50 x Money Affirmations PLUS Audio Recording

50 x Powerful

50 x Powerful

+ BONUS audio recording

Transform your money mindset through these uplifting affirmations.

If you think “It’s hard to make money” or “I will never be rich” that is probably what you will attract in your results.

Your money mindset is how you think about money.  Because what you think, is what you create.

The cool thing is though, you can work on your money mindset.  When you think differently about money, you act differently around money and in turn you make more money!

Affirmations are a great tool to help your subconscious mind think differently around money. These are is powerful and positive statements that you say on repeat either out loud or in your head.

When you download, you will receive:

  • A downloadable with 50 impactful money affirmations
  • An audio file recording so you can listen and repeat these affirmations along with me – either out loud or in your head. A great way to get into the habit of saying them.

Ready to get your mind on the money?

50 x Money Affirmations PLUS Audio Recording

Clare Wood

Hello there! I’m your money mentor with the quals and results to prove it.

I’m a numbers geek (a qualified accountant or CPA), mum of 2 young boys, gym junkie, wine drinker, wanderluster and encourager.

After too many years working as a number cruncher in global corporates, I became a mentor helping business owners just like you to master their money through solid financial stewardship and a healthy dose of money mindset.

Clients of mine have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled their profit by shifting how they think about profit (extra 000’s in the bank account sounds good to me!).

I know you were created for incredible success… and I want to help you get there.

50 x Money Affirmations PLUS Audio Recording