Why you are craving successful business friends

As your business is growing you may find yourself craving being in the energy of successful business owners. And you might be wondering, why is that? And how do I find new business friends? In today’s episode of the podcast I explore why you crave the energy of people doing amazing things and how to find the right circle to be mixing with. 

In this Episode:

03.03: The loneliness of business ownership
05.40: Manifest your new business friends
07.35: Put yourself in the right environment (with people that inspire you)
11.42: Pay to be in the energy of successful people 



As your business is growing, you may find yourself craving being in the energy of successful business owners. And you might be wondering, well, why is that? And how exactly do I find myself some new business friends? So, in today’s episode of the podcast, I’m going to be exploring both of those questions: why you are craving the energy of people who are doing amazing things, and importantly, how to find the right circle for you to be mixing with.


Hello and welcome to the Clare Wood Podcast. This is your weekly dose of all things money to help you intentionally create a profitable business and a life you love. I have the difficult conversations about money so you can make more money with confidence. Each week, I share how you can use mindset and the practical foundations of finance to elevate your earnings without sacrificing the things that are important to you, because you can and should be making more money.


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Now, diving into the episode.


The loneliness of business ownership


Something happens as you evolve on your business journey. It gets lonely, and why is that? The reason for that is because you are doing things differently to the average Joe. In your business you are likely doing a lot of content creation and marketing, and as your business is growing, you are earning good money, probably a lot more than most people around you are. Maybe you are finding that your old circle of people who are in nine to five jobs are judging you for showing up on your marketing or social media, or perhaps they just can’t resonate to what is going on in your world. There are certain things that maybe you want to be talking about and they don’t quite understand because they’re not in the same game as you. Now, I’m certainly not saying that you should get rid of all your old friends by any stretch, but what I am saying is that you might be craving the energy of other entrepreneurs.

I know for me that I am craving deeper conversations these days. I love to talk about my business, I love to talk about it all the time. I want to be having conversations about money, about team, about hiring and firing, about new opportunities, new business opportunities, new ways of making money. And I also love to talk about my big dreams. And sometimes what you find as you are growing in your business is that your old friendship circle might not be able to relate to everything that is going on inside your business. They might not understand the flexibility and the autonomy that you have over your work, or maybe they don’t understand the fact that you are working on the weekends or at nights, or the fact that you are obsessed with your job and with helping people and with coming up with new ways to deliver a better experience to your clients.


The more I’m evolving professionally and also personally, I’m finding that I’m craving deeper connection and deeper conversations, and as a result, my circle is getting smaller. Perhaps this is something that resonates for you, but how do you find successful business friends?


Well, here are some of my top tips.


Manifest your new business friends


Now, the first one’s going to sound a little bit left field, but bear with me. The first tip I have is to manifest new and successful people coming into your world. It’s to really start to put that energy out there and say, “I’m ready to meet some really amazing next level people.” It’s being open to seeing the opportunities that are out there, to listening to those intuitive nudges. Literally being in the right energetic space to start to attract the right kind of people is the first step in saying, “Show me where I can find these kind of people, universe. Where are my next level business friends?”

And it’s amazing when you start to open yourself up, how you start to see more and more opportunities coming your way. If you’ve been a longtime listener of the podcast, you’ll know that I love to put dating analogies in there because I spent many years single before I met my husband. And this is something that I say to my single friends, is literally being in the space where you’re saying, “I am open to meeting new people and to welcoming in a relationship.” I used to meet a lot of people when I was single, and I think so much of it really was mindset, being in the space of saying, if someone comes along, I’m open to getting to know them or having a conversation and really being in alignment with attracting the right person, or in this case, the right business friends that you want to welcome into your circle.

So that would be the first tip that I would have for you.


Put yourself in the right environment (with people that inspire you)


The next suggestion that I have is to put yourself in the right environments. Now, let me share an example about the mother’s group that I was in after I had my first son. So I used to live in Sydney in a really beautiful inner-city suburb. And as a result, the mother’s group that I was in had some pretty impressive people who were in the group. I remember we had a surgeon, a CFO, lots of people with really impressive jobs. Now, my sister also lived in Sydney at the same time, and she lived in perhaps not quite as high as socioeconomic area, and there was just a bit more of a mixed bag in her mother’s group, let’s just say. Now, I am aware that this sounds terribly judgemental and I’m not at all wanting to pass judgments on someone for their profession or their income level or anything like that.

However, what I am saying is if you desire to make more money, you need to be in the energy of people who think like that and who are achieving like that. And one of the best ways to do that is to intentionally put yourself in environments where it’s more likely that you will mix with those kind of people.


I am a tragic R&B fan. I love R&B music and I love to go to a festival every year with my little sister. She’s 15 years younger than me, and my gosh, we have a great time. But one thing I’ll say, this festival, there’s a lot of young people, people drinking a lot of alcohol, all of the things. And it’s probably not somewhere where I’m going to meet people who are performing at a really high level in a business sense. And of course, I recognize that there will be people there. I mean, I myself am going, I love to go to festivals, but I guess I’m just saying it’s about intentionally picking environments if that is what you are seeking out. Let me explain some more examples about this. When I go on holidays these days, I love to stay at the best place that we can reasonably afford. And the reason for that is that you tend to meet a different kind of people when you go to different kind of places. Now, I still love to go camping and I spend a lot of my life backpacking. I’m certainly not a snob, but something that I have found is that when we do go and stay at really beautiful resorts, we tend to meet entrepreneurs or people who are really successful in their career. And if that is something that you are wanting to do, think about intentionally being in places where these people are more likely to be. I know when I go to events, I love to upgrade to VIP tickets if I can. And again, that’s just about being able to be in the energy of different kind of people. I am not saying at all that you should spend money that you don’t have. If you are a longtime listener of the podcast, you will know that I certainly am not recommending that you go and borrow a ton of money to go and stay at a resort or to be in the VIP area or to fly business class.


I guess I’m just saying that you get to intentionally start thinking about the environments that you are in and the likelihood of the dream people you want to be mixing with being in that environment. I love to be the poorest person in the room. I really love to go to a resort knowing that people there are earning a lot more money than me. It’s just a little shift in mindset and something that I want to start to challenge you to think about. How can you be in an environment where you are more likely to meet the kind of people who are where you would like to be?


Pay to be in the energy of successful people


And my final tip, if you are wanting to get in the energy of successful entrepreneurial people, the best way to do this is to pay for it. And I really recommend that you join a Mastermind. It’s one of the best ways to be very specific about the kind of people that you are going to mix with and that you are going to meet inside an educational container. I’ve shared this story on the podcast before, but when I first joined a Mastermind, I came into the container and was almost intimidated by all of the people who were around me. They were having $50,000 months and massive big launches. But being in that sort of group and that sort of environment really pushed me to uplevel. And in the time I was in my Mastermind, my income literally doubled from where I was at the start to where I was at the end.


So if you have been considering a Mastermind, what are some factors that you might want to consider?


Firstly is price. And you might think, Clare’s going to tell me to make sure I get a bargain. And in fact, it’s the opposite. Speaking about the high environments, like I spoke about in the last one, if you are joining a Mastermind that is cheap, it’s probably going to attract those kind of people into that environment. This is not wanting at all to poo-poo the containers that are at a lower price point, but I guess I just want to highlight that if something’s a hundred dollars a month to be a part of, then it’s going to be open to every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to come and jump inside. And perhaps the people that are more successful who are in it, are not going to be energetically showing up in the same sort of way as they would where they have invested a little bit more. I certainly don’t want you to spend money that you don’t have, but if you can afford to invest in a higher ticket container, I really recommend that you do.


So the next thing that I would suggest is that you really check out the criteria for being able to join the container. I am very specific with my Mastermind container. This round, people have to be making multiple six figures in their business to be able to be welcomed in. And that’s not snobbery or anything like that, it’s just the reality is people are facing different challenges at different stages in business. And my forte, my experience really lies in helping people who are doing a couple of hundred thousand dollars a year and helping them to scale to a million dollars revenue a year. And so I very specifically identified this within the container. So if you are eyeing off Masterminds, see is it open for anyone? Is it specific to your industry? Who is coming into that container and are they going to be the right fit to inspire you and support you to step into your next level?


And the last thing that I really think you need to look at is the coach. Inside a Mastermind container, there will be a coach who is leading the sessions and holding the space for the community, as well as providing the training inside. And to me, it’s really important that you choose a coach that resonates with you, that speaks in a way that you understand and that you find it really inspiring. The coach will have a really big impact on what goes on inside a Mastermind container. Another thing to also consider is how much community is fostered inside a Mastermind.


I know that sometimes people have Masterminds where they rock up and just do a training and they get no connection with the other Masterminders. And if you are wanting to uplevel your circle, maybe that’s not going to be the right fit for you. I really encourage my Masterminders to connect with each other. I’ve kept the group really small so that people can all get to know each other. You are partnered up with an accountability buddy, we have our group chats, we can talk to each other all the time. And I’ve also included an in-person event for this round because there’s so much power about that face to face connection, and I’m really excited to bring the container together. So something to consider when you are buying off a Mastermind container, how much do I actually get to collaborate with the people inside the community? Now, maybe my Mastermind isn’t the right fit for you, and that’s totally fine. But if you are serious about finding your next level business friends, I would really recommend that you do find a Mastermind container that is the right fit for you. It can literally be transformational for the outcomes you’re achieving in your business. You become the people who you surround yourself with, and you’ve probably heard the saying before, your income is likely the average of the five people you spend the most of your time with. If you’re wanting to achieve amazing success in your business, have a think about who you are spending your time with. Just a reminder, if you are earning multi-six figures and you would like to find out more about the Profit Masters Mastermind, there is a link in the show notes for today’s episode. So please go on over, check it out.


If you do have any questions, you can book in a call with me via that link as well.


To sum up the three ways that I suggested in today’s episode that you can uplevel your circle:

  1. Manifest new successful business owners coming into your world and be energetically open to forming these new connections.
  2. Put yourself in the right environments. Be in places where successful business owners are more likely to be.
  3. Join a paid Mastermind community where you can be in the energy of people who are doing what you want to do.


Thank you so much for tuning in to today’s episode of the podcast, and I look forward to chatting to you again next week. I hope you are feeling inspired and excited about what is possible for you when it comes to money. It takes a lot of time and energy to create a podcast, so I’d be very grateful if you could take the time to hit subscribe, write me a review, and share any of your favorite episodes with your audience on social media. The more people that we can reach, the more people we can empower to earn more in their business, because you can and should be earning more money.



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