Part 1 – The amazing wins I had from 2022 (and how they can help YOU in business)

What a year 2022 has been! In this 3 part series, I’m joined by my biz besties Anita Siek and Steph Taylor to look about on the year that was. In today’s episode, part 1, I share the amazing wins I had from 2022 and how they can help YOU in business.

In this Episode:

01.12: The highlights and wins 1 – The release of the new brand, new website and new course Academy

05.45: How my messaging and lead up helped me have my biggest launch

08.32: How I turned my flops into lessons and wins

10.12: The process of bringing a book to life

13.08: What have been the 3 things I’m most grateful for this year.



Coming soon!


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