How my book accidentally became a bestseller

It was always part of my plan for my book to become a bestseller… but it came about in a really weird and unexpected way! In today’s episode I share how my book accidently shot to bestseller status in two categories while in pre-sale and the unusual journey I took to bestseller.

In this Episode:

01.42: What my book, Intentional Profit is all about

05.42: The weird and unusual way my book became a bestseller

09.01: How the power of community helped me reach my dreams



I am so excited to share that my book is finally available for pre-sale. In today’s episode of the podcast, I’m gonna be sharing a little bit about how the book accidentally shot to be a best seller in two categories while in pre-sale. Now, it absolutely was part of my plan for the book to become a best seller, but it came about in a really weird and unexpected way. In today’s episode, I’m gonna be sharing a little bit more about my book, how you can get your hands on It, and a little bit about the unusual Journey to me becoming best seller.

I am so excited that my book is finally live and you can get your hands on a copy very, very soon. And if you do grab a copy in the pre-sale, there are a ton of amazing bonuses that you can as well. So click on the link in the show notes for today’s episode and order your copy of my brand new book, Intentional Profit.


Hello and welcome to the Clare Wood Podcast. This is your weekly dose of all things money to help you intentionally create a profitable business and a life you love. I have the difficult conversations about money so you can make more money with ins each week. I share how you can use mindset and the practical foundations of finance to elevate your earnings without sacrificing the things that are important to you because you can and should be making more money.


What my book, Intentional Profit is all about


Let me start today’s episode by first telling you a little bit about my book. My book is called Intentional Profit, and if you are a regular listener of the podcast, you’ll know that I’ve been talking about this book for a very long time. It has literally been years in the making. So the ethos of this book is it’s about helping you to build a wildly wealthy business. The way that I teach about money is both the mindset side and also the practical side of money. And that is exactly what I’ve woven together in this book. I like to think of it as the marriage between money, mindset and money management. So I do talk about profit, about understanding some of the numbers, terms that you hear about from your accountant and try and do it in a really simple, straightforward way. And the book is also filled with really practical tips, both when it comes to your mindset and also getting right across your finances. And I wanted the book to be something that you could go and take and implement to have some really big shifts in your business outcomes. So at the end of each chapter, I have what’s called a money meeting agenda. And that’s basically your action plan to go and put in place. And I’m really hopeful that if you go and take all of the actions that I suggest in those chapter summaries at the end of the chapter, that you will see a transformation in your business profitability. If you do, when you do, make sure you reach out and share it with me because I really want to celebrate with you.


Let me just read the blurb from the back of the book because I think it sums up the book really well. Your money mindset is your beliefs and past experiences with money, which ultimately affects how you act in business, which translates straight into your bottom line. In this book, Clare, me, shows you how to break down those limiting beliefs and add meaningful zeros to your balance sheet. Intentional profit gives you the tools and know how to create intentional long-term profit in your business, generate a positive mindset around money problem solve like a pro, effectively invest in the future of your business and design the business and life of your dreams. Intentional Profit will help you create and smash your most audacious goals, transforming your business into a profit making machine.


As you can hear, this book is full of goodness, I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. You can pre-order now. Buy the link in the show notes for today’s episode across a range of platforms, and if you do get on the pre-order before the book officially launches on the 17th of March, you’ll also get some epic bonuses. So go and check out the link, pre-order your copy, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of as a book once you get a hold of it.




Over the coming weeks on the podcast, I’ll be sharing so much about my journey in terms of creating the book and the reasons why I decided to create it. I’m also going to be doing a ‘Meet the Author’ series in which I chat to some of my favorite authors and business leaders such as Denise Duffield-Thomas, Tina Tower, and Suzy Ashworth about their experiences creating their book or books as it might be. I also have my editor coming on, her name is Sarah, and we spoke a lot about the process of actually creating this book, the creative process that went into it. So while the book doesn’t officially launch until the 17th of March, it is now available for pre-sale, which leads me to the point of this whole episode, which is why it’s so surprising to me that the book is a bestseller.


The weird and unusual way my book became a bestseller


I know that I said in the title how my book accidentally became a bestseller, but to be clear, it was always very much my intention that this book did become a bestseller. I have been manifesting this, it’s been on my vision board, it pops up on my phone all the time, so 100% this was my intention that this book would make it to the charts for Amazon, which in part is egotistical, but also it means that more people can potentially see the book and get their hands on a copy and hopefully get some of the transformation from the words inside. But the reason why it’s so surprising to me, and the reason why I said it accidentally became a bestseller is that a couple of my author friends said to me, you need to release the book on pre-sale and all of the sales that you make in the pre-sale period count towards your launch day and help the book have a better chance of getting on the charts.

So the book doesn’t launch for a couple of weeks yet, and I thought, excellent, what I can do, I’ll get it out there and I’ll, I’ll start talking about it and try and get as many sales as possible in the coming weeks so that on launch day it has a chance, it’s best chance of getting in the charts. The day I released it for pre-sale, I did one post to my business social media account and I did one post to my personal account and shared that the book was available for a pre-sale.

Now, I’ve obviously been teasing this book for a long time and you know, I did the post and then I get this call from my publisher and she said, “Clare, your book’s gone to bestseller.” And I was like, “No, what? No, we can’t go to bestseller while it’s in presale.” And I’m like, “Are you kidding me?” And the other really surprising thing was the categories.

So I had spoken to my publishers about the categories to put the book in and we’d spoken about, you know, putting it in maybe some smaller more obscure categories to give it a better chance of charting. And I decided to stray away from that. I really wanted to have the book in the accounting category because I thought this is a finance component of it and it really does belong there, and I really wanted to put it in the category of women and business. Now, my publishers had warned me and they said, that is a very competitive category and it’s really unlikely that you will chart in there. And I said, I understand that, but that’s really what I want to do. And on day one, after one post across my personal and business platforms, it shot to number one in the women and business category and number one in the accounting category. And at the time of recording the podcast, it’s still sitting at number one in women and business, uh, ahead of some of my favorite business mentors books, which is just so surreal to me. And it’s still sitting in the top handful in the accounting category as well.


How the power of community helped me reach my dreams


I am beyond grateful and, you know, just pinching myself that this is my reality and I’m so incredibly, incredibly grateful. So let me share some practical tips that, you know, whether you’re writing a book or launching a podcast or even launching a course, something that I’ve taken away from this experience that I’ve also seen a lot in other things that I’ve launched this very podcast launched at position number two in the business charts here in Australia, and my most successful course launch, the same methodology applied. So let me share what that is, if there’s anything that you’re launching and why I think that it did so well.

The secret is this, it’s all in the tease and the leader and I have had people who said to me that they know that it was 18 months ago when I first mentioned about this book on my podcast. People have been watching me doing my writing sessions, I’ve been sharing on my social media, I’ve been talking about it in my newsletter. I had been talking about it on the podcast multiple times. And so by the time when I came to actually launch, I had a full audience of people who are ready and excited to buy. And similarly, this is what happened with my, my most successful course launch. I’d been talking about it for so long that when their doors open, people were just like, yes, I want in. So I really do think a lot of it comes down to, you know, preparing your audience for what is coming.

The other big component that played a massive, massive part is the power of community. Now, I am so incredibly blessed to have some of the most beautiful business friends, peers, um, and, and community in general around me, including my family and friends. So when I launched it on my personal social media, I had friends of mine who don’t even run businesses who said, oh, I got my copy. And I said, I can’t believe you bought a copy. Like the way I said it on social media was, um, you know, if you have any friends in business, let them know. And so many of my friends who aren’t even in business went and bought a copy just to support me. And that just makes my heart explode with gratitude, the outpouring of love and support from people in my world. Similarly in the business community, I’ve had so many of my business friends sharing it to their social media, cheering me on.

I’m commenting and supporting all of the posts on social media, and I really do think there’s so much power in community and I’m so incredibly grateful for the support that it’s received. And I can also say that on flip side of that, I’ve been really supportive of, of other people when they’re launching their, their books and things like that. And I think that it all kind of, you know, what goes around comes around as well. So if you are someone who has shouted out my book, shared it on your social media, I just wanna say a massive thank you to you. I’m so incredibly grateful from the bottom of my heart, and I know that the book wouldn’t have done so well at its launch without it. The really cool thing about launching on the chart is that this whole launch journey has only just begun.

I’ve still got weeks of, of social media. I still haven’t even at the time of recording, gone out to my email list and let them know that there’s a book that I’ve created. I’ve got a PR agency that I’m working with. So I’m really hoping that this is just the start of the journey and that the book will continue to stay in the charts and maybe even chart in other categories or on other platforms because at the moment it’s only, um, available on Amazon. Uh, there will be new platforms launching very, very soon though, and I’ll definitely be sharing this on my social media and on future episodes of the podcast. The official launch date of the book is the 17th of March. If you have pre-ordered your copy, you’ll receive it sometime after them and make sure you go onto the website, which is, and that way you can grab a hold of those freebies.

You can hear all about the details of the book tour when it launches At this point in time, there are three stops planned for the book tour being in Australia, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. We may add some more stops in the future, but at this stage we have confirmed the Brisbane event for the 17th of March, which of course is the official launch date of the book. So go and click on the link in the show notes for today’s episode, and you’ll find out when the book tour officially kicks off. The details will be available on that website. I mentioned earlier, when the details are finalised. But I would love for you to come along to one of the events to meet me, to come say hi, and to let me know what you think of the book. I’d be so incredibly grateful. If you can help me get the word out there by sharing it on your social media or with your email list.

If you have a podcast, I’d love to shamelessly invite myself to come as a guest on your podcast or perhaps to come and speak to your community like on an Instagram Live or maybe speaking inside your mastermind community. Please reach out again, there’ll be a link in the show notes for today’s episode so you can get in touch with the team and any support that you can give me in getting this book out there, I’d be incredibly grateful for. And please, if you do share on social media, make sure that you tag me so that I can say a big thank you to you for taking the time to do so. Anyway, I’ll wrap up this episode now. Thank you for listening along. Thank you for your support and I am still pinching myself that I am now a best selling author. It still sounds kind of surreal. Thanks for tuning in and make sure you listen in over the next coming weeks when I’ll be chatting to some of my favorite authors about their experience writing a book and sharing a little bit more about my own book writing journey. Have a wonderful week and I’ll chat to you soon.

I hope you are feeling inspired and excited about what is possible for you when it comes to money. It takes a lot of time and energy to create a podcast. So I’d be very grateful if you could take the time to hit subscribe, write me a review and share any of your favorite episodes with your audience on social media. The more people that we can reach, the more people we can empower to earn more in their business because you can and should be earning more money.



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