Finding success and creating impact in black communities with Omi Bell

Business is certainly a multi-path journey. In today’s episode, I chat with Omi Bell from Black Girl Ventures, about how she has been able to find success that creates massive impact for black and brown communities by providing access to capital for budding entrepreneurs.

In this Episode:
02.24: Omi’s business journey – From being laid off, to calling the ‘Psychic Hotline’ to making t-shirts, then starting a venture capital biz to change the world.

15.43: How Black Girl Ventures runs and positively impacts black and brown communities

19.15: The success stories of Black Girl Ventures recipients

22.09: Clare’s story of spiritual signs and Omi’s hot air balloon connection


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Guest Bio

Omi Bell is a multi-talented computer scientist, business strategist, successful author and serial entrepreneur. She also has a background in performance, K-12 Education, and IP Strategy. Her innovative approach to creating access to social and financial capital has earned her recognition as a leading voice in the industry, as well as praise from prominent figures such as Robert F. Smith and Daymond John.

As the founder of and CEO of Black Girl Ventures, Omi has made it her mission to provide resources and support to underrepresented entrepreneurs, funding over 300 women-owned businesses. She has also testified in front of Congress and rang the Nasdaq closing bell, highlighting her dedication and commitment to creating positive change. Omi also authored a book: Originate, Motivate, Innovate: 7 Steps to Building a Billion Dollar Network; that teaches entrepreneurs how to find mindsets, tools, tactics, and strategies to succeed.

Omi has been named one of the Top 100 Powerful Women in Business by Entrepreneur Magazine, Top 40 Power Women in Tech by DCA Live, and one of the Top 25 Black Leaders for the Black Voices for Black Justice Fellowship. She has also partnered with brands such as Nike, Visa, PayPal, and has been featured in various publications including Forbes, AdWeek, Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Refinery29.

Under Omi’s leadership, Black Girl Ventures has funded over 300 women founders representing about $10MM in revenue, creating over 3,000 jobs for the US economy and raising $5M in financial and social capital. Her impact extends beyond her organization, as she continues to be an advocate for social justice and equity in the business world.

Omi Bell is more than the woman behind the Black Girl Ventures brand, she is a force to be reckoned with in the space of building social capital not just for black and brown women, but she stands in the gap for all women.

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