Master your mindset & money for a wildly wealthy business


will show you how to create, and smash your most audacious goals, transforming your business into a PROFIT-DRIVING machine.

Terms like revenue, expenses, profit and loss are enough to overwhelm most business owners. If you’re tired of crunching numbers and dealing with dry accounting terms, you’re in luck.

Money Mentor Clare Wood may be a qualified accountant, but she’s not your typical bean counter. She understands that making money is about more than boring spreadsheets and budgets. It’s also about mindset.

Your money mindset is your beliefs and past experiences with money, which ultimately affects how you act in business… which translates straight into your bottom line. In this book, Clare shows you how to break down those limiting beliefs and add meaningful zeros to your balance sheet. 

Intentional Profit gives you the tools and know-how to:

  • Generate intentional, long-term profit in your business
  • Create a positive mindset around money
  • Problem-solve like a pro (no-one said running a business would be easy!)
  • Effectively invest in the future of your business
  • Design the business – and life – of your dreams

Are you ready to bring some intentional profit into your business and your life?

Your journey to money mastery starts now.




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Join us to celebrate the release of Intentional Profit with champagne and canapés.

Hosted by Author & Money Mentor, Clare Wood and special guests!

Inspiring and practical. Intentional Profit shows you how to throw out the traditional accounting playbook and follow some simple, yet powerful strategies to boost your business wealth. Using a proven framework around how to manage your finances and think differently about money, Clare shares the NEW way to extraordinary success.

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Money Mindset Mentor