Harnessing the power of a rich mindset

Most of the people I spend my time with these days are multi-millionaires and this made me think about how they think and act. In today’s episode, I share what goes on inside the mind of wealthy people and give you some practical tips so you too, can harness the power of a rich mindset.

In this Episode:
02.50: What is a rich mindset?

03.33: The key traits I’ve noticed of my rich friend’s from neutrality to curiosity, from risk taking to ultraism. 

15.43: The practical things you can do, like the rich, to cultivate a rich mindset





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 I had a bit of a mind blowing realization the other day that Most of the people I spend my time with these days are multi millionaires. And I was thinking about the way that they think and they act. And I thought it might be really cool to create an episode where I share with you what goes on inside the mind of wealthy people and share with you some of the tips that you can use yourself to harness the power of a rich mindset. I can’t wait to share this episode with you.

A rich mindset is thinking like a wealthy person.

As I mentioned in the intro, as someone who now spends my time mostly hanging out with multi millionaires. Here’s some things that I’ve noticed about how they think and act and how I’ve switched my thinking to align with a wealthy mindset. Because first of all comes the mindset, which leads the actions, which leads to the outcomes.

So the first thing that I’ve noticed is our neutrality to money. Most wealthy people I know Don’t brag. And they’re not lying about money. It’s just that they are talking about biggest sums of money with no emotion. So an example, I recently lost a $50 note. I know that someone had given it to me for my son’s birthday present. I have no idea where it is. One of my kids might’ve taken it. A cleaner might’ve taken it. I noticed that it had gone missing, but it’s not, I’m certainly not like, no, life is over. It’s like, yeah, cool. I’ve, I’ve lost $50 bucks.

Some of my wealthy friends talk the same way about larger sums of money. And let me share an example.

One of our couple friends was saying that they got, they got ripped off and you know, someone’s stolen a bunch of money. Basically a contract has taken a bunch of money from them. And they said, well, why don’t you take them to small claims? Why don’t you take legal action against them? And they’re like, you know, it’s, it’s $60,000. It’s probably not worth the time and energy. And I was like, whoa, imagine $60, 000 not being worth the time and energy. They didn’t even send them an email. They’re just like, the money’s gone, whatever. It’s not worth it. They were saying this about $60, 000 with the same energy that. I was talking about losing my $50, like there’s a real sense of neutrality around money. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s just like, yeah, it’s just, yeah, I guess I’ve more money than the average person.

And this leads me to the second thing that I’ve noticed is a positive attitude towards money. They look at things with abundance. It’s not, I can’t afford that.

A lot of my entrepreneur friends, I know that if something comes up and we’re like, Whoa, it’s so goals to fly private jet or to, you know, go fly business class to Italy or whatever the thing might be that we’re desiring. People aren’t like, I can’t afford that. It’s a, an attitude where it’s like, okay, right.

What could we do to create the money for that? How much would I need to make in my next launch? What would I need to do differently to bring that about? It’s not a, that is so triggering, that’s impossible. It’s just a different lens. They’re looking at things. With abundance. I’ve noticed that my wealthy friends are usually, I mean, everyone’s obviously on a different, on a different spectrum, but most of them are not tight with their money.

They’re, you know, they’re, they’re generous in certain situations, but they’re also not reckless. It’s not like every time I go out there, you know, treating the whole bar or, or even treating everyone at the table, like every now and again, they might say, Hey, I’ve got this. They’re kind of somewhere in the middle and that comes back to that neutrality again and having a really positive attitude towards money. Because if someone’s just throwing money away all the time, it’s kind of like they don’t really value it. They don’t really care about it. And equally people who have money. You know, like to enjoy their money. They like to treat their friends from time to time. But equally something I’ve noticed is that if people were just sitting there taking free dinners off them all the time, I don’t think that most wealthy people that I know anyway would want to keep hanging out with people that are just, you know, scabbing off them all the time. So it’s about not being reckless, not being tired.

The next thing that I’ve noticed is a curiosity around other people’s success.

So for example, If they find out that someone has doubled their sales the last year, they don’t go to a place of, Oh, well, blah, blah, blah. They’re not judging them. They’re usually like, no way. Tell me about it. One of our friends is a share trader. And I’ve noticed that The wealthy mindset, people with a wealthy mindset are like, Oh my gosh, like tell me, you know, how you’ve been doing it. What trades are going on? What are you recommending? They’re really curious about success and curious, particularly about how other people are able to create it so that they can learn. Someone in my world recently said, Clare’s a princess. And they were talking about the fact that I have a cleaner that comes twice a week, which you know, I’m incredibly, incredibly grateful for, you know, our cleaner helps with not only cleaning the house, but also with our, our folding and washing these days as well, which I recognize is, is an absolute, absolute blessing.

But the person who said these, who called me a princess, and I believe they also said that I was lazy, has never once asked me anything about what I do for a job or even, Hey, could I come and learn from you? Could I be part of your business? They don’t follow me on social media. And, you know, I’ve even written a book and I’m sure this person hasn’t read my book.

So you’ll notice that they were judging about the fact that, you know I’m able to be supported by a cleaner regularly without having a sense of curiosity about it. It was coming purely from a place of judgment. Whereas what I’ve noticed with people with a wealthy mindset is that they are usually like, Oh my gosh, like I had never even thought that. How do you get a cleaner? Or how do you, how do you you know, pay for that? So it’s having a real curiosity about success is another thing that I’ve noticed about my multi millionaire friends. Curiosity about success.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is a long term focus. So yes, they have a curiosity about like, how did you do that? How are you making money off trading? How’s that your full time job? But they’re not interested in get rich quick schemes. You know, crypto, for example, there are certainly ways that some people perceive are gambling, I guess. And absolutely some wealthy people do get there by taking really big gambles on things. But a lot of. People who create long term wealth and long term success aren’t interested in the get rich, get, get rich quick schemes. They are wanting to create sustainable success, the long term focus.

And, you know, taking an even outside of the, the, the people in my world, looking at, you know, people on a global basis, a lot of truly wealthy people, like talking about the billionaires, you know, Elon Musk Mark Zuckerberg, those kinds of guys, they don’t ever need to work again. Like when you’ve got that much money, Jeff Bezos, they don’t need to ever work again. So why do they keep on working? It’s because they’ve got a long term focus. And usually once your basic needs are met, your drivers become bigger than money. Most truly successful people aren’t just trying to get rich. They’re trying to solve problems and create impact. And even when they don’t need to earn anymore or create anymore, they still do. It’s about something bigger. Now, maybe those billionaires are a bad example. You know, maybe the motivation behind it isn’t purely altruistic, but it is about something bigger. And it’s certainly about the long term focus. Otherwise, why would they still be working? And that’s something that I’ve noticed about a lot of successful people. They don’t need to work. They are doing it for a bigger reason, a bigger purpose, a long term focus.

The next common trait that I’ve noticed is that they are willing to take bigger risks than the average person.

Now, I recognize that there is a little contradiction to the one above and you know, there are actually a lot of, a lot of paradoxes, a lot of contradictions in the world of, of manifestation and world creation, but stay with me on this one. I know I said that people don’t, aren’t here for gambling or get rich, get rich quick schemes. My gosh, that’s hard to say. See if you can say that better than me. As much as they aren’t like throwing all their money on black at the casino and hoping for the best, they are leaning in, in a bigger way. in business and in life.

They are willing to do things that most people aren’t willing to do.

A few more things that again are common traits that I’ve noticed.

They surround themselves with higher vibrational people. And there’s a reason why wealthy people do this. It’s because you become who you’re around. And it’s not just about being around, you know, other rich people or wealth people. It’s about being around people who are operating at a high vibration, wanting to create amazing things, who are smart, who make you think about things differently.

And the last thing that I’ve noticed is that they have mentors throughout their lives, their careers. They invest to work with people. to teach them what they have learned. Most successful people have mentors. So there’s some of the things that I’ve noticed. How do you use this information so that you can create a rich mindset?

Before I dive into that, If you’re loving this episode so far, and you’re wanting to continue this work on your mindset, just a reminder to check out my free three day manifesting challenge. I spoke about it in the intro. This is three days where we are going deep into this work, and I’m teaching you how to understand using your mindset differently to create success, both in your business, but in many areas of your life. Trust me, I’m an accountant by trade, but I used to think all this stuff was really woo woo and weird, but I have seen the transformative effects that it’s had on my life, that of my clients and my students. And I really believe this stuff works when you learn how to truly work with them. If you want to come and join me in the three day challenge, you can join via the link in the show notes for today’s episode.

So coming back to what we spoke about before about. Using this knowledge so that you can create a rich mindset, what are some things on a practical level that you can start to do so that you can create a wealthy mindset yourself? The first thing is stop placing money and wealthy people on a pedestal. I remember when I first started hanging out with You know, a friend of mine, her parents ran a business that bought her a car. And I just thought, you know, back in that was like, Whoa, I can’t believe her parents just bought her a, you know, at the time it was like a $30,000, $40, 000 car. Whoa. That just completely blew my mind. And when I would hang out with her. I would put on my fake designer brand t shirt, which was the only thing I owned. It wasn’t even a real designer t shirt. When I’d see her, I’d stress over my outfit when we’re going to hang out. And my friend would rock up in denim shorts and thongs. Now, I’m not saying that dress like a grub because obviously your clothes and how you present are absolutely part of how people perceive you, but you don’t need to show off to impress wealthy people.

Coming back to that, that conversation around neutrality, how can you be as comfortable in the energy of next level wealth?

As you are in your everyday life, can you use with confidence? Can you be, not be intimidated by people who have more money than you or places that feel opulent? The more and more that you become comfortable. Both in the energy of successful people, but also in spaces in high vibrational spaces, it just starts to become very normalized to you.

I remember the first time I ever went to a resort I was 23 years old and it was in Thailand and I was walking around like with my mouth hanging open, like, whoa, and I frequented resorts so many times now that when I walk around, I’m like, I can appreciate the beauty in someone without feeling like I don’t belong there. I now I’m like, I belong in these environments. So the more that you can normalize, stop putting money, stop putting people, stop putting. places that you go on a pedestal to start to become really like, yeah, I belong here.

The next thing is to pay to learn from successful people. There are two types of people in this world. There are those that are stuck and there are those that are successful that are growing.

Let me tell you a story about back in my corporate days, many, many years ago. So I’d been working for over a decade as an accountant spending all day, every day in Excel spreadsheets. I don’t want to talk myself up, but I’m pretty good with spreadsheets, right? Especially when I was doing it all day, every day. And we had these graduates come in as part of a graduate program. And my boss said to me, would you mind spending some time with these, these two? I’m teaching them. a little about Excel. Now this, I will never forget this, this 18 year old kid, maybe he was a little bit older, fresh out of uni, you know, like 20, 21 years old, said I already know how to use Excel. And he literally wouldn’t sit down with me. He obviously perceived that he had nothing more that he could learn in that space. Now, I don’t know what became of him, but I will tell you this, that mindset, I want to, I know everything. is not a mindset that will set you up for long term success.

There’s a saying that I hear Dale Beaumont say, I don’t know if it’s actually his or not, but I’ll give credit to him for this saying because I love it. And it’s this, it’s you are either green and growing or ripe and rotting.

A rich mindset is one of constant growth.

I have done in my day I think I’m up to four or five money mindset courses now, and I continue to invest with mentors and learning more about money. Even though I’ve spent years and years studying it, I’ve done course after course after course. And you know, even when I’m learning more about manifestation and mindset, a lot of the time I know a good bulk of it, I, you know, I’ve, I’ve heard it before, you know, it might be one new thing that I learned, one new strategy, one new tip, and I go, Whoa, that’s a game changer. Or sometimes it’s also a really great refresher. Pay to learn. I have a constant mindset of I can’t wait to learn more.

The next strategy is to take calculated risks. In his book, Losing My Virginity, Richard Branson said he’s not a risk taker. Now, the reason he says that is because he says, I’m not reckless. Yes, I take risks. But it’s a calculated risk. I research, I consider the potential outcomes. If you want to stay in your comfort zone, you will never achieve extraordinary things in your life. People who are creating big things. Take calculated risks, which leads me to the final thing that I want to share with you, which is learning the skill of being okay with failure. If you look at millionaires, multi millionaires and billionaires, and you think successful people never make a mistake, you’ve got it all wrong. They screw up constantly. They are okay with failure. And when they make mistakes, they reframe it. They don’t make it to mean I’m a failure. I’m a loser. It’s all doom. They’re like, okay, cool. I’ll learn a valuable lesson there. You’ve got to give yourself permission to make mistakes if you want to create sustainable long term success in your business and in any area of your life.

A rich mindset isn’t just about being rich. It’s about beliefs, attitudes, and how you behave around money.

Do you have a growth mindset?

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s episode of the podcast as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it. And don’t forget if you are loving the concept of creating, cultivating, harnessing, building your own rich mindset go and check out the 3 Day Manifesting Challenge. It’s free to join. I’ll be conducting it live in just a couple of weeks. And you can join me via the link in the show notes for today’s episode.

Thanks so much for dropping by and listening to the Clare Wood podcast. I will chat to you again soon.

* Transcript created by AI – may contain errors or omissions from original podcast audio


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