She works less and doubled her sales with Bec Miller

Imagine doing less work, but getting paid twice the amount of money.

In this episode I chat with Bec Miller, who shares practical hacks and how she has grown her business in a way that has her doing less work for double the sales.

In this Episode:

06.36: Bec’s recent business growth
08.40: How systemisation was a game changer for Bec personally and professionally
13.20: How upleveling her life skyrocketed her business success
17.36: Adopting self-care and how that increases business productivity
28.00: Finding your own way in business rather than copying others



Imagine doing less work and getting paid twice the amount of money. Well today’s guest on the podcast has done exactly that. I am so excited to share with you, one of my best biz buddies, Bec from Health with Bec, and she is going to explain how doing less work has resulted in her doubling her sales. This episode is full of practical hacks and the secrets of how she has grown her business.


You’re listening to the Clare Wood podcast, where we talk all things business, finance, marketing, and mindset for entrepreneurs, sharing practical tips, and actionable advice to help you take your business to the next level. Introducing your host: me! I’m Clare Wood, I’m a numbers geek, a travel lover, and a reality tv addict, and I’m here to empower you to create an extraordinary business and an amazing life, because I believe you don’t have to choose between the two. Now let’s dive right in to today’s episode.


CLARE: Welcome to the podcast Bec, how are you?


BEC: I’m great, I’m so happy to be here.


CLARE: Can you share a bit about yourself please?


BEC: My name is Bec Miller and I help women slim down without the hunger, a lower carb approach. I do that through my main product my 3 week body reset and I now have a membership as well, that helps women extend on what they learn, in the 3 week body reset.


CLARE: You’ve just released a new eBook as well.


BEC: Yes it came about from my membership getting one recipe a week, and it’s been going a year now, so I have a collection of recipes just as an eBook for those that want just those recipes. Or it goes hand-in-hand with the other products, as people can sub those recipes into their meal plans they already have.


CLARE: Please share the name because I think it is so funny.


BEC: Eat Cake Lose Weight.


CLARE: I love it!


BEC: It came to me when I was waking up one morning. I thought is that too far or is that kinda cool.


CLARE: Let’s track back to when we met. You reached out to me over the gram [Instagram]. I got a beautiful message and you shared you were coming to Brisbane (my home town), and wanted to met up. We caught up and had a great connection and became friends from there. This happens with my coaching clients quite a lot.


BEC: I was in a position where I was doing too much, I never had any help from a business coach, no courses, so I was at a loss. I thought if I’m going to commit and apply myself properly, then I decided to fly to Brisbane and meet up with you and Steph Taylor. The thing that excited me the most was that you said you were friends with Steph, and you organised a dinner for us all. I was so excited because I look up to women that I can relate to. You’ve helped me immensely on my business journey.


CLARE: From humble beginning we have come a long way, and it’s been amazing to watch your growth as a business owner and leader.


There was something specific I wanted to talk to you about today. Can you share firstly what exactly that growth has looked like and over what time?


Bec’s recent business growth


BEC: Last year I was selling my 3 week body rest, and I released a similar version of it the year before that, which was going well but then all of last year I was doing too much, I’d only hired 1 person and I was still writing all my emails etc, I wrote 2 eBooks, and I was running around with no strategy in my email sequences and landing pages. All those that are super important in business, that we put to the side when we are constantly with clients, and in our business rather than working on our business. On reflection, I wasn’t getting much growth, it was staying on the same amount of sales per week. Then in October, I got inspired to launch my membership after chatting with you and Steph, and that started to get recurring income into my business and stop seeing as many 1:1 clients.


How systemisation was a game changer for Bec personally and professionally


I was doing on average $10K-$12K per month until 3-4 months ago. Then something wild happened. Basically I said to myself, Bec this is your year to slow down in terms of create, create, create. Your only goal for this year, is to systemise.


You have no idea how many moving parts I have in my head with the products, the ebooks, the membership, I’m sure people can relate. There are so many systems that we do in our head all the time, but when you go to write them down to outsource, there is a lot. I’ve been getting my assistant to write processes and then my VA takes those from the work document to Process Street. That’s been a huge amount of relief. I also finally employed my VA as my email manager to sort through my emails, reply to customer service ones, and that has created so much more time in my day to do 5% tasks.


My stress has gone down not seeing emails all the time, and I’ve had time to finally go back and do really small things like optimise my 3 week body reset landing page. It was never really good enough and I never had time to go back and do it properly. I added testimonials, changed the copy and I have listened to podcasts and learnt so much.


I also decided to take away my freebie. So I was using a freebie thinking that it would translate into 3 week body reset sales, because it was a 3 day meal plan that gave women a taste for what the 3 week body reset is like. I’ve always heard, give people something so they invest further, and 100% it works for some people, but when I took it away, under the advice of my Facebook Ads Agency, I was shit scared. I took it away, and since then, people are definitely buying the 3 week quicker than when I had the freebie 3-dayer. Maybe mine was the wrong choice as it was giving too much of what the product is.


Also, I have had time to reach out and do publications and get more exposure. Plus time to right good case studies and put them on my blog, which are converting really well. People love to see the case studies.


All of those little tasks, that I wouldn’t have time for, or couldn’t get in the flow for, all those admin tasks would block my flow through the day. So simple things like that have made a huge difference.


How upleveling her life skyrocketed her business success


I also got into a rut 3 months ago. I was living in an apartment I’d been in for 2 years, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move cities, or was it that I needed a man in my life? Then I decide to sign a lease for  new apartment that was double what I was paying. I was ready for an upgrade, I just thought I’ll make it work. I also in the same week signed finance for a new car because it was end of financial year. It was already a stressful 48 hours. Because then I also that same week, invested in a a course called Business By Design. When I look back at my numbers, it was a down week for me, so I started thinking, what the hell am I doing, I’m throwing money away.


But an amazing thing happened. After I made that scary decision to change, it was amazing. I moved into this house and I wasn’t talking about my services or my 3 week reset on my socials, I was just showing my new house and the journey of moving in and the outlook here, and my energy completely shifted. I was a new person and I’m sure people could see that. I hardly worked for 4 days while I was moving but the 3 week body resets were just selling. Money was just coming in to pay for the extra costs of buying furniture, paying removalists etc. It felt like the universe aligned for me. Everything I learnt in the business course also amplified that further.


Going back to me wanting to not do as much in my business like email and things, James Wedmore from Business by Design really cemented that in my head too. He teaches you to start acting like a millionaire if you want to make a millionaire. I’ve stopped going on my DM’s less, I’m trying to outsource as much as I can too. Since the day I moved into this house, ‘ve been doing $25k-$30K months as before I was doing $10k-$20k months.


As of today, 1 October 2020, my goal was $30K for last month and I hit it by $1,000. Since I started acting like a CEO, I was stuck.


CLARE: Your earning more by doing less, is that right.


BEC: Yes.


CLARE: Loved hearing your journey. Loved hearing about the nergy shift. How do the listeners covert this into something practical to them? What do you recommend they do to increase their revenue while working less? Systemisation was one thing you mentioned, but are there others?


BEC: Something I’ve always sworn by, is not over committing myself and have lots of white space in your calendar. Yes, I’m working less, but it because I’m taking time to focus on myself. I’ve always taken time to exercise, breaks to eat etc. But I totally believe if you start to adopt the mindset of the more time I take for myself, away from business, to fuel my body, to move my body, to meditate, anything that makes you feel good, then what happens is, those chunks of time that become smaller actually become so much more productive. I swear by that. Now I’ve outsourced more, it allows me to work less, but I’m actually more productive when I do work.


CLARE: Be more productive you are working, but create more space to allow yourself to have the capacity to work on the business.


BEC: Yes, and to do that is to outsource as much as you can. I was so scared of outsourcing before so it’s been a huge mindset shift for me. Being a personal brand, people always come to me with what to do, and I thought it always had to be me. I’ve become so much more comfortable will leaving it to customer support and trusting it will be ok. Of course I still reply to some people, but that mindset shift of detaching myself from the things I shouldn’t be doing, has allowed me to do the really important 5% things.


Something else I’ve been doing is understanding and analysing my numbers. I wasn’t doing that before. Now I make it fun, so every Monday I will look at my numbers, all my book sales, my tribe sign ups and cancels, everything that has happened in the past 7 days and I look at my numbers. What happened? Why was there a spike? I fill out a spreadsheet which helps so much, because if I do that it makes it fun and sets the bar for next week. It sounds simple and I can’t believe I wasn’t doing it sooner. If you get to Wednesday or Thursday and you aren’t halfway to your goal then you start thinking maybe I should do a blog, or show up on stories more, do whatever that you know might bring you sales. If you don’t have that goal, it’s so easy to get to Friday and not have a constant force to drive you.


CLARE: These are amazing tips. I’d love to talk about too, self-care. What do you do to ensure you aren’t getting exhausted and burnout?


Adopting self-care and how that increases business productivity


BEC: I love to work in blocks of time. My day is I wake up, have a coffee, then do 1.5hrs to do work. Followed by exercise then it’s back to work for 2 hours, then lunch break. I’ll team up my lunch with a phone call with you or a biz buddy, or listen to a podcast and keep learning about business. It’s a break without a break plus it inspires me for an afternoon of work. In the afternoon I’ll work until 6pm and something I’ve changed is that I never work at night time now. I hang out with family or friends or watch Netflix and do zilch. I also swear by having my entire Sunday or half day to be a sloth, a whole day off to myself, to start the week fresh.


CLARE: I was imagining me laying in bed all day and the kids running riot! But you know what, I have an amazing partner that I could still schedule it in. You know who I find inspiring, Lisa Corduff, shes a single mum, and she lays in bed and her kids look after themselves for a morning (they are in primary school), because you always have to look after yourself first.


BEC: That’s a big one for mums. If you want to be the best mum or show up for your clients, then that self-care is the most important part. When you make that mindset shift, then self-care becomes the most important thing, because the happier and more productive I am. My sales and retention in my tribe, come from how I am feeling energetically. If I don’t feel good, or well rested, then I don’t show up as the best version. It’s hard to be motivated when you aren’t happy.


CLARE: If you are a mum out there, it’s a good time to recognise not to have excuses as well. If you think it can’t happen for you, then find a way.


BEC: It could just be an hour walk in nature or a long drive, and you will see what happens, your creativity in those times will go wild. My best business ideas come to me when I slow down. Find holes in your business when you are go go go all the time.


CLARE: Any last health tips or biz advice you want to share?


Finding your own way in business rather than copying others


BEC: A lot of people are focused on the big launches and official way of doing things, but I think we all need to have own way of having sales. For my products, they are constantly available and I’ve been ok with it being a slow burn. Something that works well is to remind people about it, share testimonials and be patient.


Something I’ve stepped up in the last 3 months is not focusing on conversions, it more the know like and trust ads out there. Keep teaching people and reminding them of your authority, and eventually they will buy for you. Think of the long game.


CLARE: That’s great, such a different take on Facebook Ads.


If people want to get in touch with you, how do they do that?


BEC: My website is and my insta is @health_with_bec


CLARE: I’ve taken so much out of today’s podcast, so thank you for coming on.


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