Your life. With more money.

Today’s episode is a fun one! It’s about playing around with the idea of more money and what more money could do for your life. Join me as we get expansive and excited about what is possible for you.


Today’s episode is a fun one.  It’s about playing around with the idea of “more money” and what it could do for your life.  We’re going to get expansive and get excited about what is possible for you. 



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Most clients come to me to make more money.  I’m a money mentor so it kinda makes sense that it would be one of the key objectives people would have of working with me. 


But something that always fascinates me is how many people don’t actually know WHY they want more money.   


The answers I usually get are: 

  • Pay off the mortgage 
  • Just want to get out of the cycle of stressing about paying the bills any more 


So today I want to ask you… What would it look like to make a s**t tonne of money???  


Like beyond just having the bills paid.  


Before we go deeper into this, let’s talk about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. 


Physiological needs – Food, shelter, water, sleep 

Safety needs – personal security, health, employment 

Love and Belonging, Community, family and friends 

Esteem – Respect, Self-confidence, status 

Self Actualisation – achieving full potential  


Most people in middle class Australia (recognising privilege here) hover around safety needs, and maybe having love and belonging  


Few actually ever reach esteem and self-actualisation. 

Most people never reach these needs in their life. 

But I want this for you.   

Creation starts with the foundations of belief.  Believing it IS possible.  Believing it is possible for you! 


I go on and on about mindset and the reason why is this.   


If you only believe that you deserve to have your basic needs met, you will continue to align to these outcomes. 


I want more for you.  And I know YOU want more for you, or you wouldn’t be listening to this episode. 


So let’s explore what it could look like to have more than just your basic needs met. 


What if you could live a crazy and abundant and full life where money was in overflow and you could have everything you wanted (and more left over). 


Let’s just play around with it for a while. 


This exercise can be difficult.   


If money is tight for you now.  Or if you grew up and money was tight for you. 


I am very grateful I didn’t grow up in poverty.  But I certainly didn’t grow up in a household with money, we were probably low – middle class Australians..  I’m one of 5 kids and we never had spare money.  I can only remember eating at one nice restaurant my entire childhood.  I didn’t go overseas until I was 23 years old, and we didn’t travel EVER.  Takeaway coffees were not a thing. 


Now, I am very lucky to afford nice, organic groceries.  We eat out regularly.  My 7 year old has been overseas many time.   


I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as wealthy.  But I am confident that I will be one day.  Because I am so clearly aligned to what is possible and my worthiness of achieving it. 


This is the kind of mindset I unlock in my clients and my Masterminders.   


The confidence of wealth.  Of what is possible.  


And today I want to help unlock that in YOU. 


Just allow yourself to dream for a second.  To imagine that you COULD live a wildly wealthy life.  


What would that look like?   


What would your days look like? 


Where would you live?  What would your house be like – the rooms, the furniture, the bed linen? 


What support would you have?  Would you have a housekeeper, a chef, a nanny, an assistant?   


How would you feel?  Confident, supported, respected… 

What kind of clothes would you wear? 


What kind of car would you drive?   


Where would you holiday?  How would you travel there?   


How would you help people?  Who in your world would you help?  What would you buy them? 


What charities would you support?   


Here’s the thing.  Whether you believe this is possible for YOU or not, it is possible.  Other people are living these exact lives RIGHT NOW. 


I’ve shared my own story on the podcast many times.  My life is incredible.  I literally live in a waterfront home . 


My life certainly isn’t perfect.  But it is wonderful and amazing and I truly believe it is going to get even better and better. 


And it’s not just me.  Let me share what some of my clients have created in their lives: 


  • Hired cleaners 
  • Hired assistants 
  • Build their dream house 
  • Bought their dream car 
  • Overseas luxury holidays 
  • Bought their dream house 
  • Hit $80k months, $100k months, $125k months 
  • Went in a helicopter 
  • Bought jetskis 
  • Paid off house 
  • Hired teams to do their work 
  • Only working 3 days a week 
  • Taken first holiday completely away from work in years 
  • Doubled their businesses 
  • Retired their partners 
  • Started working part time so they can spend more time with their kids… 


This isn’t just stuff for other people.  It’s possible for normal, down to earth, kind and caring people who have big dreams and just decide that they.


What would be possible for YOU if you were earning more? 


If you are ready to unlock YOUR next level, make sure you check out The Profit Masters Mastermind.  This community will be epic, and I would love to get to know you inside this coaching container. 


To sign up, or book a call with me to see if it’s a fit, click on link in shownotes. 


Your life.  With more money.  Would have more freedom, more choices, and more fun. 


Make sure you tune in again next week. 


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