Where energy goes, energy flows (how to create the results you want)

If you want to attract a certain result, in your business or personal life, but things aren’t coming together, chances are it’s related to energy. In today’s episode, we dive into what energy is, how it impacts the results you are achieving and how you can call in the results you want

In this Episode:
01.14: Clarifying your vision
02.03: Checking in with your thoughts
03.55: Using your time for practical action
07.27: Make your money work for you
08.50: Shifting your focus to what you desire
10.23: How to get the results you want, when they aren’t happening




If you’re wanting to attract a certain result, be it in your business or your personal life and things just aren’t quite coming together, chances are, it is related to energy. Where energy goes energy flows. In today’s episode, we’re going to dive right into what energy is, how it impacts the results that you are achieving and how you can turn it around so that you do start to call in the results that you want.


Hello, and welcome to The Clare Wood podcast, where myself and incredible guests share about money mindset, financial successes, and how to manage your money in a fun and practical way to create wealth and abundance in both your business and your life. I’m your host, Clare Wood. I’m a business coach and a money mentor. I strongly believe that money has the power to positively change the world. I can’t wait to help you transform your mindset around money, create a love of numbers and build the business of your dreams. So you can live a life of financial freedom giving and global impact.


Clarifying your vision


Talking about energy, the first thing that we need to determine when trying to shift energy in your business is working out exactly what it is that you want. What is your vision for your business and also for your life? This is one of the first things that I always do when I work with a new client.


Seeking real clarity about the outcome that is desired. That is the very first step in creating a result. You need to know what the result is that you’re chasing. Once you are super clear about what it is that you want. The next thing to do is check in with how you spend your time thinking.


Checking in with your thoughts


What is it that you spend a lot of your time thinking about? I will stick my hand up right here now and share that I am a real worrier. I worry about so many different things, but what you are thinking about all the time is what you are creating.


The more that we think about things that we want, the more that we start to attract the things that we want. So really check in with yourself. Where are your thoughts going? What are you thinking about in all your idle moments? Are you always catastrophizing the worst case scenario, or are you always thinking about the amazing possibilities that exist? Are you continually thinking about that big, sexy vision and working out ways in your brain of how you can start to shift closer towards it.

If you are a worrier, like I am, just don’t beat yourself up because I read this really cool line in the book, You’re a badass at making money by Jen Sincero. And she says, if you are a worrier, that’s fantastic for your manifesting skills because she says, you’re already really fantastic at focusing in on something. All you need to do is shift it from negative thinking into positive thinking, and you’ll become a manifesting master.


I loved hearing that. So really start to check in where are you spending your time thinking. At this stage, we don’t have to necessarily shift our thinking, but just start to raise the awareness around where your thoughts are continually going. The next thing that I’d love for you to really check in with is what are you. spending your time doing.


Using your time for practical action


There are two things that I talk about when you want to achieve amazing things in your business or your life that you need to shift. The first is mindset and the second is practical action. So here we are really focusing in on that practical action side. Let me share some examples. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I buy into the victim story of I have no time, I have no time and yet you guys know her how much I love my reality TV.


And I always seem to squeeze in some time to watch some mind numbing crap on TV when I haven’t been dedicating that time to completing a course that I’ve invested in or working on my website or whatever the latest thing is that I’m working on. So I’d really love for you to check in with yourself. How are you spending your time? What are you spending your time doing? Yes, mindset is such a powerful part of shifting your results, but you also need to meet the universe halfway and actually take some practical steps. So really start to be conscious of what you are spending your time doing.


Let me give you another example on this front. I made a decision a while back that I want to start building my peripheral in my business through speaking and public speaking. And I hired a new business manager and one of the things that she said to me is, you want to do more speaking. Do you have a speakers page on your website? Are you actually reaching out to people about speaking opportunities? It was such an aha moment for me because how can I possibly expect to get more speaking opportunities, if there is no way that I am actually putting it out there. By the way, if you are listening and you’d love me to speak to your group, your mastermind at an event, please do reach out.


I’d love to hear from you. You might laugh at this example about how I want to do more speaking, but I wasn’t actually doing anything about it, but I bet there are so many areas that this is happening for you. This is one of the biggest things that I help unlock in my clients. I do this incredible session this week with a brand new client. She runs an amazing digital marketing agency. Hello, if you’re listening. And she said, one of the biggest things that she struggles with is finding new clients. So the first thing that I asked her is, what are your core marketing activities? And she said, well, I’ve never really marketed my business. I just get referrals a lot of the time. And I identified straight right away that she wasn’t creating opportunities for the results that she desired to come in. She’s not placing herself in the driver’s seat and having these levers to pull, to start to magnetize in new clients when she needs new clients. So if you’re listening to this and thinking, what does this mean for me? Start to be conscious of the practical actions that you’re taking. How are you spending your time? And then how can you start to shift it?


Make your money work for you


The next thing that I’d love for you to check in with, is what are you spending your money on?


So let’s just say that you’re at the stage in your business where you really want to grow your email list, or maybe you need to invest in a new website and you tell yourself the story that you just don’t have the money for it right now. But yet somehow you seem to have money for Uber eats four nights a week. You’re obviously not sending the message of how much you value something if you are not investing your money in up-leveling in the area, you’re saying theoretically, that you really want to upgrade in. So really start to check in because that’s a real indication around energy. Where are you spending your money? So these first few prompts were all about really raising your awareness surrounding, being conscious of what you’re thinking, being conscious of what you’re doing, being conscious of how you’re spending your money.


And now I’d love to challenge you. How can you change your energy focus? Here’s the cool thing. As much as we aren’t in control of things that happen to us in life, we are a hundred percent in control of how we respond to things. So start putting less focus on things you don’t want and start putting more focus on things that you do want. Start thinking about all the positive things that you want to attract into your life. Start spending your time on soul filling, aligned activities that are going to shift you closer to that big, sexy vision and dream that you have. Start spending your money with people and programs and opportunities that are going to shift you closer to your dreams faster. So how exactly do you do that? Well, the first step is awareness, being aware of what you’re doing and the second step is doing it.

If you’re finding that’s not translating, get someone else to hold you accountable. An example would be working with a coach or a personal trainer or a dietician or an accountant or whoever it is that can hold you accountable in the space that you need support.


I have to say my husband is really fantastic at calling me out on my negative beliefs. And when I start falling into a cycle of negativity or playing the victim story, he’ll challenge me and say, I wonder how they’re feeling about this situation and get me to really start to shift my thinking about what’s going on.

So let’s say that you listening to this and thinking, excellent. Yes. Okay, I’m going to shift my focus and then all of a sudden your energy is going to the space that you want the energy to be flowing from, but the results aren’t quite coming in.


Shifting your focus to what you desire


So what if all that focus isn’t creating the results that you desire. There’s a couple of things to check in with you.


Firstly, in the manifesting process, we need to have patience. It’s like working out. You don’t go and do one gym workout and expect to have a six pack the very next day, these things do take time. Creating the results and the life of your dream won’t happen overnight. We need to be patient. The other thing that we can do in the interim is start to shift your perception. How easy is it to say I’ve invested in a course and I’m not a millionaire yet, or I’ve been going to the gym for three weeks and I still haven’t started losing any weight yet.


Start to shift the focus. How can you perceive the same situation differently? Maybe there’s a lesson to be learned here. Maybe I need to learn patience. Maybe I need to trust that the result is coming. Maybe I haven’t lent in enough. Maybe I need to put a bit more behind it. We can always change how we are perceiving a situation, even if we can’t change the actual result.


How to get the results you want


If you are wanting to create something amazing, firstly, work out exactly what it is that you want. Then start to raise your consciousness around what you are spending your time thinking about. Start to create awareness around how you are spending your time. What are you doing with those precious hours in your day? Observe what you are spending your money on. If you’re falling into a victim story around how you don’t have the capacity to invest, what are you spending your money on? Once you’ve raised awareness around those three areas, then start to consciously shift what it is that you are focusing on and be patient. If The results aren’t happening as fast as you want, if you trust at a soul level, that what you desire is yours, the results will be coming.


Thank you so much for listening. Once again, I hope you loved today’s episode. And if you did, please share it with your audience. And don’t forget to tag me @Clare_Wood_Coach on Instagram. Have an amazing week guys. And I’ll chat to you next week.


Thanks so much for listening. If you loved this episode, please share it with your audience. And don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @Clare_Wood_Coach on the school word, underscore coach, and also make sure you hit subscribe so you never miss an episode. Have an abundant week. And I look forward to talking to you again next week.


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