How a $1.2m quarter changed things with Bec Miller

I love to bring guests onto the podcast to share their inspiring stories about what they have created in their life, through building a profitable business.

In today’s episode I have a raw and vulnerable chat with Bec from Health with Bec about the ups and downs of the journey to get to that $1.2M quarter.

In this Episode:
03.08: Intro to Bec and how Bec and Clare met

11.09: How Bec’s dream of being on the James Wedmore podcast came true, but what that meant about sharing her business wins to the public

27.25: Addressing the mindset of changing and evolving as a person, as success grows.

32.02: What has changed inside and outside of the business for Bec since her $1.2M quarter. 

35.13: What having money represents for Bec.

38.07: The money stories (shame, guilt) that come up when helping others/ serving a community.





Guest Bio

Bec Miller is a qualified Nutritionist, founder of Health with Bec and podcast host of Body Bites with Bec. She specialises in weight loss and gut health and helps women who have ‘tried it all’ finally slim down and lose the bloat for good – without the hunger.

For around 4 years, she battled with her own weight fluctuations, a slow thyroid and chronic digestive issues and as a healthy young woman, who visited multiple GPs and specialists WHILST studying nutrition – it drove her crazy to say the least.

It took her around 4 years of her own research before finally finding the right answers to heal herself and discover a unique approach that she now teaches other women and lives and breathes herself.

Over the last 7 years, she has now helped thousands of women with her 3 Week Body Reset program and her membership which comes next, the Health with Bec Tribe.

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