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Get Your Mindset On The Money

And watch your bottom line grow!

Big, beautiful business profit begins right here, with your Money Mentor, Clare Wood. If you’ve been wondering whether you could be making more money, the answer is yes.

Shall we start with a Money Makeover?

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FREE Money Makeover Masterclass

Money is easy-breezy once you know how to work it!

Inside this high value 15 minute training you will learn:

  • How mindset affects your bottom line
  • Why profit is more important than sales
  • Actionable tips for changing your relationship with money
  • Mindset + management…it’s a beautiful place to be!

Start your money


Come work with me! I want you to create a business that is bubbling over with confidence, clients, purpose and profit. You can have an extraordinary business and an amazing life – you don’t have to choose.

About Clare Wood: Money Mentor
About Clare Wood: Money Mentor

I work with small business owners who are ready for a money transformation. Together we set you up for business success, financial freedom, and a life of purpose.


what’s possible

Peek at my clients’ inspiring success stories. You’ll get a sense of what it’s like to work with me, and an idea of the massive results we could achieve together.


Love free stuff that helps you make money? I got you.

Make more profit without growing your email list

You don’t need a huge email list or big dollars for Facebook ads.

Inside are my 9 x proven strategies to get you to:

  • Confidently price your service + products
  • Maximise your revenue
  • Improve conversions with your existing audience (more sales with zero new followers, sounds good right?)
  • Enhance your social media to build connections that convert.

Grow that bottom line while working less!

It’s time to map out your new life with more $ and less work.

Use this 7 step guide to learn how to:

  • Review your prices, products and services to maximise sales
  • Make big changes to your results by understanding your numbers
  • Work ON your business to make sure you are growing your bottom line
  • Build your business while taking care of YOU (and avoiding burnout).

Money Mindset Affirmations

Money starts with mindset… embrace the good energy with me.

50 affirmations centered around money management and wealth attraction.

Download these affirmations to get your mind on that money.

Repeat after me: “I’m gonna make those dollars dance!”*. *(not an actual affirmation, unless like, you want it to be).


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The Clare Wood Podcast

I’m here to help entrepreneurs transform their mindset around money! I dive into topics that help you create a love of numbers, and build the business of your dreams. Want to live a life of financial freedom, giving, and global impact? Join me - money and mindset, it’s a winning combo.


Intentional Profit: Find out how to create a profitable business!