7 mindset hacks for building a million dollar business

Are you dreaming of building a wildly successful business?

In today’s episode, I share all of my favourite mindset hacks to help you build your very own million dollar business

In this Episode:
02.16: Getting super clear on your goals
02.57: Act as if you are already a million dollar business
03.41: How to stop fear holding you back
04.42: Why you need to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable
06.22: Accepting and dealing with failure
07.31: Implementing mindset practices
10.03: Creating a great relationship with money




Are you dreaming of building a wildly successful business? You are going to love today’s episode of the podcast because I am sharing all of my favorite mindset hacks to help you build your very own million-dollar business.


Hello and welcome to The Clare Wood Podcast, where myself and incredible guests share about money mindset, financial successes, and how to manage your money in a fun and practical way to create wealth and abundance in both your business and your life. I’m your host, Clare Wood, I’m a business coach and a money mentor. I strongly believe that money has the power to positively change the world. I can’t wait to help you transform your mindset around money, create a love of numbers, and build the business of your dreams so you can live a life of financial freedom, giving, and global impact.


So, why do you need to have mindset hacks? Why do you need to work on your mindset in business? As a business coach and money mentor who has been supporting businesses to scale to seven figures for over five years now I’ll tell you the reason why. Growth doesn’t come through strategies, it comes through firstly shifting your mindset. This might sound a little bit foreign if the concept of mindset is new to you, but you’re going to have to trust me on this. If you are just doing the things, implementing strategies, but you haven’t fundamentally changed what you believe is possible, you are always going to slip back to those old thoughts and beliefs around scarcity and any short-term successes that you do achieve are going to disappear as quickly as they arrived. This is why the mindset work is the foundations of building a solid house for future growth. I’m so excited to share these mindset hacks with you today.


Getting super clear on your goals


The first mindset hack that I have for you, get super clear on your goals. Most business owners don’t actually know what it is that they really want, both in the business and how the business will impact their life. Spend some time diving into this. What does your dream life really look like? What does your most amazing and abundant business look like? Getting super clear on these goals is the best way to start moving towards them.


Act as if you are already a million dollar business


Once you have identified what those goals look like the next step is to act as if you’re already a million-dollar business owner, how would you show up in your business? What kind of things would you be doing? What kind of things would you not be doing? If you’re wanting to achieve that level of success you need to create the belief well before you are there. You need to start showing up as that kind of business owner right here and right now in your business.


How to stop fear holding you back


The third mindset hack that I have identified that really helps businesses to rapidly grow is to not let fear hold you back. So many times when we look inside we kind of know the thing that we need to do. Maybe it looks like investing in your business, working with experts, maybe you need to hire that team member, maybe you need to move into that dream office of yours. Perhaps it looks like hiring a business coach or doing a course that you know will propel you closer to those big dreams that you have. Fear is one of the base things that can limit your growth. When you identify that it is a fear that is the first step in moving through the fear and moving closer to those big dreams that you have for your business.


Why you need to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable


The fourth mindset hack for achieving incredible growth in your business is to get comfortable being uncomfortable. If you keep doing the same thing in your business that you have always done chances are you’ll get what you’ve always got. Every time I start to move a business owner from a place where I feel really comfortable to the level that they want to be, they do experience really big levels of discomfort. This is a normal part of growth. Think about any time you want to go through a significant change in your business. Perhaps it’s losing weight, perhaps it’s breaking up with a partner that isn’t the right fit for you. When you are going for a significant change like this it doesn’t feel great when you’re actually doing it, in fact, sometimes it feels pretty bloody awful. But the result that is on the other side of the discomfort, the sore legs from going to the gym, perhaps that feeling of missing out on ice cream after every meal, the awkward conversation with a partner that is not aligned to your future, when you do push through that discomfort you are so much closer to your dreams and that feeling at the end, that great feeling makes the short-term discomfort worthwhile. If you’re wanting to build a million-dollar business you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable.


Accepting and dealing with failure


The next mindset hack in terms of building your seven-figure business is to accept that failure is part of the journey. Sometimes we think the pathway to success should be really easy, but unfortunately it rarely happens like that. Failures aren’t really failures, often they are an incredible learning experience. When you’re in the midst of them it doesn’t feel like that, it feels like the worst feeling in the world. You feel like you’re a loser, you shouldn’t be in business, perhaps you think, “I don’t even really know what I’m doing here.” But failure is part of the process. And the sooner that you can accept that that is just part of the entrepreneurial journey, the sooner that you can start to move towards your goals, because you’ll start taking those short-term setbacks less personally and just accept that that’s part of the growth journey. Values are actually learnings.


Implementing mindset practices


This sixth mindset hack to help you scale your business to a million dollars is to engage some really powerful mindset practices. This is one of the most common questions I get asked. What other things that you actually do with your clients that help them to scale their business? Some of my favorite mindset practices are meditation. Doing as little as a five-minute meditation every day can have a huge impact on your mental health but also your belief around what is possible in your business and in your life. I personally meditate for 10 minutes every day and in future I would love to increase that amount of time.


The next mindset practice that I believe has a massive impact on your results is journaling. Journaling is the process of sitting down with pen and paper and documenting out what is coming up inside your thoughts. Often journaling to some prompts can be a really powerful way to dive into what is going on inside your head and to help unlock any of the challenges that you are currently facing in business. Like anything in life it’s a new skill that needs to be learned, so if it does feel a bit uncomfortable at first I really do encourage you to stick with it and I promise you it does get easier in time.


The next mindset hack I’ve got in this space of mindset practices is exercise. I am a huge believer that smashing out a workout completely changes the way that you think and frame things in your life. What that exercise looks like might be different for everyone. For me, I walk six to seven days a week. I do an hour-long walk in the morning with my family and on top of that I do several gym sessions a week where I really smash out some weights. This form of exercise really works for me but it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. Figure out some sort of exercise regime that works for you that’s going to help up-level the way that you think about things and make you frame things in your business and your life in a more positive way.


Creating a great relationship with money


Mindset hack number seven. Last but definitely not least, create a great relationship with money. Learn how to love your money. Don’t ignore it, put your attention there and learn how to manage your money. This is honestly one of the most powerful ways that I have seen people significantly shift the results that they are achieving in their business by getting a really familiar within numbers and tracking their sales results and being really conscious about their spending. Learning to manage your money is one of the best ways to improve your mindset and start building that million-dollar business of yours.


If you have loved these hacks, this is just the beginning of the mindset and money management work that you can do in your business. In my course, Million Dollar Money Management, I teach you all about how to manage your mindset and your money like a million-dollar business owner. This is exactly what I do with my clients every day to help them scale their business. Doors are opening again in a few weeks and if you jump on the waitlist for the course there is a massive bonus on offer.


I am so excited to launch this program again as in this course I share all the strategies I use with my multi six-figure clients to help them scale to a million dollars. So if you would like me to you in a live round of the program where you can have weekly coaching with me, make sure you jump on the waitlist and you’ll be one of the first to know when it launches, plus you get that epic bonus that I mentioned before.


So to sum up today, the seven mindset hacks that you need for building a million-dollar business are

  1. get super clear on your goals.
  2. act as if you’re already there, start creating the belief right here and now.
  3. don’t let fear hold you back.
  4. get uncomfortable because that’s where the growth happens.
  5. accept that failure is part of the journey.
  6. engage the mindset practices that will shift you close to those big dreams of yours
  7. create a great relationship with money.


Thank you so much for tuning in today and I hope these mindset hacks start propelling you towards your million-dollar business. Thanks so much for listening. If you love this episode please share it with your audience and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram @clare_wood_coach, and also make sure you hit subscribe so you never miss an episode. Have an abundant week, and I look forward to talking to you again next week.


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