The evolution of your relationship with money as your business grows with Ruby Lee

Have you ever wondered how your relationship with money and wealth changes as your business scales? In today’s episode, I chat with my former mentor and friend, Ruby Lee, about how her business has been evolving as she grows it through the millions and how her relationship with what success looks like, changes over time.

In this Episode:
02.00: How Clare and Ruby connected

07.16: About Ruby and the business she has created (and how she wants to change it)

10.12: The identity shifts that came from leaving the corporate world to be a digital nomad to wanting to be ‘home’

20.51: How Ruby’s business structure changed as her business evolved

38.21: How ruby changed her relationship with money along the way





Guest Bio

5 years ago, Ruby left the corporate world to follow her side hustle dream. Many iterations later, Ruby turned that side hustle into a multi 7 figure coaching business, teaching a global community of fellow coaches and entrepreneurs to build and scale their own successful businesses with ease and flow.

Ruby Lee is not just a business coach; she is a force of nature, a beacon of inspiration, and a catalyst for success. With her unwavering passion and commitment to helping individuals and organizations unlock their full potential, Ruby has become a true powerhouse in the world of coaching.

As a highly sought-after business coach, Ruby possesses a unique blend of expertise, experience, and intuition that sets her apart from the rest. Drawing from her extensive background in corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development, she has honed her skills to deliver transformative results for her clients.

Ruby‘s coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that everyone has the ability to achieve greatness. Her infectious energy ignites a fire within her clients, propelling them forward with newfound confidence and clarity. With Ruby by their side, individuals and teams not only overcome challenges but also exceed their own expectations, reaching heights they once thought were unattainable.

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CLARE: Have you ever wondered how your relationship with money and wealth changes as your business scales? In today’s episode, I’m chatting to one of my former mentors and friends, Ruby Lee, about how her business has been evolving as she grows it through the millions and how her relationship with what success looks like has been changing over time. I hope you find this episode as inspirational and motivational as I did.

Welcome back to the Clare Wood podcast. Ruby Lee, how you doing Ruby?

RUBY: Yes, it, and that was, we think it’s around 2021, early 2021 or thereabouts. And so much has changed for the both of us since then.

CLARE: So much has changed for the both of us. I mean in the time that I worked in the mastermind container with you, I had a, a rapid income growth in my business. And I’ve since then been to a retreat that you hosted. I’ve since done a red carpet day with you. And, you know, I’ve been following your journey the whole time and it’s just so amazing that we’ve both ended up living in the same city as well, which is a transformation from when we last spoke.

RUBY: Right. But I was there with you the whole time you were manifesting. Coming here to the Gold Coast and manifesting your dream suburb and area here and to actually witness you and seeing you now in this space is just evidence that it can happen for you so quickly, because that happened in such a collapsed timeframe.

CLARE: Yes. And actually on that note, a lot of this work was happening in our time together. I remember that I had a big heart breakthrough in my journal one day and I realized that I hated my physical environment around me. We had, you know, I had no bedside table. I had this really old bed our coffee table we’d found on the side of the road.

And I just like had this, and I lost my voice for a long period of time. And you kept saying to me, there’s an area you’re not speaking of truth. And I’m like, what do you mean? Like, I’m a really truthful person. I don’t know what, and I quit, it was frustrating. And then one day in the journal, it all just spewed out. And that became the start of how, like you know, I know you’re listening on a podcast right now, but my office, I mean, this beautiful office space that was designed by an interior designer. And it, it kind of feels surreal to think back to, you know when I was, I was living in this house with all this old mismatched furniture, and now we’ve got. All this beautiful furniture. And even at the time that that came up, I was like, how the hell am I ever going to afford this? And it’s just evidence of, to your point, like when you were like, I want something, I desire it, and I’m going to create it, how things can shift.

RUBY: I know we will go so much deeper into it, but it does come so much with your language and not just the words that you speak, because that is one part of it, but it’s how you feel into that space.

And that’s the part that often is the energetics that is really hard to grasp. And it is a muscle because the more you do it. The easier it does become and the quicker you can manifest it, it’s just so evident in your life and in my life. And for those of you listening, I’m sure that you can think of examples of when you first started to intentionally manifest something material and how perhaps long it took for that to come through and then now you can put your mind to it and it Feels a lot faster, and that is because you’ve started to really get the hang of what it is your system needs to get behind the dream.

CLARE: I love this. Oh my gosh. I’m already so excited for this episode. Well, maybe before we start diving into the, the hows and the whats of it, if you could give the listeners a quick update, maybe on your journey from even the first time you were on the podcast, if someone didn’t catch this episode to what’s going on in your life right now.

RUBY: Just come back from my second trip around the world and I had done this with my family. So I run the business with my husband and I have a seven year old son and a 16 year old stepson. He didn’t come with us this time around. He wanted to hang with his mates. It was the summer here in Australia, which is fair enough. We’ve been around the world twice and literally now I’m sitting in my home office and I’m totally taking inspiration from your space, Clare, but I’m still, we’re three weeks into moving in here and one of those weekends was spent in Melbourne, seeing my family since returning back from overseas.

So there’s been a lot of beautiful grounded energy since coming back here and there’s just so much abundance. You know, like when I think about the life that we’ve created, having this overseas trip, you know, second time around, it’s not something that a lot of people get to experience in their lifetime. We’ve done it twice and we’ve done it in a really luxurious way and we’ve done it with no holds barred. You know, it’s just been overflow, overflow, overflow, and being able to do that whilst running the business and creating a second business. Which I’ve told Clare about, but we haven’t lifted the hood yet and announced it on socials anywhere, but a second business is coming through.

There’s more international travel. I’m about to go to London in 2 weeks to host VIP days there and meet some clients. My other client just said yes to coming to Bali with me later on this year. So there’s a lot more in person exciting, you know, events coming up as well as continuing to grow out. The online space, but I’m doing that very differently from here on out.

And a lot of it comes down to who I want to be in the next season of my journey and how I want to earn in the next season of my journey, because that’s shifted and changed a lot. And specifically it’s changed a lot in the last month or so. So it’s pretty fresh still and how I want to use the energy of money because money is energy, how I want to use the energy to really impact the world in my way. So there’s a lot in there, but that’s the general forecast and update what’s going on in my world.

CLARE: So when we, when I was first really magnetized to you on your work, you were leading this digital nomad life with your, your son in tow. And I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world. And you’ve obviously been on a bit of an evolution with that. Journey. I know you’ve spoken about it on your podcast.

Do you mind sort of sharing about what that’s look like and, and how that’s felt going through a shift? Like it’s almost like a bit of an, a mini identity shift really, isn’t it?

RUBY: Well, my whole dream and the, the premise of starting this business was to a leave the corporate world.

Not because I hated it by any means, there was just a lack of freedom. You know, I just wanted to travel. So for those of you that I love a bit of astrology, I’m a sun sign Sagittarius, and one of the main qualities of a Sag is well travel and wanderlusting. And we just love it. And so, you know, the, the weeks provided by the company, which I might add, Extremely privileged was a lot compared to other parts of the world, but it still didn’t feel enough. I still wanted more time. I still wanted to, you know, see more of the world. There was such a passion, such a hunger for that. So once I left corporate, the first thing that we wanted to actualize in our life, it wasn’t a house, it wasn’t a car, it wasn’t expensive handbags. It was world travel so that we could go, me and my son and my stepson, was really cool.

We put it in our budget plan. You’ll love this, we had a budget plan for it. We just forecasted how much it would be, what we needed to save so that we could live an overflowing life as digital nomads. And this included flying my stepson on school holidays, you know, to LA and flying him to London and flying him to Dubai. I mean, he did, what’s it called assisted flying. As a 12 year old, he’s just absolute gun. He just loved it. And we costed it out and it was like 200 grand to just like live it out and just have hotel stays, family of four, all of that flights everywhere. And that was amazing. You know, like we just really loved it.

My youngest was at that age where we could just tow him around, you know, it’s just, it was so easy. There was no like, Oh, I don’t want to, you know, like he hadn’t hit that age yet. And my eldest son was so in awe of being able to travel that it was a really opportune time. And since then, We actually would have kept going without a doubt, mike and I talk about that a lot. We were in Vietnam and we had already decided to come back to Australia and see the family and then COVID happened and, you know, pandemonium, our next stop was actually to go to Africa. You know, we wanted to go, which we talked about Clare’s African travels, which sounds so amazing, but that didn’t happen and unfold.

Instead, we made a life back for ourselves in Australia, moved to the Gold Coast and my God, like our dream was to get back on the road, which is what we did. You know, having just come back in April this year, it just wasn’t the same and it wasn’t the same for so many reasons. And, and in many ways we did want to relive how amazing that first trip was. But so much had changed, you know, the kids were a couple of years older. Henry didn’t want to come. For example, he, you know, he was going through his 16 year old wanting to ride the bike around town and with his mates . And yeah, I think at one point we’re halfway through our travels. I’m like, we are trying to make the same magic happen that we experienced in 2020. And it just doesn’t feel right. It sort of feels a little bit tick the box. You know, like, let’s go here. Okay. Let’s go here. That honestly, there was a moment clear. We were in, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We were in Rome and I was ungrateful. Like I was like, I just want to go home and start over it. I’m like, Whoa, what is happening here? And I had this shift in me where I realized I don’t want to express myself in this way anymore. As in traveling out of a suitcase, you know, having this like nomadic gypsy life was once upon a time, what I did desire something fundamentally shifted around what wealth and abundance meal means to me now is having homes that I can go to that are mine.

And yes, there’ll be all over the world, but I don’t want to hop and skip through countries the way that we’d been doing it, you know, over the last few years. So that identity shift happened. And a lot of my branding was that, you know, digital Nomad family. If you look, you know, went to my YouTube, that was what it was all about. That’s now been absolutely shifted. So it’s been a wild journey, but I feel very, very good and very grounded about it.

CLARE: And I think this is the thing, like we, as humans, we are constantly growing and evolving. And changing, and I’ve had a few clients and things over the years who, you know, if they rebrand or pivot, get this big sense of shame about it. I’m like, well, that’s so ridiculous. Like we’re meant to be, I mean, that to me, what true happiness is, is when you’re growing and evolving and, and changing and honoring that along the way. But it, it is also, you know, there’s been a lot of chapters of my life where I’ve changed my identity and it’s, it’s, it’s Hard and it’s strange.

And, you know, like even when you go from, you know, I spent a lot of my adult life being single and then grow to being like, I’m married and I’ve got to think about someone else now before I can’t just do what I want when I want and then becoming a mom. And again, that’s a whole different, you know, a shift in, in who you are and how you identify. And just because it’s different doesn’t mean that it’s bad. It just means that it’s a new chapter.

RUBY: I just have to offer this to the audience, Clare is one of the most, I think, freedom based mums and wifey’s out there. Like you just have this easygoing aura with growing a family and being a wifey and having a business. It’s just so nice to be around like this. You know how sometimes like you meet some of your mom friends and they have a different energy about it. You know, there’s schedules and there’s like certain things that you have to get to, which I totally understand. But with you, it’s like, yeah, yeah the kids just came along and it’s just, it’s so, it’s such a part of your essence. I love the way that you display motherhood to us. And it’s just, yeah, it’s just really beautiful to see that. And it’s because you have so much time and freedom as well.

CLARE: And I think something like I lost a bit of my way along the way. And I don’t know if you can relate to this at all Ruby, but coming into motherhood, I was like, I don’t want to be trapped. Like I love freedom. Like that’s my number one thing. And I, I see so many, you know, parents I’ll use the word parents rather than just mom, but the whole world revolves around their children. And people are like, you know, and my mom makes so many copies, but I’m like, but mom, you know, I years and years, like decades later, my mom still winches to me, you know, I gave up everything for you and I did this and I do this and I’m like, but I won’t make choices.

You know, my kids wanted to do soccer five days a week and I’m like, no, it’s not happening. And they’re like, and people are, but you know, that’s what your kids want. And I’m like, but what about what I want? I am happy for my kids to go and do sport, but it’s not going to be the center of my universe. And this is why I can have such a beautiful free, you know, flowing way that we do it because I look after me as much as I look after my kids. People like you’re always doing stuff. And I’m like, but you also don’t see how much time I’m sitting and playing hours and hours, going on my morning walk with my family and. You know, this is going on a bit of a segue, but if you’ve noticed a shift in your kids as well, but my kids as they’re getting older, one of my sons in particular does not want to be on camera. He does not want to be in social media. And then the other one wants to be famous. I love that. I know which son’s which, and he’s always like, mom. Film this and put it on Instagram and tell me how many likes it gets. But you know, they also start to develop their own likes and little personalities, but you know, I definitely have seen that in you. And I think that’s why I was so magnetized towards your energy initially is because you were, I’m like, she’s cool. She’s got a kid, got these kids and she’s still just traveling. And I’m like, how cool is that? And that’s why I wanted to be around your energy. And I, and I love that you recognize that in me too. So thank you.

RUBY: The lifestyle component of abundance is a reflection of how you want money to show up more in your world. And it is a reflection of your inner game. I truly believe that. So I’ll say that in another way. We’ve talked a little bit about Environment, which is including that of travel, if that’s what you want or a bigger house or having a, an office outside of your home, like right now, we’re wanting to purchase an office warehouse and it would be amazing to have that.

I can see it, I can feel, I can smell it, like all the things and that to me is not just a, I want to buy another asset. To grow my wealth and to have my real estate portfolio grow to X amount of dollars. I desire to have that because it is a reflection of how my money and my soul wants to shine bright in this world.

And that could mean having an office like that is I have. You know, a beautiful space to employ people in. I have a beautiful space where I can have a creator studio, have a beautiful space where I can amplify my message in that space. And a home office is gorgeous and lovely, but it’s too small for my mission right now.

I need it to be bigger and that’s just, and not to say that’s what you need, that’s just what my energy wants. So thinking about your environment right now, where is it that it’s calling you towards? Is it working more from cafes? Is it getting out of the house? So many of these small decisions that you make around environment and how you show up and the space in which you show up actually helps you see where your money wants to go.

CLARE: You are making money has changed and the way that you want to make money has changed. So let’s talk a little bit about that. Like if people are listening, it’s being like, what, what exactly does that mean? Can you dive a little bit deeper into that?

RUBY: So when I started, I started to make money through in my, in my business, just literally through our powers, that’s how it all began one hour, you can book your time with me inside of my calendar.

I use Calendly and zoom. That was it. And then that evolved into one to one packages, which I would invoice. And send to people and they would pay for it. And then that evolved into getting an all in one system. And I could have more things automated, which meant group programs, more one to one packages, retreats, masterminds, et cetera.

So a very classic online coach model of how you diversify your income streams and. It’s, you know, almost every coach has something to that aspect and then the passive income. So you have your courses built out. It’s available on your website, wherever it is, and people can buy that at any time. That’s the dream, right?

Like I don’t need to show up for it and I’m getting paid, but I realized in this journey, I’ve been in my business full time now for five years. I have operated from pretty much the same model because it works and it’s fantastic. I love it. It makes a lot of sense to me. I have a full blown clear customer journey.

If you’re starting out in business right through to seven figures and beyond and different, you know, I launch a lot of things. I have a lot of ideas. I’m the type that is always selling. I’m always downloading new ways to work with clients and putting that out there in the world. There is almost something that’s coming through where a season of that is coming to an end.

And that season is closing off, not in the sense of I’m not offering it anymore, but I’m not offering it as much in a live capacity. So five years in one job, just think about it in any job is. In this day and age, that’s like long service, you know, it’s like, you’re not, you’re not, you don’t changing things up.

And I know for me, even when I was in corporate, like I would get a job, I’d get the promotion and I’d be like, all right, what’s next? Like what am I looking for next? And I’ll be here for a year and a half and then I’ll progress. And I remember the manager at the time. That said, oh, you know, how do you see yourself evolving in three years?

I’m like, I’m not going to be here in three years. I made the wrong hire. That was so funny. But five years in this role, when you some, I now know something has to shift. And if I’m to be really honest, and I don’t mean to say this out of ungratefulness whatsoever, but if you get it, you get it. I’m bored and I’m bored at the highest level.

It’s, it’s wonderful to be, it’s actually quite abundant to be able to say that the business is doing really well. Things are happening. My team’s helping me out and the automations are doing its thing. It’s like, I’ve gotten to a point now where I’ve created this beautiful business. That doesn’t need me as much.

It’s like one of your kids growing up. And so it’s requiring me we’ve touched on this earlier to shift my identity from within of how I’m choosing to earn. And this is coming out in the form of a second business and in the form of this current business, elevating the message so that I can have more live energy where it wants to go, which is about the Ascension.

To seven figures and eight figures and beyond and hosting that conversation for women who get it, want it, desire it, require it. And for those that are building up and they’re, you know, coming up the ranks and they’re doing their first six and multiple six, they’re still going to be amazing resources, but I just won’t be as live inside of it as I have been.

CLARE: Yeah. So people listening in and you know, wondering what that looks like for their business. How do they know if it’s, if it’s time for an evolution or a next chapter or whether to just, because, and I’m sure you grapple with this too, because you’re a manifesting generator. I am too. We love to create things, but I also know that you know, sometimes there’s, you know, how do you know if you’re

Well, sometimes you just got to keep doing the things that you’re doing. How do you, how do you make a decision when that’s something you’re struggling with?

RUBY: I really like to use our strategy, which is to respond. So whilst a lot of ideas pour in, what I’ve always stuck by over the years is to put it out there and test it.

And it could literally be, so a really recent example is a client of mine, we were talking about going to. Bali and she messaged me and said, I’m ready. Let’s go. And I said, great, let’s go. And we booked it all in and then I floated it out. I think we might’ve even done it on my lunch too. And I said, Oh, let’s go to Bali.

And then I put it on Instagram. I’m like, who wants to come to Bali? And then I listen and it comes in the form of, I, by the way, most of my sales into the millions most has been through Instagram DMS. So that’s why I have a very active connected network on there that I trust that testing platform. So I, I think I also need to make that part clear.

I have a trust and a connection with my audience that when they tell me shit, I’m going to I know that they’re actually telling me it rather than it doesn’t feel like a trusted source. So firstly, spend the time to build a trusted community and people who buy from you and lean into your offers. That’s step one.

But secondly, now as I test it, I’d be getting DMS going, I’m really interested in Bali or what dates are you going to be in Bali? So then I’m able to respond to that. And the conversation begins. So I do a lot of the selling actually, even before I put a sales page together. And if it sells out, then I don’t even need the sales page.

Like it’s just done through conversation, old school style, but through a modern platform that’s been the main, main jam. And do you know what, like, yeah, sometimes it is a miss. I put stuff out there that I thought people wanted and they’ve literally asked for it and then it’s like, Ghosty, ghosty, ghosty city. To an echo chamber that let’s be real here. That absolutely still happens. And that’s, that’s all part of it. It’s like, Oh, well, okay. That’s it. That didn’t go down so well. It’s all good. You know, it’s don’t attach too much to that. Don’t make it mean too much. Just move along.

It’s fine. You’re an entrepreneur for a long time. There’s going to be like even professional. Elite athletes, they miss the goal, you know, they don’t always get it right and that’s part of it. You’re in the game. That’s part of the joy of it.

CLARE: And I love that energy because I think that a lot of times people look up to other people online and think that every single thing they do absolutely turns to gold.

And it’s like, but you’re missing the point. It’s not that everything turns to gold. It’s just that. It’s how people are perceiving what’s going on around them. Okay. That didn’t land. I wonder what, why that didn’t resonate or where I’m meant to go instead, rather than just like, that’s it. I know in my early days, my first launch that my first failed launch, I had five people join this course.

I threw my toys out of the car in the most immature way. Like I was sulking, I was crying. And now I’m like, gosh, like sometimes that just happens. What’s the big deal. But I, it felt like my world was crumbling in. And I think that there’s a lot to be said around managing your power and perception around what’s going on.

RUBY: And it will be at different levels for each person, you know, like the other day I was listening to a podcast and this entrepreneur had said that they had a perceived fail launch because they hadn’t hit a million dollars. And instead they had made 700 and it was such a fail and there’s, you know, ultimately we know the numbers behind that in a sense where it’s like, it’s a fail maybe because it wasn’t a break even or, you know, whatever it was, but gosh, are those numbers different to, let’s say if you’re just starting out and you put, put something out there and no one buys and it’s just crickets, what’s the loss there?

Yeah, absolutely zero your time. It’s not like you have a huge team to pay. And you’re losing out because of that, or maybe if you’re in product, it might be a little bit different. If you’re investing into a product, then test better, you know, like start smaller so that you can gain your confidence. And then from there you start to build off that.

Like I’ve been obsessed, my product girls out there listening, and I’ve been obsessed with watching a couple of these small business owners online who are killing it. What is the definition of small biz? Like how much is it under?

CLARE: 1. 5 in sales? I read once on a government, it was like one to five employees or something.

Stats are up to so many 500 K or I don’t know. It does. It’s kind of a bit of a vague thing, but then, you know, I also know a lot of online entrepreneurs who have like two permanent part timers who are making a couple of mil a year.

RUBY: Yeah. And it’s still a small business. They could still, yeah, yeah, yeah. So I guess if you’re not like a huge commerce store, like cotton on, you know, making whatever, then you’re still deemed a small business. But these, these. Gals who literally decided not to go to college or uni, they started their brand from their garage and then they built it. And one of them is making scrunchies and another person’s doing straws, like whatever it is. And they are killing it, like making a hundred thousand dollar months. And I love watching the YouTube channel because they’re just talking about, like, I don’t know where all these people are coming from. Anyway, we’ve gone on a segue, but I do feel like there are different levels of success that You don’t need to go swerving around other people’s lanes to find your success.

CLARE: Yeah.

RUBY: The only thing that you really need to tap into is what is going to make me feel like I have just done my own slam dunk. You know, it’s like that was awesome. And it might not always be tangible. That’s the thing. It’s for the most part, the energetics come first and then the actual tangible bottom line follows.

So celebrate the unseen things like, you know, Clare was saying her first, that first launch where it air quotes failed and she was like, Oh, throwing toys out. The next time that happened, let’s say you didn’t do that. That’s a slam dunk. Yeah. And then the good things followed by that from there, because you weren’t leading with this emotion that was throwing your vibration all over the shop.

You were leading from a place of groundedness and clarifying your message, knowing what to sell and being cool with it, just holding your ground. There’s something so magnetic about that.

CLARE: And also something that I’m learning a lot is how things can come to you in different ways than what you’d planned.

So sometimes, you know, I’m all about the spreadsheet and the budget and all of those things. And people always ask me this, but I’m like, just because it doesn’t play out the way that you had it in your budget, doesn’t mean that you can’t keep the faith around how it’s going to come. I’ve often, you know, the plan might be that it’s going to come in this format and then something else happens and you know, the money shows up in a completely different way and that’s okay.

I put the intention out for, you know, this amount of money or whatever it might look like. And it’s like, you can’t dictate to the universe how money flows to you sometimes either.

RUBY: My first hundred thousand that I’d made, I thought it was going to come through the coaching business. Like, you know. Surely I’ll just sell 10 packages done. And I’ll just spend, this was my mindset at the time. I’m going to spend one year attaining 10 clients who are willing to pay me $10, 000. Like I could see that the big picture, like if it meant I had no income for one month, I did have a financial runway. So I did do, you know, have six months of savings to buffer that. But that was my only goal. And what happened was I made my first a hundred thousand in the first a hundred days of my business. And it came through the form of consult 40 percent consulting fees. So because my main platform where I would share my daily work was on LinkedIn, I had a lot of corporates looking at me and they’d be like, Hey, we’ve got this leadership retreat can you come in and chat to us about how to start a personal brand on LinkedIn? We’ve only got a budget like five, five and a half, but we’ll throw in accommodation. I’d be like, okay, you know, just walking out it 40 percent came from consulting. So I was the spokesperson for indeed. com. The Austin office in Texas contacted me and said, we want you to be the face of all this stuff that’s going on in Australia. And we’ll pay you, you know, I can’t probably say, but anyway, like, let’s say multiple five figures to be the brand face of the brand. And I was like multiple five years, what? And that was insane. So that was another big chunk. Then speaker fees started to come in. Which by the way, I started asking for speaker fees, starting at $50 bucks, like no idea, but I was like, Oh yeah, I’ll do it for $50. I think they were just like, is that missing a couple of like a zero at least? Is that missing a zero?

Anyway, learnt and moved on from there, but it didn’t come through much of my coaching business at all. So absolutely agree. Just keep it open, be open, be receptive. Money comes from all different forms.

CLARE: How has your relationship with money changed as your business has grown?

RUBY: I speak to it really differently. So rather than at the beginning of my journey, I needed it to make sure that survival stuff, right? Like I could be in it for a long time and I had enough money for the family, et cetera. Because the other piece for me personally was my husband also quit his job to join the business and not even that he quit first and then he and I started it together. So it was, people always ask, you know, Oh my God, it’s how did you retire your husband? No, he started it first and then towed me along into it and said, I need a spokesperson for this business plan. Can you go out there and do your thing? And so that was really fun to, to start there, but it’s not like I had, we had a secondary income.

Where if my coaching business was not doing well, it’s okay, Michael’s income’s covering the thing. Like we were in it. So all in, chips all in, like, and we even sold our primary residence to fund the business and to have that runway. I’m not advising that by any means, but it’s what we knew we had to do in order to feel secure to say we’re entrepreneurs we’re in it.

And it would give us a couple of years extra to play around and to have that freedom to see whatever it was that the business wanted to do. Nowadays, how I think about money is it’s in partnership. It’s it’s in me, it’s around me. I embody it. It embodies me. It is a part of me. So whoever I am and whatever I do, it is also. What money is, you know, how it wants to represent itself through me. So in my hands, as I spend money on paying my staff or paying the tax bill or paying the groceries or whatever it looks like, I know that that’s charged with the energy that comes through my business and the embodiment and the intention that it’s been received in, if that makes sense.

CLARE: Yeah. So you, you’ve really shifted your relationship with money. How can people do that? Like if they’re listening, going, wow, I’m still in the feast and famine mode. I’m still just trying to have enough to pay my bills. Like what, how did you change your relationship?

RUBY: A lot of this was done personally for me in the subconscious mind.

So I am a huge believer. In modalities that help you get into deeper belief systems that most times you don’t even know you’re hanging on to, like there’s the classic, what did your mom and dad do with money and you picked that up, but there will be certain moments that come up in the subconscious work where you were like, Like I did this hypnosis, so hypnosis, kinesiology, rim healing, these are all different modalities that you can go and research and have a look at.

But I did this one hypnosis and the, it’s really cool because you know, in hypnotherapy, they count you down and then they say, when we’re down and I, we get down to this number, you will be transported back to the space, the place, the room. That this thing happened and you will know the core essence of why you’re still hanging on to your money blocks, for example, and there was 1.

Instance where I landed back in a corporate meeting room. This is crazy and I could even see the plaque on the room, like the room name. And it was like room 10, a, for example, and the level I remembered, like how to get there, even when in my conscious life, I couldn’t tell you the name of that room. Do you know? I’m like, I don’t know. I was just in that building in that room, but I knew exactly where I was at. I could even say that I had lipstick on my coffee mug and you know, like it was crazy how detailed it was. And it was a discussion about salary and it was, you know, there was three managers. I was one of them.

We’re all in the same. You know, line, if you like management line. And this was the room where my manager at the time had said, the other two are getting pay rises and you are not, but you’re, you’re going to get a bonus or whatever it was. And they’re like, this is why, why, why, why, why? And I just accepted that.

Like I did not push back. I didn’t try to negotiate it. I instead went to the bathroom and cried about it. You know, it was like, 25 at the time and just didn’t know what to do. And I was like, this is so unfair. The other two guys, and I’m, you know, this is the classic thing that happens. And I had no idea that that was hanging about in my subconscious mind and how it interpreted.

What meaning it brought around money blocks. Like I can’t ask for more than, or I can’t, you know, I’m not at the level as, as those two or, you know, whatever it was that it represented. So it is one of my favorite ways to uncover and unblock, but there are so many other things, like if that’s just not your jam right now, I totally get it.

There are so many other ways to do that through. Journaling. So Clare and I journal every day, and there are so many ways that you can start to change your language with money. So rather than something as simple as like, I need to make 5, 000 this month to cover the bills. It’s using these words around, you know what, I’m a match to that.

And the more that I put myself out there, and it’s not about doing more work, but it’s about your radiance and your belief in yourself. The more the money shows up with ease and effortlessness. And there’s no how behind that. Like the only how that I want you to ask is how it makes you feel, not how is it going to come to me?

So it’s like, I need $50, 000 to feel like I’m back on track. It’s not how am I going to make that $50 grand. It’s how does that $50 grand feel and what does that mean to me this month? It tells me that, yes, I’m back on track, that I’m onto something, that I have clients at that level, that pricing, changing the pricing was a good move. That’s what it gets to look like. And then the how just sort of falls into place, resources will come. The strategy follows.

CLARE: Oh, I love that. I love that. So you’ve been on this whole journey, your yourself, what does the future like when you look forward and you’re like, you’re seeing your relationship being upgraded already when you look forward five, 10 years, what does that look like for you?

RUBY: Well, from a money perspective, like I like to lead with that because it feels good. Easy for me to grasp because my relationship with money is so strong. I can see myself being an eight figure entrepreneur. So that is like, no doubt happening. What does that money do in this world? And that’s, that’s the next vision.

So it’s grown out a coaching business, which will continue to thrive. It’s going to grow out the second business, which is going to add to The industry, and it’s going to help people really connect deeper to their purpose work and to find themselves again, I’m going to build out, you know, retreats of some kind retreat experiences, retreat homes.

Maybe it’s spaces, not quite co work spaces, but spaces where people can come and hang out and we can just connect. You know, it’s like one of those things where I want to have pods all over the world and to have that ability for people to come and meet up and feel plugged in and connected. There’s a book in there Clare and I’ve always talked about this. There’s definitely a book at some point, like not right now, but it is birthing itself in some way. So, and I also see another side that this money buys a lot of. What’s the word? It’s like peacefulness and connection in the sense of, there’s going to be a lot of spaciousness in my life.

I know that there will be a lot of spaciousness and you know, those images or those scenes in movies where. The billion dollar founders are really hard to reach. Like they’re out in some like Arizona, no reception area glass mansion. They’re like, can’t reach her. She’s like, like, I think there’ll be moments where I will just retreat a lot and have that space to just be in like the gratefulness of everything that’s been created in that sense. What about your?

CLARE: I want to know yours. This episode is not about me.

RUBY: This is like, it’s literally, I want to bounce back to you because I think it’s, there’ll be. Yeah. You know, those listening in, I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s nice to hear different points of view because you see different dreams, which help you create and mold yours.

CLARE: Yeah. I mean, you know, when I look forward, I mean, obviously a big thing that I’m in the throes of is manifesting the house obviously selfishly and we want to have you know, a, beautiful home. We’ve got the dream location on the waterfront now, and we just want to be able to build the dream house.

Yeah. And for me, that’s also like when you talk about money and the impact, and this is going to sound a bit cliche, but I, in my heart of hearts, I mean this, me creating things in my life has a really beautiful knock on effect to other people. Yes. Because I get people who say to me, it’s so inspiring seeing you living by the beach.

Like I want to live by the beach. I think there is so much truth in that, that our creation helps inspire other people’s creation as well. And I want, when I build this house, like people will go, she freaking said she was going to do that like five years ago and she’s done it. And that, Empowers other people.

It’s not just about the selfishness of me wanting a nice big house. It’s also about what it shows other people and how if they put their heart and mind to something, they can go and create it. So that is definitely something in the materialistic world. I’m also being really called into impact work at the moment.

And what I mean by that is making a difference. I used to always think you know, like for example, making a difference in the environment, I’d be like, there’s no point. Me not using glad wrap because, you know, everyone else is using glad wrap anyway. And who gives a crap what I’m doing? And when I’ve had this big shift in like the last probably 12 months since my car accident, where I’m like, but the little things are the big things.

RUBY: Yeah.

CLARE: So now like I bought plastic containers for my kids lunches instead of using glad wrap. And it’s such a tiny thing, but like that stuff is actually huge and starting with getting my own backyard tidy, getting my, you know, I talk about like, I want to help charities. And it’s like, are you actually doing that now? And making sure that I’m actually starting to do the work, like in small steps that I want to create on a bigger scale. So I’m also really being called to that. I also have another book that is already swimming around my brain, which I’m really excited about, which is ridiculous because I’ve just come off the back of a book being like, it cost me an arm and a leg to write a book. But when it’s on your heart, you just know it, like you want to get it out there and speaking. Another big thing that I want to be doing is, is traveling the world and speaking. And this last year, you know, I’m really stepping into that role of. Being in front of groups, which is hilarious because I had a moment this morning I did a live training and I remembered that I used to get so freaking nervous before doing a training.

I’d be like shaking like a leaf. I’d be like, Oh my gosh, I’d be meditating. I’d be like taking my herbal drops. And I’m like, I don’t even get nervous. And I’m like, again, I hope this is the impact of this is showing other people. Like if I was the most nervous speaker in the world and now it’s part of my vision to be a speaker, you can do anything

RUBY: I love that. And it’s almost, I see you on such massive stages around the world and even hosting your own, your own stage, you know, not just you being a guest speaker, it’s your own stage and your own event. And that it just gets to grow. And doesn’t that just show you started out feeling so nervous and now the vision from there just feels. Like a done deal. It doesn’t feel like an infinite or maybe it’s, it’s a done deal. You’re already working towards that.

CLARE: And the way that we can talk about money with such confidence, like someone wants to ask me, don’t you feel like a dick talking about what if it doesn’t happen? I’m like, I’m not available to that energy. Like I’ve written it in a black and white book. It is happening. Like maybe the time frame be a little bit pushed out. Exactly. And I think this is the thing that we were talking about earlier. Like it can keep to get big, getting better and better. And I think that sometimes when good things happen to people, they’re just waiting for the thing to go wrong. And I’m like, but don’t even let that be something that you are thinking of. Like, what are you? It’s just the next level and then the next level. And, you know, I know even with stuff like traveling, like when you kind of go through an up level and, you know, you fly business class for the first time and then you’re like, I just want to fly lights for now. And why can’t I, you know, like why instead of this just being a one off and then I have to go back to flying on budget airlines again. What if that’s just. Not something that’s going to happen for me and trying to really stay in that space and energy of if something happens, it’s like, that’s weird as compared to like, see, I knew it was all going to fall apart because that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

RUBY: I want to circle back to this idea of, but why wouldn’t it happen? There is so, so much money and abundance around unlimited, actually. Just take a look around your neighborhood and take a look around the house that you’re in, whether you’re leasing it or you own it, the worth of that house itself. Is going to be mind blowing, like where you begin.

And also, I mean, I hope I’m speaking to the majority of people here. When I say this money’s never let you down. Even if you think about those times when you were at your worst financially down to the last dollar, you Money’s never let you down in some form, it showed up, it could have showed up in the form of a loan could have showed up in the form of extra credit on the bank statement or the credit card could have shown up in the form of you needing to sell lots of stuff on Facebook marketplace, however, it is, but it’s always shown up.

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here, like you wouldn’t be surviving. You wouldn’t be here. And the same goes with at each level that you move up and you, let’s say, have this like thing. And this is, this is interesting. So there is a certain concept that I’m developing and it’s in the notion of the success pitstop where you get to a certain point in your career, in your income goals, and suddenly everything comes to a bit of a halt and you’re going, hang on a second, like what’s happening here?

I’d already hit these highs. Why am I going backwards? I’ve already hit these goals. And I thought that was my energetic match talked about a lot in the money world. Energetic match is what you’re matched to from an income perspective, a debt point of view, all the things, and everything just seems to be going slightly awry or I think worse still.

Stagnated. Like, it’s just nothing. It’s just like, you’re just plateauing along. At least if something’s going backwards, you know, something’s not working, it’s like, what does this mean? You know, it’s just like, you’re literally in an echo chamber and there’s no feedback. Worst nightmare for manifesting generators.

When it comes to that kind of thing, that’s when you’re being called up to look all around you. And as cliche as it sounds, gratefulness, gratefulness, gratefulness. And you will start to realize just how much you haven’t seen what’s around you and what’s what’s around. Like the other week I was in this space where I got into a funk success pit stop is never easy because you literally have like people, you know, wheels coming off and you know, whatever it is like, and you’re just wanting to get going.

You’ve got FOMO, you see people zooming past you. It’s like, hello, you know, like what, when is it my turn to get back out there? But if you’re not. Really looking at what needs to be attuned and aligned and what needs to be attuned and aligned usually comes out in a language of gratefulness of like, let’s just take a look at what you’ve already made happen.

It doesn’t matter how far down the track you go with your success. You’re never going to feel good enough, safe enough, secure enough and happy enough. And that is just the truth. And I’ve lived it like I’ve, that first million dollars I’d made, I was. Just could not believe it. Like my husband showed me the financials.

He’s like, just hit over a million. And I was so over the moon. The second million came and I remember thinking to myself, wow, that was so easy. The third million came and I thought to myself, that’s. That was probably the hardest million that I had ever made, you know, just like everything had happened.

That was when COVID had happened and pulled up and I had to change the business model slightly. And I realized why is because I did drop my gratefulness practice for a big chunk of that time. It’s like, Oh my God, the realization of that, like, so just take a moment and just write and write. And just when you think you’ve finished your list, you’ve only just started. Like everything gets to go on there throughout the day, just top it up, top it up, top it up. And you’ll start to notice the small things in your world that changes because you’ve practiced gratefulness, random smiles on the street from strangers, whatever it is, that it, it does shift perspectives in big ways.

CLARE: Oh, my gosh. I love that. I love that. Well, as always, I feel like I could chin wag with you forever, but we do need to wrap this episode up. So Ruby, if people are listening and want to connect with you or want to work with you, what’s the best way they can do so?

RUBY: Well, if you’re already in podcast land. Come and find me I’m over at flow state business, or if you’ve seen the share on Instagram, I’m also at Instagram, just search Ruby Lee and you’ll find me there as well.

CLARE: I’ve loved this conversation and I can’t wait till we can talk about money again and watch, watch the next evolution of, of your second business in your, your next chapter. Thank you so much for your honesty, transparency, and inspiration in today’s episode, Ruby. I’ve really, really loved it. And I’m sure the listeners have too.

RUBY: Oh, thank you, Clare. Big love. And thank you everybody for tuning in today.

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