How to improve your relationship with money

Are you wanting to create more success in your business and wealth in your life? Your financial position is a direct reflection of your relationship with money. In this episode I share how to improve your relationship with money.

In this Episode:
02.16: Define what a good relationship looks like to you
04.34: Give money the time and attention it deserves
06.16: Change the way you talk about money
08.41: Forgiveness
09.320: Learn to love yourself




Do you have a crappy relationship with money?  Or was it once good and it’s not in a great place now?  Or perhaps you HAVE a great relationship with money, but you are looking to make it even better?  Today we are going to talk about how to improve your relationship with money so that you love, treasure and trust that money will flow to you in your business and your life!


Let’s start by playing around with this idea of having a relationship with money.  We all have some sort of relationship with money. It might be fantastic.  It might be terrible.  What DO you feel when you talk about money?  Do you feel ashamed or proud of your financial situation?  Do you feel that you know you can depend on money to always show up for you and to have overflow?   

Think about any relationship.. if you don’t believe it is possible to have a loving or trusting relationship, it’s going to be pretty hard to have one, right?  Our feelings around money might have come from our childhood, or indeed just our experiences throughout life.


But, whatever you beliefs are around money, these are directly impacting your bank balance. 


So let’s talk about how to make this relationship better


Define what a good relationship looks like to you

What would a good relationship with money look like to you?


To me, a great relationship with money looks like:

  • A loving relationship. Where I adore money and I know it adores me.
  • I trust that money will show up for me in abundance, and in return I will honour the flow of money
  • Yes I agree that relationships take work, but at the same time, I don’t think they should be hard.  A great relationship to me is easy.  It mostly just happens with flow and without too much pushing and conflict.
  • Money itself doesn’t make you happy.  But I know that for me, it adds ease, freedom, generosity.  So in my ultimate loving relationship, me + money = happiness 😊
  • Fun and freedom. I am naturally a bit of a free spirit, and I don’t cope well when locked down. If I was in a relationship with money that was very rigid and structured, I would struggle.  I want to have freedom and fun and flexibility to be happy in my relationship.


Why don’t you define what it looks like to you?  Perhaps it looks like a deep spiritual understanding… there is no right or wrong here, just spend some time exploring what feels good for you.

This is your relationship you are wanting to build/ improve.  Define what that looks like for you!


Give money the time and attention it deserves

If making, keeping and multiplying your financial resources is a priority for you, how much time are you dedicating to it?  I would say that most business owners spend very little time looking and understanding their business financials.


Let’s make a commitment to build a loving relationship with money.  Where we spend lots of time creating plans for our money, managing our money, treasuring it and loving it, money will multiply.


If you don’t really understand what money management looks like or HOW to understand, track and love your numbers, keep your eyes peeled as I am opening the doors again soon to my online course Million Dollar Money Management.  This program shows you the exact tools and frameworks to manage your money like a million dollar business owner… even if you aren’t even close yet!  Helping business owners to scale through managing their money is what I do.


So coming back to giving time and attention to your money… if you want money to love you, you need to love money!  Can you imagine being in a relationship where you put zero effort into the relationship?  My mum had a saying when I grew up “you get out of relationships what you put into relationships” so let’s apply this to money and recognise that the more you put in, the more you will get out.



Change the way you talk about money

One of the biggest manifesting blocks is that we have stories that we have around money.  And we repeat them again and again. 


Words are so powerful.  The words we use speak into reality our truth.


Think about it like relationships.


Have you noticed that how someone talks about their partner has a strong connection to the success of their relationship?


I have had friends of mine who will constantly complain about their partner… and in fact one said to me “why are you so down on him?”  I said to her, I have literally never met him. The only things I know about him are what YOU have told me about him.


Conversely I have had people who say to me I am so lucky to have my husband Shannon.  Again who barely know him themselves, they just know what I tell them about him.   So start catching yourself.  If you say I don’t have enough money, or we don’t have enough money for that, you’ll keep creating it.  Speak positively about this life partner that you want to build a flourishing relationship with!

If you want to have a beautiful relationship, you need to use language that supports it.  Perhaps you can work on some replacement phrases. 


If a default phrase for you when looking at investing in your business or something you need in your life is “I can’t afford that”, you could replace it with “how can I afford that?”  Or if it is an indulgence or luxury item, and you desire it, but don’t want to financially extend yourself right now, you could use the phrase “I choose not to buy it right now”.


Think of all your money stories, then create replacement stories you can use instead.



Now let’s be honest.  Even in the most beautiful relationships, people screw up.  And I bet there have been times where you perceive that money has let you down.  And I sure as hell bet that you have let money down too.

You need to forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made with money in the past. And you need to forgive money for when you feel it hasn’t lived up to your expectations of it.  If you are always resentful towards money, it will be so hard to move on in a loving way. 


Forgiveness is a foundational element of creating a beautiful relationship


Learn to love yourself

A sure-fire way to sabotage a relationship is when you show up to it from a space of self-loathing.  And conversely, there is nothing more magnetic to a potential partner than confidence. 


Look inside… do you truly believe that you are worthy of wealth?  What comes up for you? 


I know I have had to do a lot of work in this space (and continue to do a lot of work in this space!) as I don’t feel I fit the mould of a rich person.  I am not very eloquent, I have zero sense of fashion, and I don’t come from a wealthy family/ background.

So to uplevel my business results, I have had to work through a lot of these limiting beliefs.


In which ways do you sabotage your business success or your relationship with money.

How can you love yourself more to attract more?


If you are recognising that you want to work on your relationship with money and are ready to create epic growth in your business this year, there are a few ways I can support you to do so.

At the time of recording, I have 1 x private coaching position available to work with me one-on-one to and there is 1 x place left in the Mastermind that is kicking off on 11th Jan.  If you want to find out more, you can do so via the link in the show notes for today’s episode, or send me a DM on Instagram at @clare_wood_coach.


To sum up today, if you are wanting to improve your relationship with money:

  • define what a good relationship with money looks like to you
  • give money the time and attention it deserves
  • change the way you walk about money
  • Forgive yourself and forgive money for the past
  • Learn to love yourself and recognise your worthiness around success and around wealth creation.


I hope you enjoyed today’s episode, and if you love this podcast as much as you love money, please make sure you let your business friends know about it.


Have an incredible week, I cannot wait to chat to you again next week.


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