Why you have to stop saying “I can’t afford that”

You need to eliminate this phrase, that I bet you say all the time… “I can’t afford that” In today’s episode I share, why you need to get rid of this phrase when you are talking about the things that you want.

In this Episode:

01.09: How I changed my internal dialogue of “I can’t afford that”

02.35: Real life examples of how changing this phrase has manifested amazing things I wanted.

05.14: How investing from faith instead of fear has been a game changer

06.53: What if you don’t actually have the money?



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In today’s episode of the podcast, I am sharing with you why you need to eliminate this phrase I bet you say all the time. And the phrase is this, I can’t afford that.  In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing with you why you need to get rid of that phase when you are talking about the things that you want.

My internal dialogue was always I can’t afford that.  And it makes sense because I grew up in a household without a lot of money. And so I heard that phrase again and again. We can’t afford that. We can’t afford that. We can’t afford that.  Then I trained as an accountant and I was trained to cut costs and keep things lean.

So it makes sense that I had this subconscious programming, which was I can’t afford that. As I have done a lot of this money mindset work. I’ve realized that that phrase doesn’t serve me in terms of stepping into my next level of wealth.  I’ve done a lot of work to reprogram my thinking in the space of money.

And one of the phrases that I got rid of is that.  I can’t afford that.  There’s a new phrase that I use now,  which is, how can I afford that? I’ve learned to stop thinking from a place of lack  and started thinking from a place of abundance.  Let me share some ways that this has played out for me. And I know I’ve shared these stories before on the podcast, but they’re relevant to this conversation.

So I’m going to share them again.  Many years ago,  the person I look up to so much in business was hosting a retreat  and I really wanted to go along to her retreat.  I didn’t physically have the money to go. It was a 10, 000 investment to go along.  And. I was really like, how can I make this happen? I am desperate.

I have to be at that retreat.  And then she announced a payment plan.  Now, I didn’t have enough money to pay for the retreat, but I did just have enough money to put down the first payment for the retreat.  As time went on, as the retreat payments unfolded, I actually ended up having more than enough to make each of the repayments as they came through.

And I swear this is because of the energetic intention that I set around. I am going to make this happen.  Another example of how this played out for me was there was a mastermind again with a mentor I really wanted to work with.  And  as I saw the mastermind launching, I thought. I really want to be in that mastermind community.

It looks epic,  but my business was ticking along. I was doing sort of 10 to 15, 000 of revenue a month. And this mastermind was 3, 000 a month.  And I thought, Whoa, that is a big chunk of my profit.  But I lent in and said, how can I make this happen? I was so focused on the transformation that could happen for me.

inside the mastermind that I stopped thinking about the expense and started thinking about what it could do to my overall business success. How could it grow my sales and in turn my profit?  Gosh, I’m glad I made that investment because inside that mastermind container, I doubled my revenue. I hit my first 50, 000 a month inside.

And had my first 100, 000 launch.  Now you might think, what are you saying, Claire? Are you saying just to spend money that you don’t have? Absolutely not.  I’m not saying that at all.  I’m not encouraging you to be fiscally irresponsible and to throw money around. In fact, I’m all about the facts and figures.

But I will share hand on heart that investing from a place of faith and not fear has been one of the most transformational changes, not just in my business, but also in my life.  This is not throwing cash around willy nilly. It’s when I have a strong intuition and desire for something, whether that is investing in something to improve my, my business success, or whether it’s investing in something that I just want, like the dream house that I talk about all the time on the podcast.

manifesting mindset.  It’s not just about hoping great stuff will happen.  It’s about making it happen.  I get that investing is scary.  Heck I’ve lent into my business so much. I’ve invested well over a hundred thousand, maybe even a couple of hundred thousand dollars into my own personal development.  But I know  for sure that without those investments, I’d still be hovering around With an entry level mindset.

And I’d be creating good results in my life,  but not extraordinary results.  I know one thing for certain,  if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same outcomes.  Now I know this very conversation might be triggering for you listening to this.  So let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

What if you were like?  But Claire, I literally do not have the money.  This is an example of how you can still apply the how do I afford it methodology,  and I just want to be clear, like using the, how can I afford it? Methodology doesn’t mean that you get every single thing that you want straight away.

Sometimes, you know, asking how you can afford it means, okay, I can afford it in six months or 12 months, or if this happens or if I was to do that, then I could make that come into my reality.  Sometimes that is delayed gratification in the process of asking the question, how can I afford it?  But  The key thing that I want to highlight here.

is that your mind can get very creative  if it needs to.  Even this very week in my own personal life, I’ve been going in and looking at building designs to build our dream house and going and walking through kit homes, pricing it up. And I’m meeting on Friday with a building designer.  And I get to ask questions like, what if we did this, or what if we could do that?

What if we could renovate our existing house and create a really beautiful outcome, which is what we want without having to go and spend all of that money? How can I make that happen?  How could I come up with more money so that we could go and build the new house if that’s what we desire we want to do?

It’s asking the question of how.  Now, maybe you don’t allow yourself to ask how for inverted commas, selfish purposes. Like maybe you think, who am I to be asking how I can afford, you know, a business coach or to fly business class or whatever it might be. You might think that I don’t even deserve that.

And then that’s a whole other conversation, which I’ve spoken about on the podcast before. But I purely want to focus in on the concept of how can I afford it? And let me show you an example, evidence of how I could make something really happen if I needed to. So I know this is a bit of an extreme example and apologies if this is triggering, but  I just want to tell this story to highlight how your mind can start thinking about things if it really, really wanted to.

So let’s just say. That one of my children needed medical treatment that would save their life,  but it costs 1 million.  Now,  to be clear, I do not have a million dollars sitting in a bank account,  but if my child needed that to survive.  I am sure I would come up with a way to get a million dollars.  I could sell a house.

I could reach out to every wealthy person I know and beg them to donate or to give me a loan.  I could go and set up a GoFundMe account. I’d go to the media and tell my story. I’d do OnlyFans. I’m joking. Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe I would. You know, the point I’m trying to make is that if you want something bad enough, you will do anything to make it happen.

The reality is a lot of us don’t even allow ourselves to want these things that much and then wonder why we’re not creating them.  Can you really hand on heart say that you are going after the things that you want?  Are you leaning in from a space of how can I afford this?  rather than I can’t afford this.

Your languaging is so powerful.  When something enters my sphere of desire,  it stops being an if  and it starts being a when.  I don’t say if I build the dream house, it’s when I build the dream house.  Our languaging is so important and so powerful  and using our mind creatively. To start to look for opportunities to make investments work, to think about how you could do things differently to create the things that you want in your life.

That really is where the magic starts to happen.  If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while  and you were seeing how bloody powerful mindset can be, and let me share another example. There’s actually one of the masterminders shared with me today.  When we first sat down, we set an intention for her to make 30, 000 in a month in her business.

And at the time I was like, what? That’s so weird and so far away. And I’m like, it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen.  Literally within a couple of weeks of having that conversation, she’s hit her first 30, 000 a month.  And when she shared that with me, she was like, Oh my gosh, I have to share this. And I was like, I’m so excited and happy for you, but also I’m not surprised.

Because these are the results that I see play out again and again, when people start to shift their thinking about what’s possible and then get out of their own way to make it happen.  She learned and invested in the mastermind because she could see what would be possible when she started doing this work.

Anyway, I went on a bit of a segue there, a bit of a tangent, um, anyone who knows me will know that I do that a lot. But the point that I’m trying to make is that there’s a lot of power in mindset.  And if you want to work with me as your coach  to start to create miracles in your life, to start to unlock the, how can I make that happen?

Rather than that’s not going to happen.  Go and check out the Prophet Masters Mastermind. The doors are open now. And inside this community, we have fortnightly group coaching calls, and you also have Voxer messaging access to me, which means that you can jump in to me and the masterminders and share your big wins or things that you’re struggling with or areas that you were stuck and I’ll jump in and support.

And so will your fellow masterminders.  So if you’re feeling called to do this work, make sure you go and check out the mastermind link in the show notes for today’s episode.  To sum up today,  I can’t afford that is a common phrase that you might hear or that you might say,  but you have the power  to change that.

You have the power to reframe  things in your mind. and start to ask different kinds of questions.  And this, my friend,  is where the magic begins.  Thanks so much for tuning into today’s episode of the poddy. And I’ll chat to you soon.

* Transcript created by AI – may contain errors or omissions from original podcast audio


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