How I got out of my business funk

I have just gone through one of the biggest energetic funks I have ever gone through in business. I have been hearing a collective of people who are feeling low energy at the moment. I am pleased to share that I am coming out the other side so I wanted to share this episode to support you in case you are feeling like you have lost your spark in business too.

In this Episode:

  • What led to my funk, and what got me out
  • The power of biz friends
  • Investing to take the next level
  • Create your support network
  • Remember to celebrate




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I have just gone through one of the biggest energetic funks I have ever been through in business. If you’re a regular listener of the podcast, you might’ve noticed that I’ve paused the podcast for a few weeks. Damn, it’s good to be back. Anyway, the reason I’m sharing this is because you might be feeling a little bit like you’ve lost your mojo at the moment.

I’m hearing a collective of people who are feeling low energy at the moment. Here in Australia, it’s a shocking winter for illness and one that seems to linger. I know there’s a global fear around the economy and I don’t know if there’s something happening with the moon or the stars. But this, this funk, this lack of energy seems to be something I’m hearing a lot about lately.

And I’m really pleased to share that I am well and truly coming out the other side. So I wanted to share this episode to support you in case you’re feeling like you’ve lost your spark in business and you want some help getting out.

Let me share the backstory. So about six, nearly seven weeks ago, I got sick with some sort of cold or flu. And lingered around. I couldn’t stop coughing. My nose was running. I felt exhausted. And me being the person that I am, I just kept on going and going and going as I do. For weeks, I didn’t see a doctor. I kept thinking, surely I must be coming to the end of it. Like, you know, sort of reach the two week mark. And I thought I must be getting better soon in this three week mark, in the four week mark. And I actually had a session with my therapist and she’s like, are you still sick? And I said, yeah, I can’t seem to shake it. And it’s funny because she said, have you seen a doctor? And I paused and I said, no. And then we actually had a big conversation about it. And I realized that I have a story that seeing a doctor is a sign of weakness. Isn’t that crazy? And it’s, funny because it’s something I think from my childhood, because My mommy is super woman.

She’s one of those people that just keep soldiering on and on. And I recognize that I too have adopted that pattern for myself. Anyway, I had this conversation with my therapist and it still kept lingering around when I hit sort of the four or five mark, I was just coughing. I wasn’t sleeping. And what this translated into was a funk in my business.

So what would happen, I’d go to post on social media, like go and create a social media post or sit down to record an episode of the podcast. And I just felt resentful. I just felt like I don’t want to be doing this. I’m so tired. It doesn’t excite me at all. I just wanted to sleep. And run away. And I know this sounds crazy, but I was literally thinking that I just wanted to shut my business down.

It was just all too much. Like, I just felt like I couldn’t deal with it. I couldn’t do all the things. And I just wasn’t feeling the vibrancy that I normally feel for my business and the work that I do. So I made a decision to pause my newsletter, this podcast and my money talks, I do an Instagram live that I do every single week.

I have been showing up consistently for that for maybe years now. And I was realizing that when I was going to go do all of these regular marketing activities in my business, I was just feeling resentful and uninspired and exhausted. And I thought that’s not the energy that I want to show up to my audience with.

So I just made the decision. I’m going to put those things on pause for a couple of weeks. And focus on my healing and also I’m serving my existing clients. I didn’t want to pause my client base. I was running my course. I didn’t want to put any of that on hold. So I just made the decision to know what I’m going to pause all of my regular marketing activities, and I’m just going to focus on serving my existing clients. And taking some time to heal. At nearly six weeks in, it was only last week, I finally decided to go and see a doctor. My iron levels were so low. My doctor said, you’re running on empty. I got an iron infusion because my levels were that low. And I went on to antibiotics and also like an inhaler thing because the illness had progressed basically. So, after doing these things, my body was slowly starting to heal. Anyone who’s had a lingering illness and you go on antibiotics, hopefully most of the time it pretty quickly starts to heal things up.

But what wasn’t clearing was this funk that was lingering around. I was just feeling tired and deflated and uninspired. And as listeners of the podcast, please don’t think this is any reflection on how I was feeling about, the work that I do. I just wasn’t feeling excited about showing up for the business. And I was delivering my course, Accelerator, ironically, I was teaching about mindset the whole time that I was going through.

The kind of cool thing about that, it was really divine timing because as I was recording the modules and I’m coughing away as I’m recording them, it was a beautiful refresher to me to come back to the basics and the practices. Everything I teach inside my programs, these are the things that I practice myself. These are the things that I integrate, the way that I use my mindset work, the way that I manifest. But sometimes what happens is you slip away from practices or maybe you’re not doing them as frequently as you used to, or some of them I was doing them, but not doing them from the right energetic state, if that makes sense. Like I was ticking the box of doing the thing, but I wasn’t really integrating the true deep work myself. So as I was going through and teaching, I realized there was some things that I could reintegrate again. Let me talk about the things that I did to get my mojo back.

First of all, I really lent into, I spoke to my biz friends and hung out with my biz friends.

I told them what was going on for me. I shared, I discussed. There’s a saying, a problem shared is a problem solved. And I don’t know that that’s necessarily true, but there is a lot of power in speaking your challenges out loud and hearing, you know, some opinions and feedback and even just the process of allowing it to come to the surface can be really powerful. I also did a bunch of healing modalities. So over and above the traditional medicine, I went and did. A lot of alternative practices I leant into when I had massage, had some healing done, had some acupuncture, I really leant into some other practices as well. I also came and looked at my health again with fresh eyes.

I’m usually a pretty good eater. I like to eat really healthy foods and exercise. But I really came and focused in on like, what am I putting in my body? And I made a commitment to cut back on the amount of alcohol that I was drinking. And to cut back on just some of the little things that have started to creep into my diet as well.

I also put some practices in place to sleep better because with all the coughing and even just with this energetic funk, I just haven’t been sleeping well. So I put some practices in place to start getting a better night’s sleep. Here’s the thing. I am so well supported. I recognize the privilege that sits behind a lot of this. The fact that I can go and invest in different things. The fact that I have a beautiful network of amazing business friends that I can reach out to and share with, that I have resources outside my business. I’ve got amazing help around the house, but putting aside my privilege, it’s also in some respects, not luck. That I have these resources, both financial and otherwise around me. I’ve put a lot into my friendships. I’ve invested a lot to be in the energy of high vibrational, successful people. I’ve invested a ton of money over the years into my self care. Even when I probably couldn’t on the face of it, afford it.

The reason I have go to practices and things that I know that work for me is because I’ve tried a ton of them over the years and I have invested a lot in this space. I have amazing support networks around me because I’ve chosen to surround myself with amazing, inspirational, empathetic people. Yes. Some people, are born into really privileged circumstances. Compared to a lot of people on the world, I am one of them. And equally compared to a lot of people, I wasn’t born into a hugely wealthy family. But whatever your circumstances are, many people don’t make that conscious decision to create health and wealth and happiness. When I’m in a funk, whether it’s a physical funk, a mindset funk, whatever it is, I make a conscious decision and I create a plan to get out of it.

So if you are listening to this and any of it’s resonating at all, here is your game plan to shift your energy. If you are feeling stuck right now, firstly, make a game plan. Get on top of your health or your mental health or your mindset or whatever’s blocking the flow of money. Like work out what the real issue is and make a game plan.

The next thing is invest.

Do the thing. So many times people look at the cost of something and not the opportunity cost. In the last couple of weeks, I have literally spent a couple of thousand dollars on my health. And you might think, Holy smokes, that’s a lot. But when I look at what I can be creating in my business, it’s like, if this lingers on, I’m going to continue to not be able to perform at my optimal level.

As it is, I’ve already pushed off. I’ve been holding off on the launch of my mastermind for the last couple of weeks, because I’m like, I just need to get my health back on track. So I get that investing is scary, but when you’re weighing this up, think about what it’s costing you to not be investing, to not be investing in your business growth, to not be investing in your health.

The next thing to do is turn to your support network.

Through any challenging time I’ve been through, gosh, I’m grateful for my friends, both in and out of business and my partner, my husband, Shannon. If you don’t have an amazing support network, This is your sign that you need to get one. I’ve spoken to so many people over the years and they say, I have no one to talk to about business. You don’t form an amazing network of people around you by luck. The reason I have so many amazing business friends and people in my world is because I consciously choose to be around them and I invest to be in the energy of these people. If you don’t have an amazing support network. Really have a think about how you’re going to start to create one, because when challenging times come up, they will be your backbone.

This is again, why working with a coach or in a mastermind community can be transformational, because you have an instant group of people who’ve got your back. If you are looking for your group of biz besties, if you’re looking for a coach, AKA me to lift you up when you’re feeling down and to support you through the good times and the challenging times, make sure you go and check out the Profit Masters Mastermind.

Now that my energy is back on track, I am so excited to be launching this mastermind and I’m going to be closing the doors for the rest of the year in just a few weeks. So if you have been eyeing off the mastermind, now is the time to jump in. This is the last time it will be opening in 2023. Inside the Profit Masters Mastermind, we have our fortnightly calls.

We are also hosting an amazing VIP in person lunch where you get to meet me and the other masterminders, hang out in real life over a really divine, beautiful high vibe lunch. And I’ve also put in some amazing bonuses. So make sure you go and check out the sales page to see what those are, but trust me, they add a ton of value to the mastermind investment.

There’s one last step that I want to share in your game plan to shift your energy. And that is this to celebrate.

When you do move through a funk, whether it’s an income funk and energetic funk, or overall a period of time where your energy just isn’t right, when you do come out the other side, feel grateful for it.

I am feeling so, so much better now. Still not back to a hundred percent, but I am so, so much better. Damn, am I grateful every day? I’m sure you can hear it in my voice, but my passion is truly back for my business and this work. And I am feeling so grateful for my health right now. So if you do transition through a challenging time, make sure you take the time to celebrate and acknowledge the progress.

Thank you so much for joining the today’s episode of the podcast. It’s so fantastic to be back and I look forward to chatting to you again soon.

* Transcript created by AI – may contain errors or omissions from original podcast audio


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