what you want in your life and business. In this episode, I talk to Katie J from Womanifester about practices such as shadow work and ceremony and how to use these rituals to manifest anything you want! 

Episode 63 – Does money make your happy?

It’s the age old question… Does money make you happy? Although money itself doesn’t make you happy, in today’s episode, I will explore why and how having money can increase your personal satisfaction and happiness and why a healthy money mindset is key to success.

Episode 62 – Overcome a fear of showing up on video

Video is a really powerful marketing tool, but so many business owners miss this opportunity through fear. In this episode I share exactly how I navigated through my fear of showing up on video and how you can do the same in your business.

Episode 61 – 9 mistakes you are making on your website

Your website is often the first impression that people have of your business. In this episode I share 9 mistakes business owners make on their websites and how you can create a site for your business that is easy-to-use, magnetic to your dream clients and easily converts visitors into paying clients.

Episode 60 – 3 surprising things that happen when you increase your prices

Increasing your prices is a fantastic way to make more money for the same amount of work. And (added bonus) there are a few surprising things that can happen as your prices increase. In this episode I discuss these, and share how to increase your prices confidently.

Episode 59 – How working with a coach got me to a $50k month

For the month of June, my business hit $50k of sales! In this episode, I share what the biggest factors that contributed to this growth were, the profit component out of these sales, and how you can take the lessons from this month and apply it to your business.

Episode 58 – Scaling to 7 figures with no paid advertising with Kate Toon

Scaling to 7 figures in annual revenue is a pretty impressive feat! And today’s guest, Kate Toon, has done this with NO paid advertising. In this episode, she shares her impressive results, including how she keeps her focus on her profit line and the marketing strategies that have lead to this success. This episode is packed with practical advice, a dose of giggles and plenty of inspiration.

Episode 57 – The importance of business legals with Tracey Mylecharane

Legals can be something that small business owners can turn a blind eye to… some people think “nothing will happen me!” Today’s guest Tracey Mylecharane shares why EVERY business owner needs to consider their legals and WHAT you need to have in place to protect your business.

Episode 56 – Selling with confidence

Selling doesn’t have to be a sleazy or stressful process. In this episode, I share my exact methodology for selling with confidence that you can easily apply in your business.

Episode 55 – How to increase your productivity through systemisation with Dale Beaumont

Can you imagine taking 3 whole months a year away from your business to travel? Today’s guest Dale Beaumont from Business Blueprint does exactly this through systematisation and processes. In this episode, he shares his tech and system hacks to help you work more efficiently in your business!

Episode 54 – Investing wisely in your business

Taking the leap and investing in your business can be a really scary process. In this episode, I share my framework for knowing whether an investment is the right decision for your business.

Episode 53 – Why you aren’t manifesting what you want with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a money mentor and huge inspiration of mine. In this episode, we explore her 5 step no-fail formula to manifesting the money (and other things!) that you desire in your life.

Episode 52 – 3 reasons why you don’t have more cash in your bank account

Poor cashflow is the biggest reason that businesses fail! In this episode, I share 3 reasons why you don’t have more cash inside your business bank account and how you can ensure you don’t run out of cash.

Episode 51 – Secrets of a $300k month with Steph Taylor

In this episode, I talk with Steph Taylor and find out her strategies to achieving a $300k month. We dive in deep, discussing everything from money, to having an abundance mindset and the lessons Steph learnt along the way.

Episode 50 – What if? Uncovering your personal superpower

What if, there were no limitations to what you could achieve in your business?

In this special episode, I talk about how to find your superpower and ask you to question what you would do, if there were no limitations on what you could achieve?

Episode 49 – What to do if someone in your team isn’t performing

Many business owners struggle with managing staffing issues. In this episode, I share some strategies to help you know whether someone is the right fit for your business, how to navigate through a performance issue with a team member, and how to make the decision and end a working relationship in a positive way.

Episode 48 – Overcoming a fear of public speaking with Katrina Blowers

Public speaking is the most common phobia with up to 75% of the population having this fear. In today’s episode, I speak to journalist, newsreader and speaker Katrina Blowers about how to overcome a fear of public speaking including practical actions that you can take when that fight or flight response kicks in!

Episode 47 – Why you should launch a membership with Tracy Harris

Memberships are a fantastic way to help your community in a bigger and deeper way. In this episode I chat to Tracy from Mums with Hustle about whether a membership is right for your business and how to build an engaged and connected community.

Episode 46 – Nail your Facebook ads

BONUS EPISODE: Cat from Seeking Digital chats all about how to nail your Facebook ads.  Cat shares what are FB ads, some of her best hacks for running ads, and some of the things that can go not so well so you can make sure you don’t make these mistakes!

Episode 45 – 7 ways to make more sales now

In the current economic climate, it might feel really challenging to be making sales. In this episode, I share 7 strategies to help you attract your dream clients right now and convert them to paying customers.

Episode 44 – LinkedIn: The untapped social media platform with Ruby Lee

BONUS EPISODE! LinkedIn is an almost untapped resource when it comes to marketing your small business! In this episode I talk to Ruby Lee about how to maximise your impact on this platform PLUS we talk about the role spirituality can play in business success.

Episode 43 – Navigating your business through the Coronavirus crisis

This episode is all about how to practically navigate your business through the current climate of coronavirus and how you can set your business up not only to survive, but thrive through this time.  This episode covers potential ways to pivot your business, how to show up through this period and how to manage your business financials. 

Episode 42 – Creating a winning mindset with Giaan Rooney

In business, mindset is EVERYTHING! Olympic gold medallist Giaan Rooney shares her secrets for creating a winning mindset to set yourself up for success

Episode 41 – Staying positive during challenging times with Lisa Corduff

If you are going through a difficult time and need an uplift to your mindset, this episode will blow your mind. I chat to mindset coach Lisa Corduff about how to manage your thoughts through challenging times and some strategies to help to control your mindset and stay upbeat and positive, no matter what is going on around you

Episode 40 – How my biggest business failure has become a powerful turning point

I recently launched the second round of my online program Money and Marketing Makers.  In short, it was an absolute failure.  In this episode, I want to peel back all of the gory layers of what failure looks like in business because I know this is something EVERY business owner faces.  I also share exactly what went wrong and show you how to use a framework that you can use to analyse failure in your business if things don’t quite go to plan.

Episode 39 – Connecting with well-known names to grow your business with Sarah Davidson

Sarah Davidson (nee Holloway) is host of the epic podcast Seize the Yay and has had a range of “celebrity” guests on the podcast. In this episode, we tap into how to use well-known names to grow your brand and business, how to make those connections with them and act around them.

Episode 38 – Reflections on a retreat with Denise Duffield-Thomas

I recently attended a retreat hosted by money mindset mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas and it was life-changing! In this episode, I share what we learned in the retreat and my biggest takeaways, a bit about the venue, the attendees and what Denise herself is like in person and whether her future retreats might be a good fit for you!

Episode 37 – Secrets of a multi-million dollar business with Kayla Houlihan

Kayla Houlihan is the founder of Tribe Skincare and has built a multi million dollar business from her spare bedroom. In this episode, we speak about the shifts she had to make from moving from a 6 figure business to a 7 figure business, how she has changed her mindset as a 7 figure business owner and her her advice for anyone wanting to take their business to the next level.

Episode 36 – Behind the scenes on Money and Marketing Makers with Liz Campbell

Money and Marketing Makers is a program designed to help business owners grow their profit through improving their marketing and better managing their money. In this episode, Liz, who did the first round of the Makers, shares her insights into the program and the changes it made in her business.

Episode 35 – Using photography to enhance your brand with Milina Opsenica

BONUS EPISODE! In this episode, I chat to Milina from June and June photography about overcoming fear of using your face in your branding, why you should invest in professional photography for your business, and how to feel more confident in front of the camera.

Episode 34 – Growing your sales through a business pivot with Cass Deller

Most business owners make a pivot at some stage in their business journey. Today’s guest designer Cass Deller shares how she GREW her sales throughout her various pivots all while juggling very young children.

Episode 33 – How to launch a podcast with Bamby Media

If you have ever considered launching a podcast or are just interested to learn a little more about the process, you will LOVE this episode. In this episode, I chat to Brianna from Bamby Media about whether starting a podcast is a good idea for your business, how to get started, how to create amazing content for your podcast, whether to invest in a podcast producer or self edit and the equipment you need for podcasting.

Episode 32 – Getting started on Tik Tok

There is a new social platform in town which has the potential to be HUGE for business! In this episode I talk about what Tik Tok is, exactly how to use it, and how to find customers and convert them into paying clients.

Episode 31 – Budgets, financials and all that jazz

When it comes to knowing your numbers and managing financials in your business, are you right across them?  In this episode, I’ll be talking about why you need to focus on profit not sales, getting banking sorted for your business, the value of creating a budget AND how to create one, the monthly reporting process you NEED to implement into your business to be confident about understanding your numbers and how to achieve big growth in your business results

Episode 30 – Nailing the goal setting process

The new year is a great time to set goals, however many people set goals they do not achieve. In this episode, I share some of the biggest mistakes people make in their goal setting, and how you can avoid them to achieve your business goals.

Episode 29 – Getting your business found by Google with Kate Toon

Kate Toon is “the Beyonce of SEO” and knows all the secrets for getting Google to love your website. She has also built an incredible business and shares her secrets for how her business has grown and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

Episode 28 – Reflections and lessons from 2019

2019 has been a year of highs and real lows. In this episode, my biz bestie Anna from Digital Aje asks me all the tough questions to share my challenges and wins from 2019, both in my business and in my life. This is real and raw so you can learn from my lessons to set yourself up for an amazing 2020

Episode 27 – Creating systems to reduce stress

Do you struggle with organisation and systems to get all the things you need to do to juggle business and life? In this episode I chat to Jo, founder of the app Life Sorted, about time saving hacks and systems to improve your productivity.

Episode 26 – Creating abundance through your Money Mindset

Your money mindset can completely change the results you achieve in your business! Not sure what money mindset is, or how you can change it to uplevel your results? Well, this episode covers it all!

Episode 25 – Creating Viral Content and a Best Selling Book

Bronnie Ware is best known for being the founder of The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying which has sold over 1m copies around the world! In this episode she shares how to create viral content, how she dealt with sudden fame, how she has spent her money, and opens up about her “regrets” (that she doesn’t regards as regrets!) in life.

Episode 24 – Changing your thinking about competitors

Competition is a fact of business life. But you can change your mindset about your competitors from one of scarcity to one of abundance.

Episode 23 – Creating the life and business of your dreams

What’s the point in building an epic and successful business if you work all the time and your life sucks?! Tina Tower shares in this episode how to have the life of your dreams

Episode 22 – Managing motherhood and a business

Being a business owner is one of the toughest jobs in the world. And so is being a mum. Some of us are crazy enough to do both at the same time. This episode shares some of my thoughts on juggling mum/biz life.

Episode 21 – Secrets to Instagram success

Instagram can be a minefield. In this episode, Brooke Vulinovich (founder of Villa Management) shares her best Instagram hacks for getting more followers, more views on your Insta stories and her tips for getting people off Instagram and turning them into paying clients.

Episode 20 – Lessons from a launch

Recently I launched my very first online program Money and Marketing Makers. Having gone through the launch process, I wanted to share with you what worked well, and not so well, so you can learn from my mistakes! A great listen if you are considering ever creating a digital product, program or course.

Episode 19 – Shifting to an online business model

If you are ready to scale your service based business and create an uncapped income, then shifting to an online business model is the way to go. In this episode, Instagram expert Emily Osmond shares how she transitioned her business to an online model and explains how you can do the same.

Episode 18 – Leap to your next level

Has your business stagnated? You’ve gotten to a certain point and just kinda plateaued? This is totally normal to happen from time to time, but if you are ready to step up and do things a little differently, this episode has lots of practical tips to help you uplevel.

Episode 17 – Business, sobriety and travel

Lisa Messenger is an author, a speaker and founder of The Collective Hub magazine and in this episode she opens up about disruption, sobriety, travel and building an amazing business.

Episode 16 – The art of the perfect pitch

If you would like to use publicity (for example, appearing on a podcast or in a publication) you need be able to nail a pitch! In this episode, I share my tips for pitching in an effective way.

Episode 15 – Managing anxiety with a business

Anxiety is on the rise, particularly in the entrepreneurial community. In this episode, psychologist Amy Kate Isaacs explains techniques for managing anxiety that are tailored to you.

Episode 14 – How to triple your prices

In less than 12 months, I have TRIPLED some of my prices and I am busier than ever. 

In this episode I explain exactly how I have done it, and how YOU can do the same to increase prices in your service-based business. 

Episode 13 – Growing your email list

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with clients and grow your sales!

I chat to Steph Taylor who shares her secrets for growing an engaged email list.

Episode 12 – Lessons from 5 years of marriage

This episode is a sneak peek into my relationship as I interview my husband Shannon Wood!  To celebrate our year wedding anniversary, I wanted to share some of our lessons from 5 years of marriage. 

This episode is raw, real and full of practical advice for building an incredible relationship. 

Episode 11 – Creating a brand that people remember

Branding can make or break your business. It truly is that important!  

Zoe from The Design Order shares her secrets for creating a brand that wows.

Episode 10 – Creating lasting change in your business and life

Change is not easy.  It can be stressful, uncomfortable and scary. But if you want to achieve something different – in business, or any area of your life, you have to do things differently. 

In this episode, I talk about facing fears and creating lasting change. If there is any area of your business or your life you want to up-level, this episode is for you.

Episode 9 – Uplevel your social media

If you are ready to take your social media to the next level, this episode is for you. I chat to Stevie from Stevie Says Social, and she shares her top hacks for social media success, the latest trends in socials, and how she has used social media to create six figure launches in her business.

Episode 8 – 10 ways to your next $100k

This episode is not a “get rich quick scheme”, but rather is a proven framework for how you can sustainably grow your business by $100k (and more!). 

Episode 7 – Creating unshakeable confidence >

So many women entrepreneurs struggle with confidence and in this episode, I chat to Shelly Horton about how to create (or give the perception of!) having it all together! This episode has practical tips for growing your confidence to shine in your business.

Episode 6 – Managing overwhelm in business >

Overwhelm can cripple your momentum in business.  These are some of my best tools for managing overwhelm and creating a plan to move you forward in a focussed and low stress way.

Episode 5 – Using the right words to grow your business >

The words that you use in your business can make or break how potential clients feel about your brand!  It is SO important to use the right words in your copy.  Today we learn from Anita Siek from Wordfetti about how working with a copywriter can transform the success of your business and your brand.

Episode 4 – Building your dream team >

Something that clients ask me about A LOT, is building and managing a team. Your team will make or break you in business. FACT. In this episode I share how you can build, manage and lead your dream team.

Episode 3 – How to build a highly engaged following on instagram (and turn them into paying clients) >

I have built an engaged following on Instagram and it has become the main place I find new clients. In this episode, I share ALL my secrets for growing an engaged following AND how to convert them into clients. I have also created a bulletproof checklist PLUS a bonus of 30 Instagram story ideas that you can download. 

Episode 2 – Building an abundance mindset in your business >

What you believe, you will attract!  In this episode, I talk to Pru Chapman of the Owners Collective around how she has used an abundance mindset to build a thriving business.  She shares her tips for how you can do the same in her business.  Mindset is the most IMPORTANT component of success in business, so make sure you tune in to uplevel your mindset.

Episode 1 – Creating momentum in your business >

If you feel stuck in your business, and you get paralysed by overwhelm and don’t know how to get started on a particular project in your business, this episode is for you.  I share step-by-step how I got over my state of fear, and moved into a state of flow! 

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