BONUS: Masterminder’s Money Makeovers

There is so much growth that can happen inside a high-level Mastermind container. In today’s BONUS episode, I chat to 3 of my incredible past clients, about the transformation that happened inside THEIR businesses as a result of being inside my Mastermind.

In this Episode:
05.11: Amy Sanders-Robbins Mastermind Journey
32.36: Glenn Stevens Mastermind Journey
48.40: Karina Follent Mastermind Journey


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CLARE: Today, I’m sharing with you a bonus episode of the podcast, and that is because doors are currently open to the Prophet Master’s Mastermind, but they are closing next Friday, the 21st of July. So I wanted to use this opportunity to bring some of my previous masterminders on the podcast and share a little bit about them.

About what is possible inside a mastermind container. If you do want to find out more about the Profit Masters Mastermind, please go and click on the link in the show notes for today’s episode. But essentially the way that the mastermind works is that you are in a high level coaching container with a high level of touch point.

We have regular calls with the community, which are centered around supporting you to help scale your business To the next level in the areas of launching, growing your team. And of course, money mindset, there is also a box up support inside the mastermind container, which means that you can reach out and chat to me and the other masterminders during business hours, of course, and ask any questions that you have.

Maybe you’re feeling stuck. Maybe you want to celebrate a massive win that you don’t feel you can brag about too much to your business or non business friends. But this is a safe space where you can celebrate those highs and also where you can come and talk about your challenges. If you do need a bit more support, we as a community are there to help you.

If you want to find out more, as I said, go and click on the link in the show notes for today’s episode. The doors are closing next Friday, the 21st of May, and won’t be opening again for the remainder of 2023. So this is your last chance to be coached by me in the mastermind in 2023.

Hello and welcome to the Clare Wood podcast. This is your weekly dose of all things money to help you intentionally create a profitable business and a life you love. I have the difficult conversations about money so you can make. more money with ease. Each week I share how you can use mindset and the practical foundations of finance to elevate your earnings without sacrificing the things that are important to you because you can and should be making more money.

Do you truly have a group? Of high vibrational, successful people who are really passionate about making an impact and creating wealth. That are in your world. A lot of business owners that I talked to feel really alone on this business journey, because they don’t have anyone they can confide in when times are tough, because let’s be honest, business can be a rollercoaster or they can reach out to and celebrate those high highs that come with business success.

I am truly passionate about connecting entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs So that we can normalize success and the challenges that come along the journey of business. This is why I created the Profit Masters Mastermind. It’s a high touch point, high support community where you can connect with other business owners who have big dreams just like you.

This round of the mastermind includes fortnightly calls. It includes a Voxer group messaging chat. Where you can voice message or text message me and the other masterminders for support whenever you need it. And an in person VIP lunch. There are also a couple of bonuses. You’ll have to go and check out the sales page to find out what they are.

But let’s just say that these inclusions are Epic. To find out more about this round of the mastermind, the doors are closing very soon. Go and click on the link in the show notes for today’s episode, but before I keep raving on about how amazing the mastermind is, let me tell you what this episode is about.

In this episode of the podcast, you are going to be hearing from a few of my masterminders, their stories about the results that they were able to create inside the mastermind container. Check I am so excited to share this episode with you, this bonus episode with you, and please go and click on the link in the show notes for today’s episode.

If you are keen to come inside this mastermind container, have me as your coach and be surrounded by some amazing high vibe business friends. With no further ado, let’s dive in.

This masterminder is Amy. She is the founder of Bespoke Lawyers, and by working on her money mindset, she was able to cut back the number of working hours while still smashing her sales targets. This is such an inspiring story. I can’t wait for you to hear it. A big warm welcome to the podcast, Amy. It is so wonderful to have you here.

Would you like to introduce yourself to the listeners and your business and share a little bit about what you do and how you help people?

AMY: Oh, thanks so much, Clare, for having me. My name’s Amy Sanders Robbins and I’m the founder and director of Bespoke Family Lawyers and we help people recover, rebuild and move forward after separation.

And, um, The way we do this is by getting really clear on our clients needs and goals and interests and how they want to live their lives. And we then use that information to create a personalised legal solution that gives them financial security and freedom, um, as well as a clear parenting and communication framework because we want our clients to be able to go on and live their best life moving forward.

CLARE: Well, thank you so much for joining. Um, today I’ve invited you on the podcast to have a little bit of a chat about my mastermind, which the doors are now open for. So you’ve got a really thriving business, Amy. It’s just going from success to success. I’d love to know, why did you decide to invest in a mastermind?

AMY: I guess, um, probably the thing that I’ve learned over the last three years in business is that mindset is the key to everything. And for me, it had come to a point where I really needed to be able to focus on my money mindset, but also how I was showing up in my marketing. And those were the things that most spoke to me about your mastermind.

Um, and also the opportunity to. Um, be part of a community of other businesses, fairly similar to mine, but in different industries, because, you know, the information that you get and you exchange in these small, intimate groups is really powerful in the way that you, um, you think about your business, but also how you maybe take it as you progress and move forward.

CLARE: That was kind of similar to me when I invested in my first mastermind was that I wanted to be around the energy of other people. And I guess that’s what I found really inspiring is when you’re around people that are doing things either from a financial perspective or. Even just in terms of work life balance or their confidence around how they shop in business, it really sort of challenges you to step up and to be doing the same thing.

AMY: And it kind of gives you the ability to see how other people are doing it. And you know, you can sort of go, well, I actually want to achieve that. How do I? sort of, how do I get to that space? Um, so yeah, it’s definitely been, um, a really good investment from my perspective.

CLARE: Well, we love having you in the community, Amy, as you know.

I’d love to know, so, you know, when, when you go to commit to, Or invest in your business or to join a mastermind like this. Often a lot of fears come up and you sort of wonder, is this the right thing for me to be doing right now? I’d love to know, did anything come up for you when you first went to join the mastermind?

Did you have any concerns about? Taking that leap.

AMY: Yeah, look, I had been interested in the mastermind and had been seeing your posts on social media for probably a good couple of weeks before the doors closed and thought about, you know, investing and I wanted to do it. And I had got to a space where I had moved through some of the other mindset blocks that were impacting on how I was showing up in my business.

And then eventually I, I got to a point, I think I might’ve even called you on the very last day before your doors closed and said, actually, no, I’m going to do this. I’m going to do this because I know that this will be powerful and this will be, um, The next thing that I need to do, um, to take bespoke to the, the next place I wanted to go to, and closer to the freedom and flexibility that I wanted.

And, you know, I haven’t regretted, regretted that, but it is, it’s one of those things that you kind of, um, have to be in the right spot. To both, um, from a business perspective, your business is in the right spot for it. Um, because it is a big investment of time and money. Um, but also I think more than anything, you actually have to be in the right mindset, um, to approach it with a really positive energy.

That’s it. That it’s going to be a very worthwhile investment.

CLARE: Well, I’m so glad that you jumped in and I can totally relate to that. Making a commitment of time in some ways is one of the hardest parts of joining any sort of program really, because we’re all very busy people and to commit to extra time.

But it’s something I’ve banged on and on about on the podcast before, which is that If you don’t make the time, you will always just keep repeating the same patterns, the same behaviors, and most likely getting the same results. And yeah, I know for me that when I’ve gone to invest in a course or anything, I’m like, how am I going to find the time?

And then I’m like, Claire, you have to make the time.

AMY: Yeah, I agree 100%. And that was exactly what went through my mind. It was the time commitment more than anything. And it actually has been a really easy time commitment. Because you’re excited and you look forward to the fortnightly phone calls, you prepare beforehand, you show up, you’re really interested in, um, sharing an update about where you’re at, but you’re also really interested in hearing where everyone else is at.

Um, and, um, and, you know, going through the topic that you’re going to share that day. And, um, I also like the mindset work of the. journaling and the meditations and the breath work that we’ve been doing. I think that they’re all things that I don’t always make time for. And I, on the days that I do, I, I am better for it.

CLARE: Oh yeah, definitely. It’s such a game changer, isn’t it? Really taking the space for yourself. And it’s so funny that we. Don’t prioritize looking after number one. That is

AMY: terrible. I think most of us are really terrible at it.

CLARE: I had, um, uh, a beautiful call with a client of mine this morning and she said, I’ve come to realize that when I look after myself first, everything else just flows.

And I thought it was a really beautiful expression. And, um, Something that I really encourage people to do is, is to really do this work because it does. It makes all the difference. Uh, so following on from that question, I’d love to know, you are such a busy person. We were just chatting off air about how much is going on inside your firm and, you know, particularly in the space of litigation, how much time that consumes of yours.

How did you create the time in your busy calendar with a team? everything else that’s going on for the mastermind.

AMY: Yeah. I guess one of the goals that I had for myself going into the mastermind was to, um, create some boundaries, better boundaries for myself. Um, which also included, you know, boundaries within my team about what, what times I would be able to do client work and what times I would be sort of taking out to be working, um, on my business rather than in it.

And so I have clearly set that out in my calendar. And most of the time, I think there’s been maybe one time or two times when we’ve had court allocated events, which I have zero control over. Um, and that’s It’s worked really well. Um, and I’ve also been trying to get to a place where I block out a Friday from doing client work so that I am creating the space to do some of the pre work.

If I haven’t caught up or had a time during the week to do it, or I’m actually revisiting some of the goals or the strategic direction that I’ve set and sort of. Uh, looking at what steps or actions I need to take to sort of keep myself on track. Um, so I think having the, uh, the, Discipline and consistency around setting those boundaries has been a good thing.

Something that I’m still working on, but I am getting better at it.

CLARE: Yeah. And boundaries isn’t a destination,

it’s something that improves over time and you get better and better. And um, you know, I’ve seen you taking some big leaps in this space and I can’t wait to watch you continue to really improve. Carve out the time for yourself because you really deserve it. And um, if anyone is listening and thinking that they can’t create time, if Amy’s been able to create time with her, she’s got a family, she’s got, um, a beautiful daughter and a thriving business, then, you know, this is kind of what you need to do if you want to, you get a shift is create the time for it.

AMY: Absolutely. I would not have seen some of the advantages and improvements and financial gains in my business if I hadn’t actually changed my mindset around my ability to do that. To commit to time and, um, commit to my business. And once I’ve done that and especially been working around that since probably November, December last year, it’s made a significant difference, particularly on our bottom line.

Oh, I like to hear that. Which is always a, which is a good thing because you know, energy goes where energy flows. So I think that’s something that’s, um, it’s, it makes it much easier to say yes to something if you know that, um, the time commitment is not huge and it’s very doable.

CLARE: Oh, I’m so glad that you have been part of the mastermind.

It’s been wonderful having you inside. So I’d love to ask, you know, as your business has been scaling and growing, what have been some of the biggest things that you have struggled with?

AMY: I think which I’ve already touched on before was mindset. In my first year of business was probably. I was very, um, unprepared and naive about what it took to have your own business in terms of everything that you’re juggling, but also that your mindset has a significant impact on how you show up and, and also on your team.

Um, so that was probably has been something that I’ve had to do quite a bit of work on. Um, and then, you know, um, You often then fall into the trap of comparinitis, where you’re comparing yourself to others and, you know, you’ve just got to fall outside of that and create some, again, boundaries around comparing yourself to everyone else’s race.

Um, and I think, um, The other thing is focusing on my financials and making sure that I’m allocating time every week to be looking at, you know, our, um, revenue, how we’re sort of getting money in our cash flow projections. Also having a look at your profit and loss and your balance sheet, which are all the things we, I talk about with my clients when I’m working with them through their separations that involve businesses and other entities.

But it’s something that you always put to the bottom of the list because it’s one of those things where you are working on your business. But if you’re not, um, prioritizing it and spending some time there every week, then it just doesn’t happen. So I think they’re probably been the biggest struggles and the things where I’ve had to upskill and, you know, engage in things like this mastermind and, you know, meet with my accountant and get really clear, ask all my dumb questions or things that I think are dumb, but, you know, probably a really, really important, um, get clear on, you know, Where you do work around, you know, you’re planning your perfect day and your perfect week and, you know, that’s something I’m constantly refining.

So I think all those, those issues are the same issues that come up pretty regularly that I’ve got to constantly work on.

CLARE: And they’re the same issues that, So many business owners struggle with it, they’re like the most common challenges. And you know, I exactly the same, you know, at the start of a business journey, you have no idea how hard it’s going to be to be juggling all of the balls, but in many ways as well, that’s part of the journey, isn’t it?

Is it’s, it’s learning these lessons and, and learning to move through them. So I’d love to know, did you find the mastermind has helped you with any of these challenges? Yes.

AMY: Absolutely, Um, I think, one of the, as I said, one of the things that I’ve been working on this year is, you know, my money mindset. So being able to focus on, um, my financials, but also then have to delve into and work on, you know, some of those Um, money blocks that have been happening, um, some of the limiting beliefs and that scarcity that that comes up and which, you know, can stop you from investing in your business and sometimes investing in yourself.

Um, it can also stop you from, um, Thinking about how you, you know, make big changes in your business where you’re, you know, you’re refining and evolving. Um, so I think that’s been something that’s been really powerful for me from the mastermind. I think the other thing that was one of my goals for this year was to be, um, you know, gain confidence in my marketing and particularly how I showed up on socials.

really good with doing our postings, but it was the stories and reels, which I haven’t even got to yet, but stories and just being confident with showing my face and sharing what it is that we actually do and, um, how it is that we help people through their separation journey. So, you know, gaining that confidence and, um, Doing that also as part of a group where other people are doing the same thing, I think has been really helpful.

CLARE: Yeah, it’s been amazing to watch people go through the discomfort together. Um, I mean, I’ve shared on the podcast before it, I spent years where I’d record videos and sit there and cry afterwards and delete them. And it’s, it’s something that is really challenging. But it’s such an impactful way to really connect with your dream audience because they can really see you, they can sense your energy.

And, um, you know, I, I think it’s just been amazing watching you and a lot of the other crew really putting themselves out there and then in turn seeing the benefits of doing so.

AMY: Yeah, there’s definitely been some discomfort everyone’s had to push through on socials, but it is, as you say, it’s a very worthwhile, um, uh, way to spend your energy and to sort of push through and gain bigger, bigger impact and more audience of the, of the right people that you want to work with.

CLARE: Yeah. This word discomfort, I use it so much because I do remind people all the time, like, if you keep doing the same thing, you keep getting the same outcome. And shifting feels shitty. Like it, it does. It feels really uncomfortable. And, um, one of my clients, um, use this term today. She said, I feel like I’m in one of those hotels where you can’t get to the top floor.

Um, you know, you, you need to change lifts and you know, you, you know what I’m talking about? You get to a floor and you need to change to a different lift to get to the upper floors. And she said, I feel like I’ve got to. Part of the way. And then I’m stuck in this lobby where I don’t want to be. I just want to get up to the next level.

And it just feels really uncomfortable being in this place where I know that the next level awaits me, but it’s just. you know, that, that discomfort of being in the in between stage. So yeah, growth, it’s challenging, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s worth it because if you’re wanting something different, we’ve pushed through it.

AMY: Absolutely. And I think that’s always the key takeaway, isn’t it? Is that, you know, beautiful opportunities and growth come through some of the biggest, most challenging moments in our lives.

CLARE: This would be really relevant for a lot of your clients, I imagine.

AMY: Yeah, it is.

CLARE: So I’d love to know in terms of being in a group coaching situation, so people are often sort of weighing up one on one coaching as compared to joining a mastermind.

I’d love to know in your opinion, what are the benefits of being in a group program as compared to working with someone one on one.

AMY: Look, I think probably the best thing for me has been getting different important ideas from people who are outside my industry. And, you know, this has been pretty invaluable and it’s challenged me to rethink how, um, my business operates.

It’s helped me to refine how we do things, but it’s also helped me to refine why. And, you know, as you say, if you keep doing the same things, you’re always going to get the same result. And, you know, What I, where I want to take Bespoke is to, is to, you know, the next level from here and to do that, I have to, um, continue to evolve.

Like it’s been evolving from the very moment that I started it, um, And the only way that I’m going to do that is by opening myself up to new ideas and new opportunities, and that has been, um, one of the best things as part of the group is, you know, in the Vox chat, there’s lots of input, lots of support when you’re going through, um, A challenge in your business, and we’re in between calls.

Um, that has been, it’s been great to have that support, um, immediately available. Um, we’re also able to bounce ideas off of you in there as well, which is also extremely helpful because, you know, sometimes, you know, you, you want to be able to action something without waiting for the next call. Um, so that’s been a really, um, great part of the mastermind is actually being part of this community and a community of people who were in a similar place on their business journey.

CLARE: Yeah, I love that. And I do agree. I think there’s so much power in. not just having one person. I love when people disagree with me in there actually, or share a different perspective, because it allows to kind of have, you know, a well rounded perception of, um, of how you can move through something. And I think too, um, one of the things that I love is witnessing other people going through similar things at the same time.

So like you spoke about, um, I remember I used to look up to one of my mentors and she’d be there confidently on social media and I just think, oh gosh, I’ll never be like that. And then when I’d see the other people really getting uncomfortable and their voice shaking and getting quite, and then I’d be like, oh, they’re sort of going through the same thing that I’m going through.

Um, so it’s also being able to relate to, you know, the challenges that your peers may be going through at the same time as well. We’ve spoken a lot about mindset. I’d love to know through the Mastermind, what are the things that you’ve learned in the mindset space that have helped how you do business?

AMY: I think probably one of the biggest things that has helped me has been the journaling and the, the practice.

The prompts and the journaling tasks, because I find that when I make the time for journaling, this will often lead to some pretty big breakthroughs, particularly when I’m going through a time of challenge. So, you know, working on, um, having, uh, prompts that are connected to our business and connected to, you know, the journey that we’re on to, you know, evolve and to refine, um, what our business looks like and where we want to take it and, you know, our why and purpose.

Um, I think that has been a really good exercise for me, particularly with my mindset. I think it’s also, Doing the meditation and breath work. I’d never done breath work before. And it’s actually something I’ve really enjoyed doing. And I’ve now got an app that helps me and I’m creating space for meditation.

And if it’s not daily, it’s at least a couple of times a week now, which I’ve just wasn’t doing. And I find that whenever I am making those consistent efforts to. Take a moment for myself and not have all those rushing thoughts about all the things you’re juggling and all the things you’ve got on your to do list, then it helps you to come back to being centered and focused and where you want to put your energy, where you want to put your thoughts, um, to achieve the outcomes and objectives that I want for myself, um, for Bespoken, but also more importantly for my family.

CLARE: Yeah, a hundred percent. And I never even used to understand what journaling was, and it was only when I started to really lean into the practice that I went, wow, this is really incredible and really powerful. So it’s, it’s why I incorporate it and it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. I really encourage people to, to learn how to do as a way of exploring what’s going on.

Maybe a little bit below the conscious level, because I don’t know about you, but I have so many times and I’m like, Whoa, I didn’t know that was there.

AMY: Yeah, that’s right. It’s like, it’s allows you to go down from that cognitive level. Level down to the cellular level to understand, well, what’s the root cause and what is it that’s either holding me back or what is the actual challenge and how can I deal with it?

Um, I think I’ve, I’ve had a few challenges this year in my business from different aspects and being able to create the space and the time to do the journaling and get deeper into understanding. Um, where those issues were arising or why they were arising. I’ve then been able to take some really purposeful action in addressing them.

CLARE: Yeah, love that. Love that. Uh, have you had any wins that you’ve achieved over the last couple of months that you would like to share or celebrate today?

AMY: Yeah, so the first three months that I was doing the program, so the first quarter, we exceeded our business goals and targets by about 30 percent because that’s, I was putting more of my energy into it.

I think then there’s been a few challenges that has sort of derailed that a little bit, but I think instead of, um. Um, those challenges being things that would have, um, completely, um, distracted me from, um, continuing to move forward with my business goals. That what they’ve done is they’ve also allowed me to be a bit more focused and come back to what is my overall purpose and why did I even start Bespoke?

You know, it was to help people, but, um, in a way that I wanted to do, um, That I wasn’t able to in my previous roles when I was an employee, but it was also because I wanted to have greater level of freedom and flexibility because I have a small child and I wanted to spend time with her. And so getting really clear on how do I achieve a business that is, you know, um, aligned with that, My core values aligned with my personal objectives and purpose, um, has been a really big sort of a ha for me through this program.

And I think the other thing is, um, the community. I’ve really enjoyed Being part of, um, the community of people that we have in the mastermind at the moment, um, you know, everyone’s so different and it just means that you get such great feedback and comments, um, from. Um, people about whether it’s a challenge you’re having, whether it’s a win, whether it’s an idea you’ve thrown out that you want to, um, sort of investigate or explore, um, you know, there’s, it’s such a safe space to be able to have that, um, exploration, um, and to be able to then, you know, you know, work out what it is that you then want to target your attention on, um, which I think has been wonderful.

CLARE: Well, it’s, it’s so amazing to witness your personal growth and obviously your business growth as well. And um, like I said, I’ve loved having you inside the Mastermind. If people are listening today and um, you know, maybe they’re going through a separation or considering it, or they have family or friends that are and would like your help, Would you mind sharing the way that they can best connect with you to get some support in that space?

AMY: Yeah, so people can connect with us through either Instagram or Facebook on at Bespoke Family Lawyers. We also have our website, bespoke family au, and people can jump on our website and they can book a free 20 minute call with us so that we can get a really. Good understanding of some of the immediate issues and concerns that they are experiencing at that time.

And we can then work out a pathway forward to help them to get an outcome and a resolution so that they can move forward to live their best life.

CLARE: Yeah. I love that. And something I know that we’ve spoken about before is that even if someone isn’t actually going through a separation yet, if it’s something they’re considering, that’s still an appropriate time to reach out and have a conversation and start thinking about the process.

Even if it’s not. quite happening just yet. So Amy and Bespoke Family Lawyers are just an incredible group of people. So I’ll pop all of the links in the show notes for today’s episode. Amy, thank you so much for coming on today and sharing a little bit about your journey inside the Mastermind and look forward to chatting to you soon.

AMY: Thank you so much, Claire. It’s been really lovely chatting.

CLARE: This Masterminder is Glenn. He is the founder of the Functional Movement Club. He is one of those people who really leans in, takes action, and as a result of the work that he did inside the mastermind, his business grew by 50 percent in sales revenue.

Enough from me. Let me share his story. Hey Glenn, how you doing? I’m

GLENN: very good. How are you? I’m good.

CLARE: I’m good. Before we get into it, maybe if you could do a quick intro to, um, who you are and how you help people.

GLENN: So I’m Glenn Stevens, the owner of the Functional Movement Club. Um, basically we’re a company designed to give you a better level of healthcare.

So we help, uh, health obsessed entrepreneurs get the most out of their body and exercise as much as they want and recover as quick as they can. Uh, and so we started off as a chiro clinic, um, but expanding into the online realm with some online mobility, uh, stuff as well now.

CLARE: Yeah. Amazing. The reason I invited you to come on today wasn’t to talk about sawbacks as much as we love to talk about it.

It was to chat about money. So I wanted to dive in today. Um, I shared before you joined in that you used to be a private client of mine. You’re now in my mastermind. And I wanted to talk a bit about money and the transformation that’s happened for you. So first of all, maybe if we could start with like, what’s your belief around what money mindset is.

GLENN: Um, it’s funny. So I had started looking into this just before I first met you. Um, and I’ve always been like a big believer in faith and, uh, the two big jumps that I’ve really seen in my business is when I’ve sort of stepped back, I’ve invested in coaching with you and, uh, it’s really just changed my money mindset.

And so the first big step that I did was transitioning into more of an online platform. So then that allowed me not to necessarily leverage my time for money, but then I can actually be making money passively while I sleep. Um, and then I get a bit of a mental block. I have to do some work. And then we’ve come back and, uh, it’s crazy.

Recently we started, since we started the mastermind, I’ve gone from just being me with a 50 percent full diary, uh, to being fully booked. Hiring another Cairo, launching an online program as well. And, uh, to be honest with you, like, it all just comes down to mindset. It was a shift, um, in the way that I thought about money, the way that I invested my money, uh, and the way that I treated my money.

And, uh, I, yeah, I think it’s a massive thing in terms of, uh, just achieving your goals and working towards them and seeing them come true and manifest.

CLARE: And definitely I found the same for myself on my own journey is that when you start to have people that challenge your limitations around money, it really, you know, that uncomfortable feeling of, why don’t you bring someone into a team or why don’t you go and invest into this or why don’t you feel like your business will go online?

It’s, it’s scary when it’s happening, right? It feels uncomfortable. It feels

GLENN: Um, I think that was the biggest thing for me is like, I, um, I didn’t even realize this until, um, I was rereading a book you recommended for the second time by Denise Duffer Thomas and it was about working through our money block.

And so we, I, like, basically I left my, uh, Cairo job three years ago. And, uh, I wanted a pay raise, my boss wasn’t willing to give it to me, and he said, How much do you think you’re worth? I gave him a figure, he said I wasn’t worth that much, So I decided to go out on my own and test the waters. And it’s funny, I didn’t realize until, like, working with you and stuff.

The figure that I said I was worth was what I’ve earned for the last three years. And that’s even though I’ve gotten busier with more clients, that’s even though I’ve increased my prices, I was still stuck at the exact same money barrier. And I’m talking like to like the thousand dollars over, over the course of the year.

Um, so it’s crazy.

CLARE: Yeah. And it’s, it’s, it’s literally just like, when you think something is possible or isn’t possible you’re inadvertently starting to create that, right?

GLENN: Oh yeah. 100%. And so like, I didn’t even realize it’s until you start doing like that self work and you look internally and you realize like you do have all these like belief systems, um, and then the belief systems then determine your behavior.

So if you think you’re sort of locked at a certain level. Then your body will like consciously, uh, work to keep you at that level. And, uh, as much as I like the woo woo stuff, obviously I’m very scientific based being a healthcare professional. And it’s actually like a natural part of our brains, called the reticular activating system.

Um, Did you want to talk about that, or?

CLARE: Yeah, no, you’re doing a great job.

GLENN: Alright, so. Keep going. It’s really, it’s super interesting. So we’ve got this little area in our brain called the reticular activating system, and I think of them kind of like the guards that are sitting on top of a castle to our mind, and it basically tells us what our brain should focus in on, and so it’s that common analogy you’ve heard where Your friend tells you they’re getting a red sports car and then all of a sudden you start seeing all these red sports cars in that particular make and model popping up everywhere.

And it’s not that they’ve magically just made a heap of those cars and they’re like flooding the market. It’s because your brain’s more aware of them and like it takes notice of them. And the same thing happens with like your goals and your sort of like money mindset. If you focus in on a certain target and you set yourself a limit, then that’s what you’re going to achieve and that’s what you’re going to sort of end up with.

Yeah, exactly.

CLARE: And it’s, it’s so funny because I’ve done a lot of work on money mindset throughout my time as being a business owner. And you think, Oh, my, my money blocks have gone away. But the truth is, is that every new level, new blocks come up again. Like, that’s just the nature that it is. And I know even when I had, Denise Duffield Thomas coined money mindset.

I had her on my podcast and she said that like one of her blocks was that she could never charge people for speaking at events because she thought, well, I’m getting in front of your audience. Like, why should I get paid for that? I’m basically marketing myself. And it’s funny how like, you know, every new level has its new block.

Um, blocks can look like not charging people enough. Not charging people at all is a big thing that I found, like, um, you know, for example, like a biz friend, we might sort of go, Oh, I’m not going to charge you or vice versa. Um, there’s lots of different ways that money blocks can show up in your business.

And to your point, I think that when we’ve got that, the limit around what we think that our business can make, we’re essentially creating that by. Yeah, by the fact that we’re like, well, I can’t grow my business any further than what I have now. So I’m super interesting that you shared that about your money mindset.

Um, for anyone who’s just joined in, do you mind sharing what you started off at the very start by saying the big shift that’s happened in your business as a result of doing the money? Mindset work.

GLENN: Yeah. Well, it’s interesting. So like, obviously you first, like brought me up to speed with it and how to practice it a little bit more.

And then it’s weird. I was listening to this podcast and we actually shut down for a couple of weeks and it was a James Wedmore podcast. And he basically said, like, you need to start acting like the business owner you want to become. And so for me, I was like, what does that look like? I have like big lofty goals of turning the Function Amendment Club into like a full functioning health club.

And I was like, well, that means I have to hire a coach. I need to invest in like upgrading my website. I need to get serious about my marketing. And so I, I, I made the decision to go out and a lot of money instead of sort of taking the safe route and trying to ride COVID out, I was like, no, I’m going to double down and I’m really going to sort of start like not spending money, but acting as if I had a whole heap of money and I was acting at that next level already.

And it’s funny, like, clients start calling up. Sort of noticing everything, uh, and it has a funny way of sort of working out for the best.

CLARE: And I remember when you went and invested in buying the gym equipment. So your dream is to have this fully, you know, end to end gym where people can train, they’ve got all their health needs met in one space.

And you went and invested in that way. And you’ve now got clients who are paying you to train with you, right?

GLENN: Yeah, well that like that’s the other crazy thing is like it kind of hit home as well Like it got to the stage where I was like telling people about my dream Which I was always very reluctant to because sort of that was me holding on to my limiting beliefs But you start telling people that and they go that’s awesome.

I already want to do it And so then that sort of like gave me the confidence, yeah, to go out and spend the money and deck out our gym, buy gym flooring, buy more weights, buy more kettlebells, buy more dumbbells. And then as soon as you start doing that and more people are like, Oh, this is really good. It looks like a gym.

It opens up a conversation. Why don’t you come and train with us? And then, yeah, all of a sudden, you know, you have three, four, five clients coming in and training with you on a regular basis. And it justifies the money that you’ve just spent. Um, so I think, yeah, it’s a, it’s a massive thing to act the way that you want to be perceived and act the way that you would act if you were at that next level.

CLARE: Yeah. And if you’re watching this and going, what are they talking about? Money mindset is definitely a skill that you can learn. And I When I heard about it, I was like, what? That doesn’t make any sense. I lent into the process anyway. And it’s incredible how much, when you sort of start to lean into some of these things and go, do you know what?

I’m going to give it a try anyway. I’m going to go for it and, um, see what happens. And it’s incredible. What started showing up for me when I just like, right, I’m going to lean into this process. So really cool that you shared those stories. Um, the other thing that I want to chat to you about, and I’m going to try and make it A fun way of talking about it is the money management side.

So my background, um, Glenn already knows this. I’m telling you guys this, um, my background is that I’m an accountant, I’m a numbers girl. I love talking about money, but when, you know, when you’ve started to focus in on the money side of your business, have you seen a shift in your actual results? And if so, what does that look like for you?

GLENN: Uh, yeah, so for starters, when I first came to see you and started working with you, I didn’t have a budget in my personal life or in my business, uh, which you made me realize was, uh, Something that was lacking and something I wanted to get on top of right away. And then the really nice thing is as soon as I full disclosure, after you made me implement a budget into my business, I was like, why don’t I do this for my actual life?

And so it’s changed my personal life, not only my business life. Um, but in terms of my business life, just being able to sort of set aside those like tasks, predict how much money is going to come in. Then I can predict how much money that I want to spend or how much money that I want to take. back and reinvest in myself or reinvest in the business.

And, uh, so it’s just taken a whole heap of pressure off because you know, the money’s coming in, you’ve got solid data to back it up and then you can make a decision moving forward.

CLARE: Yeah. People often ask me, they’re like, how, how do people start growing? Like, how do the businesses start growing when they work with you?

And obviously there’s strategy work, there’s things we put in place, all of that stuff. Bit. Two of the biggest things that I think is firstly the money mindset, like having the belief that it’s possible. But the other big thing is literally the process of setting objectives and setting targets in it’s very self starts to move you closer towards that goal because otherwise what you’re doing is just showing up and you’re like, yeah, I’m just taking as many clients as I can fit in and not really going, well, hang on, I’m chasing down a number of clients.

X for the month. And as soon as you start to set those objectives and start to go, how am I tracking to it? Your brain starts to kind of think differently. It’s like, well, what do I need to do to To move closer. Like, how do I start to move myself from where I am to where I want to be? And, um, I’ve definitely seen this in you, Glenn, that’s, you know, you put the number down and you’re like, how the hell is this going to happen?

But then once it’s there, right, more often than not, you find a way to close the gap, right?

GLENN: Yeah, definitely something we’ve been working on, um, and pushing that boundary so that you sort of do step out of your comfort zone. Yeah. But I think like that’s definitely sort of one thing I’m very grateful for is that extra challenge like I come from a sporting background and so I’m used to setting goals outside of my business.

But also like setting goals inside of the business obviously makes sense once you know it. Um, but until you like know it. It seems very foreign. Um, and yeah, it’s just, it’s crazy. Like what you can start to achieve. And then as you get, uh, the confidence that just starts to build that momentum, you can set bigger goals, you reach bigger goals, you surprise yourself again.

And it just keeps snowballing from there. And

CLARE: the thing, this is one of the things about money mindset, right? Is it’s like, it’s that innate belief that it’s coming. And I know that you’ve got that. I know that, um, you know, you’re like, I know that. You know, I’m going to make a lot of money. I know that my business is going to be hugely successful and every step that you’re taking is moving you closer and closer towards that.

And that’s such a shift and it might seem like a subtle shift for some people, but it’s, it’s such a powerful shift because it, it’s like, it’s this inherent knowing that it’s coming. And that’s what I talk about million dollar money management. It’s about first of all going, well, how can I actually even believe that this is possible for me?

And then once you do, it’s like, it’s coming, that’s done. It’s just about now the steps to start to transition towards that. Um, anything else that you want to add about money or money management learnings in this space?

GLENN: Uh, I think it’s funny, like in life, like I went through, I played like a high level of AFL growing up.

Um, and we always had coaches and like sort of mentors and like people in different realms. And I think it’s really important to have that in your business sense as well. And so I’m very grateful that I found you, Claire, because you are my guiding light and you can help grow me. And then it’s also sort of like the other thing I noticed is like, um, the other thing I sort of noticed is like, there’s a lot of things that I’m good at, but I’m not great at.

And if I can pay someone to do that and let me focus in on my zone of genius. It makes my life way more enjoyable, but, um, it’s, it’s, it’s investing in yourself and investing in your business. And then that’s like the sort of the best investment you can make. It always pays off and you’ll continue to grow and you’ll continue to see, uh, progress and success.

CLARE: Oh yeah. Amazing. If you have back pain, if you want any help in the health space, please make sure you go and give Glenn a follow at the functional movement club. He not only shares lots of that, you know, pain, but he also shares lots of general, like really transformational life tips and advice, so please make sure you go and check him out and reach out if you do want any help with your.

Back pain because he’s got this really cool challenge going on at the moment. Glen, a massive, massive thank you for joining me today. I’m so, so grateful for your time, and I hope you have an awesome rest of your day. Welcome,

GLENN: you too, Claire. Thank you, sir.

CLARE: Meet Carina. She is the founder of Pro Assist Virtual Admin and inside the Mastermind container, she really lent in and took action, restructuring her business and changing her price points.

This resulted in a 50 percent increase in sales revenue while she was inside the mastermind container. Let’s flick over to her so she can share her story.

It’s so wonderful to have you here. And I don’t need to ask you to do an intro because I’ve, I’ve shared a little bit about, you know, about pro assist, about what you do. If there is anything more, if there’s something that I left off, maybe something you want to expand on a bit more, please do, um, share.

Otherwise, Also, no, I think you covered it all. Yeah, you did great. So, Karina and I met, We actually met in person because we live in the same city in Brisbane. Um, usually I do most of my coaching via zoom, but we actually met in a coffee shop. You were pregnant at the time you were very pregnant. You’re really overworked and you were just overwhelmed and just really on the verge of burnout, I would say.

And, um, yeah, yeah. In our first session, what we did, we kind of, Looked at everything in your business and the biggest thing that I just said is I’m like, Karina, you aren’t charging your worth. So maybe do you want to share a little bit about what that looks like at the time?

Karina: Yeah. So, uh, back then our primary service was virtual reception.

And I think our customers for full time reception support were, I think they were charging 97 a week for amazing Australian VAs to answer their phones Monday to Friday, 8 to 5. Um, I had this big dream of, you know, having all these clients making all this money and I thought I’ll just charge, you know, a really nice, reasonable price.

You know, I can’t afford to charge much more. Um, I was trying for myself to compete with overseas VAs and, um, other virtual reception services, but it just wasn’t the right fit for me. And like you said, Claire, I was almost on the verge of burnout because myself and the team were working so hard. I didn’t feel like we were worth it.

Asking for more money. Um, and that’s how, yeah, that’s how I come to you. Something had to change. Yeah. And you know, this is a such

CLARE: a big thing.

Karina: I find,

CLARE: especially as women, there’s such a money block because we want to help everyone. Right. And you’re such a beautiful human. And I know that you’re like, I want to help all these people.

I want to be able to support them. And so you have a lot of guilt around putting those prices up. Even though I remember you told me this story, was it someone you worked out that you charged them 15 for the week? Um,

Karina: it was less, it was like, yeah, it was like 9 a week, I think, because I charged her pro rata for the time that we spent on phone calls.

So Yeah, and that particular contract, yeah, we started at 6 a. m. and finished at 7 p. m. So nine dollars a week, like it was just crazy. Oh my goodness. It was really easy. It was embarrassing. It happens

CLARE: a lot and you know you sort of start out and it sounds like when you say that I’m like It sounds really reasonable that I pay a virtual receptionist by the minute.

Right. But then from you, you know, when you’re looking at it from your perspective, you’re like, this is really not profitable for me as a business. Um, so some of the work that we did together was very uncomfortable. Let’s be honest with you. At the time, I was really sort of saying to Karina, we need to put these prices up and the other thing that you were doing.

So you’ve obviously got your team that we’re doing a lot of the virtual stuff. But Karina, you’re like, she is the most amazing gun, like systems practice management, literally doing high end consulting work for these practice managers. So she’d come in, give them all of the advice, tell them what systems do, set them up.

And what were you charging for this service at the time? Um,

Karina: so if I charged at all, it was 55 an hour, GST inclusive. What a bargain.

CLARE: And I was like, yeah, Karina, there’s so much value in what you do. You literally transform the lives. Of these business owners and I, you know, and a lot of times when I do have these uncomfortable conversations with people around this money mindset work, you are really, really resistant to, to increase your prices.

So do you want to maybe share what was going on for you and why you sort of were hesitating at the time?

Karina: Yeah, I guess, um, you know, some, unlike all businesses, some clients are very, um, vocal about what they can and can’t afford. Um, and yeah, I was just kind of worried that if I increased prices, everyone would leave me and I’d have to start from scratch.

Like I guess starting the VA business. Was such a process to do, um, lots of noise to get through. Um, so I thought, Oh my, the biggest fear was just, you know, having to start from scratch, having to go and find a job somewhere and, um, have a boss and work nine to five. Um, yeah, so that was a, that was a big part in not wanting to raise prices.

CLARE: I actually did a whole podcast episode about this last week. I called it Why shifting it feels so shitty talking about when we do change and look, honestly, same thing happens with me when you move into offering a new service, when you put your prices up, like it feels horrible and I experienced that myself.

So I can totally relate to, um, to all of those feelings that you were feeling, but we did, you know, I am so, so proud of you because you did the work, you push through the discomfort of it. And, um, maybe you might want to share a little bit about where you’re at. Now with your, yeah, your mindset and things like that.

Karina: So one of the first, um, coaching sessions that I had with Claire was around increasing my prices and we decided on, um, putting together a premium offering. How can someone work with me? Um, for a premium and we’ve put, we put together a practice planning session. It was two hours. Um, I could meet with them in person or via zoom and we would just map out all of their, um, business processes, help them map that to software and basically give them a checklist of everything that they need to do, the services they need to engage.

Um, we set that price at 440. Australian. And I think Claire commented on my face during that whole concert. I was just like, nah, it’s not going to happen. I’m so nervous about it. No one’s going to buy it. And you know what? Someone found my website. A week and a half ago, it’s the first, it’s the first thing that stood out to them on the website.

They bought it with no questions asked. We had the consult, uh, just yesterday actually, and um, they were just blown away by the value of the session. So, it just feels completely crazy that this product that we put together at this, um, Um, 440 price, um, was, yeah, just such a, the person was just so happy for it.

And. Honestly, there was, you know, a lot of background work that goes into putting that together, but yeah, selling something like that and offering that kind of services literally blown my mind. It’s been so good. Oh, amazing. And I,

CLARE: I’ve had these conversations with you off air. I’m sure you don’t mind me sharing.

That is still a fraction of what you should be charging for your services. Like I said at the start, like Korea literally comes in. Looks at everything in a practice, streamlines it, saves the money, takes administrative work off their team, and there’s just so much value and transformation that you offer, and that’s what people are paying for.

They’re not paying for, um, you know, they’re not paying for, you know, The time that you spend with them, they are paying for the transformation that happens inside their business. So, um, yeah, so cool that you have come on that journey so far and that we’re going to continue to go on that journey with your business as your business grows.

Um, on that note, I do want to say, though, you know, when I talk about money mindset, I’m not just talking about sticky prices up. That is not what money mindset is. Money mindset is, it’s, it’s the work, it’s the underlying belief that you need to do behind, whether it’s increasing prices, whether it’s creating a new product suite or a new product offering, like you did, whether it’s It’s moving people along in the team, whatever that looks like.

And, you know, there’s a bunch of different tools that you and I have used together and that we use inside the mastermind all the time. Um, so, you know, if you’re sitting and watching this thinking, Oh, I can just stick my price and not, it’s not. Quite that simple. It really is having the confidence around the strategy behind it as well.

Um, which is what I’m super excited to be sharing in million dollar money management, which is why I created the program. Another big thing that we do a lot in the mastermind is we kind of go, where are your numbers at? What’s your target for the month setting objectives? How do you feel that that’s helped you in your business?

Karina: I think, um, just checking my financials has been a big thing. So we set targets every month and, um, myself, I think one of the months I blasted the goal out of the water and, um, could increase it mid month. Um, but I think it’s just putting my attention on that aspect of my business has been such a big thing.

Um, you know, I can now, Tell you how much is in my bank account, what our, our expenses profit. Like I’ve, you know, have a lot more clarity and visibility or my financials. Um, Yeah, so I think that’s been the biggest change before. I was kind of just looking at my bank account going, Oh, crap. I’ve got wages due next month, next week, like, What am I going to do?

All right. Hustle. Let’s get some posts out now. Um, there’s a lot more strategy behind it. Um, you know, um, it’s yeah, a lot more planned, a lot more in control. Yeah. I

CLARE: think that’s a big feeling, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s just that I like a, a feeling of going cool. I know I’ve got a plan and I know that I’m moving towards it.

And that feels really exciting, expensive, and to your point, gives you that bit more confidence. Yeah. I am so, so grateful for your time, for popping in here and having a chat with us. I just wanted to share my story with everyone because I just think it’s so incredible watching you just grow and bloom, watching your business blossom.

Um, like I said, if you are watching. If you need some help in the practice management space, Kareena is your girl at ProAssist. So please do reach out to her. Um, but thank you so much for joining us today. And it’s been such an honor joining you on your journey so far, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for you and your business.

So thank you so much for taking the time today, Kareena. I hope you enjoyed hearing from some of my masterminders about what is possible when you lean in, invest in yourself. and take big action. Their stories are an example of what could be possible for you inside a mastermind container. And I would love to take this opportunity to invite you to join me and the other masterminders inside this round of the Prophet Masters Mastermind.

Doors to the mastermind are closing next Friday. The 21st of July. So if you have been sitting on the fence, now is the time to jump in. Inside the mastermind, you get fortnightly live calls with me, which are really focused around helping you create scalability and revenue and profit growth in side your business.

And you also have the Voxer voice and text app where you can message me. And the other masterminders with any questions, challenges, or celebrations throughout the mastermind container. There are also some bonuses, which include an in person VIP lunch where you can meet me and the masterminders in person.

And you also get access to both of my courses, the Profit Academy Foundations and the Profit Academy Accelerator. Doors close next Friday, and if you do have any questions, please reach out. I am more than happy to check if this container is the right fit for you. Thanks so much for listening to today’s episode.

Look forward to chatting to you soon. I hope you were feeling inspired. And excited about what is possible for you when it comes to money. It takes a lot of time and energy to create a podcast. So I’d be very grateful if you could take the time to hit subscribe, write me a review, and share any of your favorite episodes with your audience on social media.

The more people that we can reach, the more people we can empower to earn more in their business. Because you can, and should, be earning more money.



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